thats an actual ship name

Get it Reyes, get it?? get it… cuz… you’re a smuggler. get it.

Bad pun crew 


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

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omg wait bambam pulled the jealous face over yugyeom and jungkook? I NEED TO SEE THIS 😂

so i assume you’re talking about this reblog and my tags.

get ready anon, i know you’ve just asked a question that i could answer simply with a link to what i was talking about (which is here, (x) ), but sadly i don’t have that much self control and this whole interaction is something i think about a lot.

okay so this whole ordeal starts when yugbam walk on stage with the rest of the 97liners and yugyeom goes to greet jungkook. bambam is not having that. 

as you can see above ^ bambam is trying to stop whatever interaction that yugyeom and jungkook are having. no in front of his eyes is he gonna watch some punk snatch up his man right in front him. you bet his ass he’s gonna shove his way through and get in between whatever they think they’re doing. 

here we have bambam ready to fight jungkook’s ass right there on the stage, all while jungkook and yugyeom stare lovingly into each others eyes. 

bambam then tries to tell yugyeom that if he so much as glances jungcock’s way again he’s gonna bite his dick off. jungkook doesn’t give two shits about yugbam and continues to side-eye yugyeom while bambam’s back is turned. 

bambam tries to stake his claim with a totally not possessive and very casual arm around the shoulder, which apparently jungkook decides to ignore because he looks seconds away from pushing bambam off the stage a declaring his undying love for his mushroom haired twin.

the plot thickens when bambam thinks his threats of bodily harm have worked but yugyeom hadn’t even been listening because he was lost in jungkook’s eyes the entire time.

and the whole thing ends with bambam telling yugyeom they’re getting a divorce the second this song is over and he can go ahead and marry jungle book and join behind the scenes for all he cares. 

this is all 100% fact i promise i didn’t make any of this up. im really sorry to whoever asked this question, i know this isn’t probably what u wanted but like i said, no self control. 


More fem!Yuugi being cute, co-starring everyone else. Including the obligatory Puzzleshipping bridal-carry. Because it’s obligatory. 


They do. Usually its just Bendy, Wally has things to do, but sometimes they both do.

((also i have no idea what the ship name is, does anyone know if there is one or do I have to make something up edit from the future - ship name is Samsie.))

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it’s kinda funny, isn’t it?
you’ve been drowning for longer than you’ve been breathing,
but she’s the first thing to really stop your heart in your chest,
to steal the air from your corrupted lungs.
this phantom, this ghost, this
is the first thing to actually give you pause.
she’ll be the death of you, you know?
you’d burn the world for her, you know?
—  and so the wraith unraveled the bastard of the barrel // es

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You wouldn't have any headcanons about Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez, would you?

Thanks for sending an ask!!! I’m always happy to take requests, so I wrote some headcanons for you!! :) I hope you like them!

  • Clarisse is very overprotective of Chris
  • And by that I mean that if anyone mentions the fact that Chris was on Kronos’s side in a way that blames him, or brings it up against him, she will not be happy 
  • Chris feels constantly guilty for the fact he went over to Luke’s side initially, and he’s told Clarisse that 
  • Everyone’s quite surprised by their relationship? Like constantly?
  • When they first start going out everyone makes bets on how long they’re going to last
  • Everyone loses, because no one thought they’d be going so strong after all this time 
  • They go to Phoenix together for university, and Clarisse hides it, but she’s super, super excited
  • She finally gets the chance to be normal and be with her boyfriend and it’s everything she wasn’t sure she’d get
  • Needless to say, Chris balances her in any social situation 
  • He makes sure she’s not too aggressive, but she also makes sure he doesn’t remain too shy, because a lot of the time Chris isn’t great at introducing himself to new people
  • One of the things that surprises people the most is how unfazed Chris is whenever Clarisse gets angry or basically starts acting like a typical Ares kid, loud and brash
  • Chris doesn’t even react, but he’s also a match for Clarisse (that’s one of the reasons they work so well together) 
  • Clarisse doesn’t like to share her insecurities, so she doesn’t tell anyone she hates the big house, hates going there now
  • It all stems from that time when Chris was insane, and she had to look after him in there… going to that room brings it all back
  • Chris never says anything, but he notices, and he’ll try and make sure they avoid the big house as much as possible 
  • Every year, in the summer, comes the anniversary of Silena’s death. Clarisse always gets super moody and temperamental at these times, trying to deal with her emotions, and it’s only Chris who can calm her down
  • They have a spot in the woods where they kissed for the first time, some time after Dionysus cured Chris of his madness
  • It becomes their favourite spot, and the best thing about it is that no one knows about it (or at least, that’s what they think. Don’t tell them that one time Percy Jackson saw them holding hands there.)
  • Chris wants to become a better fighter, and Clarisse agrees to teach him
  • Chris actually becomes pretty good 
  • Every so often when they’re placed on opposite teams for capture the flag, things become intense
  • They both want to win, and so they’ll try their hardest, just because, why not? 
  • Clarisse usually comes out on top due to the fact that she’s got the might of the Ares cabin behind her
  • But one time Chris spends ages planning the ultimate strategy (he had Annabeth’s help, but don’t tell anyone), and trains for weeks 
  • Sure enough, he wins, and he personally disarms her 
  • He winks at her 
  • “Don’t take it too personally,” he says. “I learnt from the best” 
  • That’s the moment Clarisse realises how much she loves this idiot 

