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Hi you, something I don't get in your post don't most people argue if Jack has influence Cas, not if he evil? The minority believes Jack will be an evil figure in the end, but argue that rn hes doing wrong by effecting Cas and just like the parallels to Amara, (Connor ? dont watch this) these storyline usually /start/ with these characters doing something like controlling ppl so going by usual tropes thats how this story usually goes. How could Jack bring Cas closer to S/D rn he seperates them

Hi Nonny,

Thanks for the ask.  I’m going to surmise your points/questions as a prompt to myself because this ask hit a whole bunch of inter-sectional discussions

Jack influencing Cas does not make him evil, but he is doing wrong right now

Very true re. influencing Cas in what could be viewed as a negative way does not make him evil.  It would of course make him a being that wants to survive, which does not make them bad.

And here’s where we get into the intersectional debates and opinions.  I don’t believe Jack has brainwashed Castiel.  Influenced?  Maybe?  Sam telling Cas ‘you can’t do this’ is also influencing him no?  But not quite brainwashing and also super ineffective.  Below are some of the reasons why I don’t think Cas is brainwashed but it is not the single pillar that my points or opinions rest on.

All roads lead to Rome here and I accept people who believe he’s brainwashed have a point, they have an argument.  But it does not ring true to me:

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Arguments against it being his choice

1.  Dean would not accept that this was his Castiel.

Dean has repeatedly rejected the possibly of Castiel’s agency wherein it is a move from him (Dean).  See ‘Superman gone darkside’ and creating a literal false memory about purgatory, to reject Castiel’s decision.  To reject any reality wherein Cas would choose not to be with him.

He is not a reliable source.  That’s actually a running joke within the fandom, one of my favourite fanarts is punk Casifer flipping Dean off and Dean waving all ‘ohh Cas is going through his punk phase’.  For more on Dean is an unreliable source with people he loves please see @amwritingmeta it’s not that he can’t see things when the are wrong.  It’s just a rejection of reality.   He is sooo stressed.  Boy needs to go to a spa

2.  Castiel’s utopia speech to Kelly.

Castiel hesitated during that speech and told a bunch of cliches.  He thought of what a human might want, no hunger, no pain, no fear.  He told her it would all go away.  He was comforting a dying woman.  Not telling us what he saw.  This is not a suggestion of blind faith.

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3.   ‘Castiel would never boop the Winchesters’.  Yes he would.  Castiel has repeatedly worked on his own and created distance between himself and the Winchesters when he thought it was needed.  He didn’t harm them.  He merely tried to get away.

4.  The grace colour issue.  This could be due to lighting (we have seen this before) or residual grace.  It does not mean that Cas isn’t driving.

Please also see @tinkdw‘s post on Castiel’s agency here

Moreover the reason why I brought Connor, Dawn and Chris into this is because there were also ‘this kid is brainwashing our main cast’ arguments in the fandom and meta of it’s time.  Some characters also believed it at first.  All of which were proven to be incorrect.  Setting up the newbie as more powerful or with more motive than actually exists is a trope.

I believe Castiel has his full agency, I believe he did a complete 180 based on what he saw or felt and I don’t believe that it was paradise.  He would be far from the first character to make this kind of swing in the face of new evidence or emotion

Back to your point 

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