thats beyonce

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your art is really cute!! i wish i could draw people that well! so in the doodle of nursey and dex where dex is eating biscuits from red lobster, is that an intentional reference to the beyonce lyrics about taking a guy to red lobster? because that's where my mind went straight away (and then to dex's back story with fishing etc) and it just made me laugh and brightened my day a little because nurseydex is so good and it'd be so funny


they get kicked out like 10 min later bc nursey cant stop singing the song but thats ok bc dex snags the biscuits

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Like Channel Orange, Blonde has a stunning array of sounds: There’s cinematic soul (the Beyoncé-aided “Pink + White”), serene gospel (“Solo”), outré electronica (“Pretty Sweet”), steamy blues (“Self Control”) — even spoken-word segments (“Be Yourself”).

Despite all that wattage, it’s Ocean’s message that strikes the deepest: Blonde reflects the anxieties many Americans might feel today, whether brought on by racial tension (“Nikes”), domestic uncertainty (“Seigfried”) or social media (“Facebook Story”). It’s ambitious, sure, but Ocean tackles those concepts with such strikingly intimate tunes, it feels as if you’re slyly scrolling through his texts.

Frank Ocean’s Blonde: EW Review