Feel free to send a request for a fic/headcanons!! :D

The newest update of Check, Please! has me losing it, so here’s some fanfic to tide over everyone else who is currently freaking out. And if you’ve never read Check, Please! drop literally everything and go read it right now

Au pays qui te ressemble
Jack waits.

between the weight of family and the pull of gravity
5 times Jack’s father just didn’t get it, +1 time he absolutely did.

rake the springtime across your sheets
But maybe that is what love is, Eric thinks: You give people the power to spill your secrets to anyone and your guts out on the floor.

just to see that little smile
5 times Jack surprises Bitty, +1 time Bitty gets him first.

Just Take My Hand
Eric imagines Jack in his billet room, studying his ipod with his playbook face on and feels his mouth curl into a fond appalled shape, one that he hadn’t known it made before Jack Zimmerman. “Oh, honey.”
Jack toes at the ground. “I like that one about foxes and boxes.”
“I don’t remember giving you any Doctor Suess. Oh my god, wait, are you… Are you talking about Taylor Swift?”
Of course it is, of course Jack Zimmerman, Canada’s Prodigal Son, likes the song about feeling hunted, scrutinized, about escaping the huntsmen. Eric feels like he may have used up his oh honey too soon.

Like A Brick Wall
Bitty can’t have feelings for Jack and Jack has no idea he has feelings for Bitty and it’s a wonder Shitty hasn’t fallen off the roof yet.

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am
Eric just wants to get past this crush, but Jack keeps getting in the way.

on the sidelines wishing for right now
Bitty resists the urge to let out a hysterical laugh because apparently this is just his life now. He tries to call his boyfriend and winds up getting hockey advice from a living legend.
5 times Bitty bonded with Bad Bob + 1 time Jack tries to bond with Coach Bittle.

I never saw the signs
Bitty gets asked out on a date, but he’s already spoken for. It wouldn’t be a problem, really, except he didn’t know he was already spoken for.

bold; over the worst of it
“Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

Hours later, after letting the pie cool and almost having it stolen by a hungry Nursey, Bitty cuts a slice and declares Jack’s work to be “almost as good as his great-aunt’s.” Jack smiles down at his plate.

if there’s anything on my face you put it there
“You don’t have to tell them it was me. I mean, you don’t have to do anything. I’ll stop leaving marks if you want me to. Just…“ He lifts up Jack’s shirt and touches one of the hickeys. When he looks back up, his eyes have gone dark. “I really, really like it. Do you mind?”

To Even Fall
Sometimes Bitty sleeps in Jack’s bed. It’s not a thing, until it is.

live through this and you won’t look back
The worst part about falling in love with a straight boy is definitely not watching him date girls. No, the worst part about falling in love with a straight boy is that you never even had a shot.

Make It If We Can
Jack opens a door he hasn’t walked through in a long time. Bitty holds his hand.

Hockeyed Up
There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.

Comfortable Territory
“Shit, man, you’ve got your eye on someone? Who is it? Do I know her? What’s the hold up?” Shitty asks.
Jack furrows his brow, confused. “Uh, what? Shitty, no, there’s no girl-”
“A guy?” Shitty interrupts, clearly having entirely missed the point. Jack opens his mouth to point his out, but Shitty beats him to it. “Oh, shit. Bitty?”

The grainy cellphone photo on the cover of the magazine is of his own back, his red Samwell t-shirt. He’s got a forearm braced on the wall, his other hand holding the face of someone small and blond, mostly blocked from view, who has his hands on Jack’s chest and a blue hoodie tied around his waist. Emblazoned across the bottom of the cover are the words IS JACK ZIMMERMANN GAY? and it feels like someone just punched him in the stomach. 

of the nature of the wound
His first year in the NHL isn’t easy, but Jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.

