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unicorn emoji reviews

bright! colourful! a victim of apple’s love of the blur tool and gradients but shes doing her best! 3/5

a sturdy boy with a golden horn! a bit plain but otherwise charming! 4/5

this guys a bit of a show off, the kinda guy who shows up to a party uninvited and starts telling you stories of all the princesses hes granted wishes for and then gets mad when you ask him to leave. 1/5

just a simple unicorn trying to get by, soft and kindhearted!! she’ll share her magic with you and not ask for anything back, if you’re lucky she’ll show you were to pick the best berries 5/5

soft and cute but all i want is for them to please stop staring at me 3/5

the kind of unicorn that can only be summoned by gay wizards in the most dire of situations. hes also gay 6/5

a minimalistic and bright pal, their stare might be cold and dead but thats just because theyre planning a really great surprise 4/5

a punk lesbian unicorn, she listens to thrash metal and captures the hearts of every gay horse from here to venus 5/5

this unicorn is perfect in every way. elegant, graceful, ethereal. she’s perfect 10/5

so i’ve seen a lot of talk recently (from myself included) about all the plotlines being explored in s4, which ones are getting more or less time, and sana not getting enough focus- so i wanted to take some time and separate the show from the fandom and the social media content and really see what’s getting the main focus, specifically looking at the screen time dedicated to each plotline 

i feel like since we all want to know like everything that's going on with every character and have created so many theories, small details really stand out and get cycled around the fandom a lot so they feel like the biggest deal (which i mostly love) but like i said i’m putting all that aside and this is only going to be what’s shown in the show itself because while the youtube channel and text messages and everything add so much it really all comes down to what’s actually on air

so i’m gonna split this up into what i think are the main plotlines we’ve been following (of course some of these overlap and i’ll account for that) and this is only a little over halfway through episode 4 (posted before the last clip) and i’ve rounded a bit just for sanity’s sake 

  • Sana’s personal conflicts and storylines
    • Russebuss/ Islam and Norwegian Identity (including her performing Salah): 34 minutes
    • Yousef: 22 minutes
    • Relationship with family: 15 minutes
  • Noora and her past/relationship with William: 16 minutes
  • Vilde and her relationship with Magnus: 5:30 minutes 
  • Evak and Even’s connection to Sana/Mikael: 6:30 minutes 

take from this what you will i really just did this to work it out for myself


what business have you? — charlie quigley. curly-haired cherub. i used to magic sweeties from your ears. do your remember? — what do you want? — your mumma has taken something that isn’t her’s. — she’s no thief. — no, she’s the worst kind. she’s a people thief. sees someone she has need of, snaffles them away, never to return. where’s she taken emily? — mumma doesn’t know or care where emily lacey is. — when did your mother ever let a dog lie? she feeds on vengeance like maggots on a corpse.

reminder 36582 that westallen is so important. not just cause they are a pure, healthy relationship who are soulmates in every timeline/universe etc. but because they are the MAIN interracial couple on a pretty racist network on the highest rated show. you can be pressed about it all you want and wish barry was in love with your white fave but that’ll never be the case. years from now it won’t matter why you disliked them together. all people will remember was that the main white character was in love with a black woman. and that candice patton as iris west created opportunities for other WOC (i.e flash movie). that.will because representation matters. and more shows ought to do the same. 

  • Alana: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.
  • Jared: Okay, but in my defense, Zoe bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo.
  • Alana: That's not what I wanted to- YOU DRANK SHAMPOO?!
  • Jared: What? No. You're the one farting bubbles.

I want a story time with Gran Torino where he’s sitting in a rocking chair holding a scrapbook of photos from his youth.

- He shows them to Izuku who is eager to learn more about All Might before he was All Might.

- One of the first photos has Nana giving Torino bunny ears and grinning while he looks annoyed.

- Some of the photos are of Torino and Toshinori looking bruised and bloody after training sessions. Torino explains that no matter how annoyed or upset they were Nana made sure they smiled for the photo. 

- There was a photo of Toshinori napping with a stuffed bunny. Torino made Izuku promise not to tell Toshinori he kept that one. 

