thats hockey baby

One of the best things is when your bff is not only into the same fandom as you, but also likes the same teams and that means when new rookies show up, they’re perfectly happy to divy them up with you.

Long story short, last night @007waffles007 and I spent 10 minutes deciding who got the Bruins rookie d-men. I get Charlie McAvoy and she gets Brandon Carlo. Having friends in fandom is the best.

No matter what happens tomorrow, this is my team. I would love to see them win this series, but I will NOT give up on these guys. What’s the worse case scenario? That they don’t win the Cup this year? They have won it three times in the last six seasons and have played A LOT of hockey in those six years. But I really don’t think they are ready to give up, so I am not giving up on them.

People said we wouldn’t get past round 1

People said to trade Crawford

People said the Ducks would be at the Stanley Cup Finals

People said they wouldn’t win this series 

We beat Nashville

Crawford won the Stanley Cup with a shutout

We pushed the Ducks to game 7 and won

We won the Stanley Cup for the 3rd time in 6 seasons

This is Chicago

That’s Hockey Baby.


I just wanna say thank you so much for 900. You’ve made my first year on here so great! I’m so sorry if iI forgot anyone message me if I did. I have shit memory! THANK YOU AGAIN Y'ALL ARE THE BEST! 


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