thats better thank u


You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on

stop 👏 openly👏 hating👏 on👏 william👏 owen👏 herondale👏 like sure he’s the angsty white main in the (one of) main straight relationship(s) but he’s a nice guy,, if you dislike him just?? don’t post about it??

@getdurr here you are!!

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Are you at 1000 followers yet? Cuz you're awesome and everyone should follow u

I’m at 896 IM SO CLOSE HANSBSB I can’t wait honestly I never been happier then I am now, when I started posting art I never thought people would actually like it? I actually cried when one of my post went to a 4000 notes ,IM A WEAK BABY IM SORRY,and once I reach a 1000 that will complete one of my aspirations as an artist so I sure hope I get there before tumblr dies

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hey!!!! are you gonna be okay? D:

aaaa thank u for your concern anon,, I’m okay now I think the worst of it has passed ^^

basically, if you’ve been following me for the past week I’ve mentioned that my life has gotten kinda chaotic with school stuff…I haven’t had much time to myself and things kept piling up and it hasn’t been great for my mental state :-) so today what ended up happening was I got an assignment back where I kept making the same tiny spelling error and I lost 14% because of it. Looking at it in perspective it’s not reeallly that important and idk why it brought the tears but it did and it wasn’t fun  

I think I’ll be okay though anon I’ll keep trying my hardest! :”> maybe the universe will give me a break after today

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you took this crack-ish idea and made it 100x better oml,,, GM Daniel is definitely stuck in the Ship Crew AU with the pirates and sirens. Now consider Jasper finds him waking up in the storage area of the ship after looking around for something down there, and with one look at how Dan's dressed, he's already taking off his coat and tossing it at him cause JFC YOU ARE PRACTICALLY NAKED PUT THIS ON,,,, cue the confused af Garden Mother being told he's in the 1600s and technically a siren here


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hey i just wanted to say i think it's really cool how supportive you are of fanworks and how you genuinely enjoy them i think that's really cool and also great job on the bright sessions seeing that it updated made my day so much better mk that's all thank u *kickflips on out of here*

Are you kidding, it still amazes me that people are making art and things of something I made!?!? It is the coolest and best part of my life to see how the inside of my brain has inspired other people to create. So keep on keeping on and thank you to all of you who share your art with us!!!!

I’d sell my soul for Saitama’s outfit tbh

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excuse me this acc makes me so Happy and I've recently lost someone very dear to me. May I please have a hug from any of the boys? thanks

damn dude thats tough.. i hoep things get better for u soon!