thats enough reposting

argentmauve replied to your postDo you mind if people repost your art with…

What about reblog on tumblr? Are you okay with that?

I am 100% okay with people reblogging my posts on Tumblr. 

Just to clarify: I am not okay with people saving my artwork and then making their own post with it, even if I am credited by name. Reblogging my original post on tumblr is a-okay and absolutely encouraged. Please continue to do this as you would normally!

anonymous asked:

I just went on Instagram and I saw so many reposts of Miraculous fanart (which I've not searched or liked anything related so far) with crap like "credits to the artist" and I'm trying not to explode. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yeah instagram is fucking littered with reposted art and it’s really ridiculous

i mean, pure and simple, it’s people acting entitled. more specifically, they think they’re entitled to take another person’s art work and decide its worth, decide what should be done with it, use it to decide how their social media profiles are going to look. every single excuse a reposter gives you can be chalked up to that. 

“it’s just a drawing why are you making such a big deal out of it?” how dare you decide the worth of another person’s hard work. entitled

“but i want to give the artist exposure.” artist didn’t ask you to do that and how dare you just take it upon yourself to decide how that artist gets their exposure. entitled. 

“but i left credits to the artist when i reposted.” and you could’ve just as easily reblogged the original piece of art in the time that it took you to fucking source back to it. but no you just want to fill your instagram account with pretty fanart that isn’t yours. entitled. 

“i want to share it with more people on other social media sites.” yeah and just fuck what the artist wants, right? hey, they might not want their art on any other sites other than the one they posted on but who the fuck cares right you want to share it on other sites because you’re calling the shots here. entitled

it’s fucking infuriating moreso because it shows how people in fandom take content creators for granted. they just expect all this art to be here like they expect to find leaves in a tree or water in a lake. they think that because all this art is just there that they can do whatever the hell they want with it. that fandom culture is just passing around pretty pictures. there are people drawing fanart that make their livings off the art they draw and have plans to become serious artists in the future. there are artists who slave over their work and put so much effort into what they show us. these are all people who take their craft seriously. the fucking least other people can do is take an artist’s work just as seriously as the artist themselves does. but no. people wanna fuck around and just do whatever they want and act based only on their own interests – like that’s not another person’s blood, sweat, love, and tears you’re holding. 

and people are sitting here wondering why an entire group of artists is just fucking done with drawing shit for them anymore.