- One photo has Toshinori doing his iconic All Might pose for the first time in his hero costume. Torino said it took him a while to find a pose “befitting the Symbol of Peace”

- Most of the photos were heartwarming. Like Nana high fiving Toshinori. Hugs and arms around each others shoulders.

- One photo had Toshinori and Nana standing beside Torino who was in the middle. Torino looked grumpy, but Toshinori and Nana were both pulling his mouth into a smile.

i just realized i forgot to do a little con recap! this one was so hectic and my schedule was so bizarre that i’m so behind!

so, like, @neven-ebrez is my safety blanket at cons now. she is who i talk to!!! SHE IS MY SISTER! MY MOTHER! MY WIFE! and all of her flights got canceled and there was nothing i could do about it except scream into the void. which still did nothing. i was so worried i had too much but didn’t have enough variety, or that i might be a waste of space, or whatever may have you in multiple anxious ways

but thanks to you guys, you made my con weekend wild. SO LEMME TELL YA

  • ALL COPIES OF GOD’N’GABE SOLD OUT. i have never had this happen. ever. and the g’n’g figures sold out friday morning. THAT’S INSANE. i met matt a little more formally for the first time, and even he congratulated me on the sellout! YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST i even ended up doing surprise sunday commissions! i stopped around 10 after deciding my hand was going to fall off
  • all The Dads stopped by the table!! i did not expect this. it was super sweet. and i decided i wasn’t going to stop by swain’s table over the weekend–i had nothing for them to sign, and i feel like the most awkward potato when i just go over there to talk. so they came to me. they were disgruntled but like I’M NOT A SPARKLING CONVERSATIONALIST
  • I GOT TINY POP!SCOUT FROM @funkoadventures AND IT’S STILL THE COOLEST THING. i also got some really cool god and gabe-related things from several new faces, friends, etc. and that was Insanely Cool, thank you so so so much everyone
  • i got to meet some fresh faces of the media teams. the new social media manager for Creation’s things is a sweetheart and i’m so excited for them to get acclimated to the crowd. and the con staff was really looking after me, as it had somehow spread that i am somewhat unintentionally neglectful of myself when left to my own devices
  • which, also, EVERYONE was looking out for me. i can’t overlook this. people i’d just met, some i never talked to, close friends, everyone. i had so much food, water, and love vaguely tossed at my face over the weekend, the BTS of the table looked absolutely ridiculous it was such a mess

so thanks, you guys. ♥ i really couldn’t even be a fraction of heartfelt as i wanted to be. i didn’t know how to physically show that much emotion. i’m so indebted to everyone for the massive support.

so that’s all i got, i think! i leave you with something embarrassing from SNS

anonymous asked:

Money is tens of thousand of years old, it predates capitalism. The problem is the division of labor not money which simply represents labor and products, two things that will still be necessary post capitalism.

its at best, if you have a real loose definition of it maybe 30,000 years old, thats like 1% of human existence, and that isn’t in all societies, thats in select few societies. Money isn’t even universally used in societies today, cause yeah there are societies even today isolated from capitalism. 

Money is a problem. I don’t care how much you want to defend it. We can do things without it, humans do things without it, humans have been doing without it for the vast majority of our existence. This argument is trivial at best. 

We don’t need money to show how scarce items are and who should have them, some items must be eliminated as a whole [unsustainable items] and from there we can move to a society where scarcity isn’t a major concern, adding money to the mix only exploits those without it.

We have the technology that can do massive quantities of math for us to know exactly what should be allocated where like … money is archaic, we don’t need it, we can create systems far more efficient than it. 

money allows for those to amass it and exploit those who werent able to amass it. it leads to zero sum games lmao, the endgame is to have all the money. if you keep running the numbers playing the game where having the most worth leads to more goods and services you will end up with a concentration of it, and some services considered less worthy by those with more money, and of course those with the most money will dictate that whatever the fuck they do should be worth the most labor wise.

we see this today with hedge fund managers making more than fuckin idk doctors, teachers, janitors who definitely do more work than a fucking hedge fund manager.

