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you know what I hate about tv shows? when they have a strong relationship between two characters of the same gender, with amazing chemistry and a deep connection but ignore and dismiss that in favour of introducing someone of the opposite sex just for a het couple that feels awkward, forced and unnecessary

like here’s an idea… you could not do that. 

  • Percy: Grover and I are the best friends on this planet.
  • Annabeth: Well, that's cute.'Cause Thalia and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Thalia and I finish each other's-
  • Thalia: -Sentences!
  • Percy: Yeah? That all you do?
  • Grover: Because Percy-
  • Percy: -And I-
  • Grover: -Can read-
  • Percy: -Each other's-
  • Grover: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!
  • Percy and Grover: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Chiron!
  • Thalia: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
  • Annabeth: We can't.
  • Thalia: One, two, three! Rainbows!
  • Annabeth: Can't do it!

You can be as diverse or progressive as you want, but someone is always there to say “remember, the elves are white no matter what you say so deal with it, and it’s like despite their being canonically tan elves, we just erase everything, and idk I don’t know why I’m surprised because this fandom is one of the most racist, silencing fandoms I’ve been in, but I don’t know I’m just tired of getting my point across.

With constant reminders that you can’t be diverse unless you cut off all discussions that come with diversity, it just gets annoying, and I know some real racist who will enjoy eating post like that up, and idk I hate the exclusion the idea that “all elves are white” bring with it.

I hate that people are so adamant about denying the existence of people of color in Tolkien’s works—elves of color—to the point of spreading misinformation.  

Like I said, it’s saying, “You can have diversity, but canonically it doesn’t exist, so just remember that.” and despite it being incorrect and borderline appropriation, people just continue to spread that around, and believe it word for word. Idk why I’m still in this fandom tbh.

It’s just been such a trip, and as a person of color, one of the hardest fandoms I’ve ever been in. It’s nice to see my skin color and that of others blatantly and so gleefully denied as if that isn’t an actual problem.

It must be nice to be a white person in the Tolkien fandom, you don’t have to deal with all this erasure, nor do to you have to vehemently defend your representation.

So I have this habit where whenever I find some sort of encylopedia or other guide to comics, Disney properties, etc., I have to see if W.i.t.c.h. is mentioned. 9 times out of 10, nothing. But then I was at the bookstore a few weeks ago and found a Disney encyclopedia that actually had this entry in it! I was perhaps a bit too excited about this find, but that’s what happens when you’re too invested in searching for official publications that actually acknowledge your obscure favorite series.


When I thought Madi was gone. I saw–for the first time I saw the world through your eyes. A world in which there is nothing left to lose. I felt the need to make sense of the loss. To impart meaning to it…whatever the cost. To exalt her memory with battles and victories. But beneath all of that, I recognized the other thing, hiding in the spaces. The ones whose shape you first showed me. And when asked, it was honest about the role it wanted to play. It was rage. And it wanted to see the world burn.

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  • Lance: Hunk and I are the best friends on this planet.
  • Keith: Well, that's cute.'Cause Pidge and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Pidge and I finish each other's-
  • Pidge: -Sentences!
  • Lance: Yeah? That all you do?
  • Hunk: Because Lance-
  • Lance: -And I
  • Hunk: -Can read
  • Lance: -Each other's
  • Hunk: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!
  • Hunk and Lance: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Shiro!
  • Pidge: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
  • Keith: We can't.
  • Pidge: One, two, three! Rainbows!
  • Keith: Can't do it!

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
  • Dan: buffy sucks

not to be cliché or anything but i need more vmin fanfics where one of them is a bad boy & the other one is innocent & they both hate each other or where the innocent one is like a nobody at first but when the popular bad ass one finds out that they’re not getting that person’s attention it annoys them so they do all they can like bullying, teasing, being a shit head to them until the innocent one breaks

although the bad ass crossed the line and they realise that so they feel sorry & guilty so they try to apologise to the innocent one but the innocent one is being hard to get & that pisses the bad ass one so they basically hate each other’s guts until one heated argument, one of them accidentally tells the other their real feelings — “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! GOD, I FCKING HATE THAT I LOVE YOU!” then the other one become speechless but they’re actually so happy & relieved in the inside, then the one who confessed first was about to walk out but the other one grabs them and kiss them so passionately &…. yeah you can continue from there 😉

i’m all for defending pirates 5 against the critics to no end because it is a damn good film HOWEVER amongst all the little criticism we’ve had online, nobody’s pointed out the one huge glaring plothole

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann wouldn’t have been by her son’s side on this madcap adventure to free will from the dutchman?

