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Hello dahlings! So, a few days ago, I noticed @legendary-defenders amazing Paranormal AU for Voltron and immediately the ideas started whirling. I don’t usually tend to write AUs? So this has been a new process for me. I hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also posted this sucker on AO3 if you want to comment there! 

Something Strange

They don’t find their first real ghost until about four houses in. Shiro lags behind, nervously eyeing a young spirit as she taps her heel against the railing of the rickety deck they’re all traipsing up. She’s somewhere between six and twelve, bouncing between forms with each dull thud of her shoe. She’s stable, perfectly visible, her energy radiating pure curiosity as she cocks her head at their mismatched band of ghost hunters.

Lance loudly laments that this will be their Picasso while Keith fiddles with dials on his EMF meter. Pidge checks and rechecks her video camera. Allura and Coran talk in whispers by the van where Hunk’s still dragging out the rest of their equipment. Shiro swallows and looks up at the house. The spirit stops tapping her heel when Lance makes a beeline for the door.

“Mama isn’t going to like you all on the deck,” she calls, her form flickering before she stands in front of Lance. Shiro flinches. Lance walks right through the spirit, heedless of her squeak of surprise. She re-materializes back near the railing, her cheeks blown out in annoyance. “That’s so mean! You don’t just break into someone’s house!”

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a dictionary of Severus Snape and Harry Potter

A is for Apocryphal

Harry Potter gave a strident defense of Snape during the Death Eater Trials, which included a heated vindication of his skills as a wizard to the effect that Snape had been inventing his own spells and potions since he was in school (see “Chosen: The Truth About Harry Potter”, chapter 19 for more information). We have been unable to find any corroborating evidence to support this claim; nearly every person who ever knew Severus Snape is now either dead or refuses to speak of him. The potions textbook Potter cited during his virulent tirade was, most conveniently, lost during the destruction of Hogwarts castle on 2 May, 1998. 

-Rita Skeeter, “Snape: Scoundrel or Saint?” The Daily Prophet Press, 1999

Just a reminder that Octavia Blake spent the first sixteen years of her life hiding under floorboards in a tiny room in space and yet she’s a thousand times more competent at being a decent human being than 90% of the characters on this show. 


caspar uploading this snap featuring him and joe in all his profiles that he is still active in + calling it his fave snap ever? it’s like he just wants everyone to see it bc he feels as if joe is just so hilarious there and eveRYbody needs to know that. that’s love bitch