all labor should be treated equally, and even those who cannot provide labor to society, all people should be treated to the same courtesies, if everyone is given the same access to goods and treatment and education and so on money is useless and unnecessary, everyone has the same access to everything, and we have the technology to make sure that stays sustainable. 

adding money to the mix simply allows people to fall to suffering if they lose it all. And putting worth on services is ridiculous as well, we need people to save lives, and we need people to clean bathrooms, both are necessary, yet if we add monetary value to the two, surely there are those that will argue the bathroom cleaners deserve less than the life savers when … if your bathroom isn’t clean it can say lead to mold outbreak and kill you. [extreme example but regardless]

And a lot of this shit can be automated anyway. labor and goods don’t need value attributed to them, it just creates a system where people resent others for doing certain jobs that either make more, less, or the same as their job. 

Instead we can focus on giving people what they need and allowing people to do as they like, and due to automation not everyone has to do “hated” jobs, and with free education and elimination of our current grading systems, which hold back and inhibit people from academic growth, would only lead to further automation and ways to be sustainable. 

If everyone is given what they need and to a lesser extent what they want within reason, then theres no reason to put worth on jobs or goods, because people are simply doing what they most want to do or can do, and living substantial lives while doing it. 

money is archaic and inefficient. attributing worth is qualitative at best, and hardly from biases, you can never truly find the exact worth of any given object or labor, it’s best to just give all as they need and allow all to do as they like without hinderances like how much theyre making and how much money they have to survive.

And frankly calling up the past is useless as well, we are beyond our ancestors technologically, we are beyond their archaic means of attributing worth. We don’t need it. As I’ve stated over and over again, we amass so much shit … worth is meaningless. it’s used only to withhold goods and services from others.

Mr. No Name Kid

((hey its me! aaaaaa ok so I wrote it but I’m shy so I’m waiting to post it. this was so inspired by heathers like???))

“Watch it, freak.” Someone muttered while Evan picked up his scattered papers and felt the flush of hot shame reach his ears and cheeks. He wasn’t going to cry, he had to compose himself.

Onlookers snorted with amusement when the guys who had pushed him, kicked his back, sending him sprawling. He grabbed at his papers blindly as tears blurred his vision, he was going to be late for his Literature class. He hated being late, it was torture to have so many eyes on him.

He scurried off and didn’t even bother to see if he had missed any papers.

~after Literature~

Evan Hansen was going to die. He’d accidentally left his letter to himself in the hall, someone had probably taken it, read it and laughed. He couldn’t handle it anymore, instead of going straight to class, he milled around that hallway.

Finally, the bell rang and students scurried out of classrooms to rush to the next one, just going round and around. Running with tight, restrained energy. He kept his head down, all the way to the lockers. Evan hoped to whatever God was up there, that someone hadn’t read his letter.

It would’ve been mortifying. He opened his locker and a note fluttered out. It was almost illegible, but it was so amazingly nice, that he held it to his chest and smiled.

Dear Evan Hansen,

don’t listen to those people. You are not a freak, or a dud (a/n: where I come from thats a really bad thing to say) you are doing you, like we all are. Just stressing our way through a temporary state of being. But you, Evan Hansen, are specially different. Your eyes are a powdery blue that rivals my mother’s flowerbeds, your hair shines a million different colors. And then there’s you. You, with your soft voice. I like that because it shows you want other people to listen. Your lovely, poetic way of stating even the most simple things.

You, Evan Hansen, are a miracle

Don't go forgetting it.


Mr. No Name Kid

Evan could make it through the day.

Whoever this kid was, he was a miracle worker.

~end of part 1~

shysako  asked:

Hey there ! So I heard about Cross, and I started to read, and I finished to read, and I don't understand. I mean, if I didn't go to the wrong comic, Cross is pretty new, there ain't a lot of infos 'bout him. So where does all this stuff come from ? The big knife wich let a red mark in the ground, all the thing with Chara livin' within Cross or somethin', I mean, there are some of this infos in your animation, but is that all ? (sorry if that's a frequent ask) (and sorry for the bad english ;-;)

Hehehe don’t worry if you don’t understand
I haven’t show y'all those details yet in the comic, where I explain Cross’ AU/backstory.