Positive Feedback
Eric’s never had a postgame breakdown of sex before, but he’s not particularly surprised when, before they’ve even caught their breath, Jack says, “Tell me how I can do better.”

Phone, Please!
"Bits, you live tweeting this?” Shitty asks.

Don’t You Wait
Here’s the thing, in the seconds following that buzzer going off, the first thing that crossed Jack’s mind wasn’t grabbing a hold on the cup. It didn’t occur to him what exactly that first cup, only two years after he had been drafted, was going to mean and what it already meant. He didn’t even consider going in its direction.
Instead, as he’s slammed into and bodies piled around him, foghorns blaring and confetti littering everything in sight, he was thinking of exactly where Bittle might be in that very moment.
(Or, how Jack Zimmermann accidentally came out to the entire NHL a couple of seconds after winning his first Stanley Cup)

Man of Honor
Bitty has to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that yes, Jack Zimmermann cries at weddings, and looks good doing it.

Kent Parson is Not Getting Any Pie
The headline is there as soon as Eric turns on his computer in the morning
“Kent Parson Gay”
Eric puts down his coffee and opens the article, wide-eyed and breathing hard.
“Las Vegas Aces’ star and Art Ross winner, Kent Parson, was caught performing a sex act with an unidentified male at a New York bar last night. When asked for a comment, Parson’s publicist, Jose Flores, said the star wished to apologise to his team for the scandal and would make a statement later today at a press conference.”

Coming Out of My Cage
An unexpected phone call from Kent Parson at five AM doesn’t turn into the disaster Jack would’ve expected. He’s not going to thank him, though. Probably.

Without thinking too hard about anything, Eric gathers Jack’s other hand, places his wrists together, and, slowly, giving Jack time to pull away, pulls them up and over his head to pin them on the pillow.

make this house a home
With the prospect of an empty Haus for Thanksgiving, Jack invites Bitty over to his new place in Providence. As friends, of course.

Step One
Five times Jack Zimmermann came out of the closet.

An Abundance of Pies
Five times Bitty is told not to bake pies for professional NHL players and One time they ask him to.
Alternatively - The story of how Bitty’s pies become an NHL Urban Legend, start locker room fights and cause Patrick Kane to miss a perfectly good shot on goal.

cream and sugar like an optimist
Jack doesn’t actually pick where he wants to live because of proximity to a coffeeshop. Jack would never do that. That would be crazy.

Whistle Down the Moon
Bittle needs a date. A girl date. Lardo volunteers, and Jack isn’t pleased.

I hear symphonies in my head
Eric listens to a lot of music. Life is never so bad that it can’t be fixed with baked goods and the right soundtrack, and he’s really good at providing both, if he says so himself.

Best Laid Plans
“Dude,” said Holster, his eyes huge, “that’s so sad. We gotta get them together.”
“This isn’t a romcom, Holtzy, ” Ransom said, patting his arm. “I’m sure that’s not what Shitty had in mind.”
“Actually,” said Shitty, “that’s exactly what I had in mind. And I’ve got a plan.”

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i wholeheartedly agree. please just,,, let will have a tiny crush on michael. please?? just like,,, maybe a little like gaze or smthin just lEt will have a tiny crush on michael PLease

yEs !!! please!!! god, it’s all i want. just,, something!!!

i want will to just give a little couple of smiles and gazes towards mike!! just a little hand squeeze or a kiss on the cheek or the forehead!! mike spending a couple nights at the byers’ household to sleep next to will or on the floor in a sleeping bag in case of a nightmare so mike’s there to comfort him!!
Mad Max: Friendship Slayer - Chapter 1 - stardustandswimmingpools - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

A two-part fic in which Max attempts to remedy her faulty friendships with Mike and Eleven. Season 2 spoilers (ofc)


Max just wants to be in the party, but it seems like there are two party members who really don’t want her there - and she’s determined to change that.

Look, all I’m saying is that Sam Wilson and Scott Lang would be the cutest couple ever and this fact would be a source of endless annoyance for Sam

Sam spends a ridiculously long time pretending he’s not completely smitten with his excitable new sidekick (”i’m more like your crime fighting partner” “no.”) and Scott pretends not to be bothered by this

Natasha knows and laughs about them over pizza with Clint

Steve doesn’t know and is embarrassingly clueless about the whole thing

Eventually Sam gives in with the most open reluctance he could possibly muster. He doesn’t so much ask Scott out as say “by the way you can date me if you want”

Sam thinks all his nicknames are him making fun of Scott but everyone else thinks they’re pet names bc they’ve got heart eyes constantly and its sickening. Scott knows they’re not meant to be nicknames but he loves them anyway