thats hector

theo: i just don’t understand why no one believes me, i’m totally faster than hector

aaron: look it doesn’t even matter theo i don’t ca-

theo: fine i’ll just have to show you

aaron: no theo we’re in the middle of a photo sh-



Classic trio getting ready to rumble

Lyn’s a tank she carries the team

Hector’s the monster truck

Eliwood’s the baby that’s slowly chugging along

Been playing some old school FE during bio lectures! Exam time was in session, so I thought that would be a great time to draw soe sick bros


Getting to hell is easy. The rest is where it gets hard.

Who Kidnapped LividCoffee?

With the shock revelation of a mysterious new clone on Flux Buddies I have decided to join the fray and present my own theory on his identity.  Firstly I will examine all the Duncan clones currently known to be wandering around the various servers, before applying this to try and crack the Flux Buddy mystery.

At the moment there are most likely at least 5 separate Duncan Clones in the various Minecraft series. Although it hard to be sure, I have followed the connections where I can and made educated guesses based on what has been said in various episodes to draw my conclusions.  Here’s a brief summary of the Lalnas I have been able to establish:

1.       Fluxed Lalna: Worked with Kim from her apprentice series, probably been kidnapped and replaced by his own clone.

2.       Police Lalna: Works predominantly with Sjin, has policed magic (and time) since their Chaosville series. Hostile to Flux Buddies.

3.       Main Channel Lalna: Worked with Lewis and Simon on from ‘Jaffa Factory’ series to ‘Hole Diggers’, where he was clones. Presumed dead in the explosion of the Dwarf Star. No knowledge of previous Lalnas.

4.       Questing Lalna: Direct clone of Main Channel Lalna, rescued by Lewis after ‘Hole Diggers’. Has worked on ‘Space Mine’, ‘Agarian Skies’ and is now in ‘Blast Off’. No knowledge of Fluxed or Police Lalnas.

5.       Lalnable Hector: Corrupted Lalna clone first seen in Yoglabs, later used the ruined castle as a secret base. Potentially also appeared in ‘Hypercubed. Hostile to Flux Buddies

Now, for the newest clone to appear there are several possible options. We can quickly rule out the ‘Blast Off’ Duncan because he is in theory not fluxed (and stranded in a nuclear apocalypse to boot) so he is unlikely to make a fluxed appearance. He is also lacking motivation to abduct Fluxed Duncan conceal his identity from Kim.

Next there is still a very slim possibility that this clone is the original Fluxed one, just suffering a bout of amnesia such as Kim gets after speaking to ‘mother’. Personally I doubt this as the pattern of flux on his face has drastically changed, something that we have not seen before. Also, we are told flux stains so there should still be some marks there as presumably it would take a while to fade. His skin changes and lack of recognition for most new series things as well as no memories of the HAT Films war lead me to doubt it.


The Police Duncan is a slightly more viable option, especially considering he has motive for deceiving Kim and knows she can make poppets. His ability to travel through time also means he potentially has had the chance to become fluxed. However we have been shown only two sources of infection from flux: spending a long time in proximity to another fluxed player and from coming into contact with the flux sphere at Duncan’s old castle. Although it may be possible to become fluxed from repeatedly receiving the status ailment whilst wandering in a tainted biome Nilsey and Hannah did exactly this for the first two episodes of ‘Cat Island’ and received no permanent fluxing. Also, having worked with Sjin, Police Duncan would have known that he was not involved in the war. This leads me to doubt he is involved.

The next option is a new and unknown clone, potentially created in Hole Diggers and somehow released into the new server. Once again, I find it hard to believe that a clone has been able to become fluxed unless they spent a significant time on the old server. However, it is possible that it contracted flux from spending a long time spying on the original ‘Flux Buddies’. This would explain the partial knowledge they have of panda labs including Tiddles and death protection poppets, but not how to name robits and who the war was against. Potential motive for this clone ‘replacing’ the true Fluxed Duncan could be that it wanted to join Kim but could not do so without getting rid of the original.

The final option is, of course, Lalnable Hector. As the most consistently evil clone he will always be number one suspect for any abductions and evil schemes, especially involving science and trickery. As we have not had a confirmed view of him since his appearance in the Yoglabs Morph Mod episodes we do not know for sure what he looks like now. It is possible that he was contaminated by flux whilst staying in the ruins of the old castle with the broken sphere- the effective source of the flux which tainted Kim. His lack of contact with other players, signalled by his disappearance from Yogscast Complete series, would explain his lack of knowledge about the Hat Films war as well as giving him time to develop sufficient flux to replace Flux Duncan. 

But why would he do this? Kim and Duncan were the ones to ruin his plan to take over the server by releasing his testificate test subjects, dismantling his big reactor and then nuking the whole castle for good measure.  He has had plenty of time to research into them, spying on their base whilst waiting for an opportunity to take his revenge….

So that’s my bet for the identity of the new mystery fluxed man. What do you guys think?