I’ll explain some of those details in the next animations, too ;)

Anyway, if you want to know more info about Cross you can visit the FAQ section on Underverse’s blog.

  • Veronica: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.
  • Archie: Okay, but in my defense, Jughead bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo.
  • Veronica: That's not what I wanted to- YOU DRANK SHAMPOO?!
  • Archie: What? No. You're the one farting bubbles
TV shows to watch this Spring

It used to be that when you reached Spring, most of your favourite shows were coming to an end for the season and you would have a long wait until Fall for the new season (if it survived the chop), however with streaming services such as Netflix and also on-demand services it means many really high quality shows are launching throughout the year, many of them at around this time of year. From 13 Reasons Why, a teen-drama on Netflix to Big Little Lies, a tale of murder among the wealthy on HBO, there is something for everyone out there - regardless of what your tastes in TV are.

13 Reasons Why, all episodes available on Netflix

Over the last few years it feels like everything Netflix touches turns into gold dust and becomes an instant classic, thinking of the lines of House of Cards, OITNB and Stranger Things to name a few, the same can (and will) be said about 13 Reasons Why. The show is based on a teen-drama about a tough issue, suicide, and sees secrets unravel around the main character (Clay). Once you start watching 13 Reasons, you will not want to stop - let the binge watching commence.

Ingobernable, all episodes available on Netflix

I usually don’t enjoy foreign-language TV shows, it usually feels hard to follow and really complex - I suppose thats the joy of foreign-language TV, however Ingobernable is an exception. The show based around the First Lady of Mexico and the end of her marriage to the President is compelling and really high quality TV Show. Once you get over the fact there are subtitles - the show becomes easy to follow and a really enjoyable watch. It is also helped by the catchy theme which grips you right from the start. It is a political drama but it takes a unique perspective which normally isn’t explored.

Big Little Lies, Sundays 9pm - HBO (US), Mondays 9pm - Sky Atlantic (UK)

The only reason I started watching Big Little Lies was really because of the cast, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, in the lead roles. However, when I started watching, it suddenly became apparent is this is an amazing pice of television. A story about the wealthy in Monterey, CA. From the outside they have the perfect lives, on the inside they’re rotten to the core - something we all need to see. We all know there has been a murder, we just don’t know who the victim is.

Designated Survivor, Wednesdays 10/9c - ABC (US), Thursdays - Netflix (UK)

Designated Survivor is one of those shows that in all honesty doesn’t match over shows in its genre - House of Cards, Scandal and Madam Secretary - to name a few, but it really does keep you gripped. It opens with the destruction of American democracy in a terror attacks which sees HUD secretary, Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) become President unexpectedly. I personally find it very over the top, however I keep watching because I really need to know what happens. You might complain (like me) but you will still follow it through to discover who is behind the conspiracy.

Grace and Frankie, all episodes available on Netflix

What do you do when your husband of many years tells you he is gay ? it would be a hard thing for anyone to take in, but Grace and Frankie tells the story of the two affected wives and how there life changes because of it, through a truly hilarious show. What makes this even better, is that the show gets better with age and every season gets better. It is written by Marta Kauffman, most famous for writing Friends, so you know that there is a real genius behind the setup - which stars Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin (both from 9 to 5) and Martin Sheen.

Taboo, FX (US) available on BBC iPlayer (UK)

Taboo sees Tom Hardy play the role of James Keziah Delaney who faces off agains the East India Company, a show both with high drama but also an historical aspect. The show is set in the nineteenth century and is really dark in its outset and whole production. It is still available on catchup and is well worth the watch and a stand out British show from 2017 so far…

The Good Fight, Sundays - CBS All Access (US), Thursdays 9pm - More4 (UK)

If you loved the Good Wife, then I can promise you will love the Good Fight. Even with the absense of Alicia and Cary, you still get the true essence of what make the original one of the best legal dramas ever. The Good Fight is more risqué and hearing Diane Lockhart say “F***” just makes it all worth while. The best parts of the Good Wife are kept in this spin-off which makes it a good show in its own light - especially with it being political in the age of Trump. 