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann was just sitting doing nothing for 18 years, and wouldn’t have been researching the trident WITH henry, putting all her determination into finding it and freeing will, the man she has fought against everyone for over and over and over again? 

you’re seriously telling me that elizabeth swann wouldn’t have told henry stories of jack sparrow, remembering how jack had an uncanny way of accidentally solving many seemingly unsolveable mysteries? the king of the brethren court wouldn’t have dragged together the knowledge of all the pirates into freeing her husband?

do remember that this woman, to rescue will in dead man’s chest alone, threatened cutler beckett by shoving a gun to his face, dressed up as a man to hide in broad daylight on a ship, persuaded an entire crew of noble sailors of said ship to dock at tortuga, quite literally smacked men out of the way, and later chained jack to the pearl so she, will, and the crew could escape, and just generally showed all the elements of being a ruthless, fierce, knowledgable, determined pirate in order to gain and save those who she loved. 

so yeah, i adore pirates 5, don’t get me wrong. but the elizabeth swann i know and love would have been with henry, jack, carina, and barbossa on this mad adventure; because the elizabeth swann i know and love probably would have been the one to put the idea of the trident into henry’s head in the first place.

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Your tantrums are the very reason i am proud of being far right. Keep doing what you are doing buddy, you're doing great

This is very rich coming from someone who doesn’t even have the capacity or self-control to *not* send us this message. Like. Y’all realize you embarrass yourselves right? We don’t give a fuck about you. We just have to laugh at the shit you do, which is endlessly entertaining.

Also, if you’re “proud” of your ideology, you probably don’t actually *do* very much else to be proud of in your life, do you? 

- Mod A


Nobunari Oda, Liebestraum || 2016 Japan Open (x)

Sweet Vicious Fic Recs

I’m pissed that it’s cancelled and if you are too this is for you. I’ve made a list of my favourite sv fanfiction to commemorate the end to this beautiful show. find my other pages here and if you know who wrote any of these please let me know so I can give credit

Are We Dating? (by @mrriggerworld): juphelia - this is the cutest thing, the narration is really well done, everyone is beautifully in character, it’s all cute and good and it’s all fanastic, I love this so much

i found it in the wreckage: juphelia - this is short but truly wonderful, ophelia is beautiful and her emotions are cute and everything is amazing

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk Aboutjuphelia - really good, the dialogue is adorable, this feels right, I love how Jules is written -I feel like this really gets her character right

Pinky Promise (by @opheliamayerswife): juphelia - this is sweet and angsty and it makes me feel all of the things, ophelia broke my heart and everything is beautiful 

Clarity (by @swiftythewriter): juphelia - genuinly feels like it could happen on the show, it’s not the characters -or just the characters but the whole concept the way it’s delivered, I like it a lot


She is not called Marinette Cheng, or Marinette Dupain or whatever.

She is Marinette DUPAIN-CHENG, a young half-french, half-chinese girl.

I’ve been seeing recently a lot of posts, blogs that I like and respect, tags, etc, in which she is called Marinette Cheng, and it always makes sad and seems unfair!

How can one just erase a whole part of her identity this way?

Now, I know perfectly well that there has been some white-washing during the last few years and all…

But like… Isn’t that asian-washing? Or whatever you want to call it??

I may be identifying to much with a fictional character, but I know that if I was deprived of whole part of MY identity, to fight white-washing and with the exact same result, I’d be deeply hurt.

If  the creators choosed for Marinette to be half french and half chinese in terms of ethnicity and to show this through her name, then that’s for a particular reason. This choice holds some significance. Marinette is the proof that a mix, the merging between two countries can is beautiful…

And I may be repeating myself but


Also, one last thing, it’s not Sabine Cheng, neither is it Tom Dupain.

It’s Sabine Dupain-Cheng and Tom Dupain-Cheng and the fact that they choosed to take the other’s surname is a real act of love. This is one of the most adorable thing I’ve witnessed in this show, and let’s not forget it, okay?

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