House of Cards, Seasons 1-4 on Netflix now, Season 5 available May 30th

Even though Season 5 doesn’t debut until May, House of Cards still needs to be featured on this list. The show was and still is a true game changer for television with its intense and gripping storyline of congressman turned President, Frank Underwood, who uses manipulation and murder to get to where he is and has the determination to be a ruthless pragmatist and remove whoever is in his way. This will easily be one of the highlights of the year in television as we see how the Underwoods face re-election and the prospect of a new ‘War on Terror’.

Riverdale, Thursdays 9pm (E.T) The CW (US) and Fridays on Netflix (UK)

Riverdale is based on the characters of Archie Comics and is a teen drama based around a perfect town, as it would be seen from the outside, however under this facade there is a dark tale of a death in the school which changes things forever.

elegy in two

(post-4x20 pseudo-speculative.)

i. ophelia.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says, flinching back, sparking hurt in her eyes. she shows off her new skin and thinks he’ll find her beautiful. she can’t understand that she has burned a lifetime of memories he doesn’t want against the backs of his eyes. she stands in front of the mirror and sees an angel; he cowers from the devil.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because he knows and she knows this room is not his prison. because the ghost of a hand on his is enough to choke him. if she lets him go it’s because she knows he’ll never escape.

‘everything is so new and i am infinite,’ she tells him. she learns with lust, relishes the taste of even minor annoyances on her tongue. he sits in her shadow and wonders what it must feel like to start over. he imagines his brain unfurled like parchment: what would he erase first? he prays for a magical place.

she can’t reprogram his revulsion, the way her presence makes him retch. she can no longer draw promises from his lips. she doesn’t understand.

‘someday you will understand,’ he says.
‘but i understand the universe now. what else is there to know?’
she doesn’t understand why he craves the knife more than her caress.

to be human is to break and this is what breaks her: when his only action is to lead the team to her door, when he allows another woman to lead him out, when he does not once look back.

ii. jemma.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says. she is still perfect but he has lost the right to the intimacy of her hand in his. her body is a warzone and he reads on her skin a mapping of his sins. here, he thinks, is where i betrayed you. here is where i will never forgive myself.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because this room cannot hold the weight of his grief, and she never agreed to share a bed with his demons. she does not touch him but remains tethered to his side, a string connecting their hearts, pulled as taut as it will go.

‘what i feel for you is so old and infinite,’ she whispers, ‘like we’ve been wrapped up in each other for so many lifetimes we don’t know where we begin.’ she is luminescent; he watches from the shadows and wonders what it must feel like to have only the burden of a single history. now he will always have lived a lifetime without her.

he begs her not to try; someday she will understand.
‘what will i understand?’
that her touch burns through him like consecrated water. that he’d never known rebirthing could be so painful. that he will pass through a thousand karmic cycles and never deserve the tenderness in her eyes. 

she stands on the shore as waves crash against his body. he wants the feeling of saltwater filling his lungs, but she lifts him back up every time. he can’t let her keep rescuing him; soon they will both be too exhausted to fight.

‘we promised we’d get through anything together.’

‘yes,’ he says, ‘but not this.’ these are not in the wedding vows i planned, he thinks. you’re meant to be so much happier.

‘yes,’ she says. ‘this.’

to be human is to break. to break and to break and to try again. he hands her his heart, because she has always kept it safe. because he has lived without it before.

he says: ‘take it, jemma’ and so she does.

I hate when the fandom blows up about things that don’t matter, grandma is tired. 

I’m curious if I was the only person not expecting a central romance in episode 8, if anything a big romance plot is going to come out of the last episode and as storytelling goes you can’t just jump right from being enemies to lovers, there needs to be time to change and a middle episode does just that. I dunno, I’ve been in this fandom since decemeber 2k15 and I’ve never thought that episode 8 would show anything really juicy with canon ships. The foundations will lay out and there will certainly be interactions, but thats all. And honestly it could be a good thing not having to worry about a gushy and awkward romance.

To me as long as they’re not related (which… well they aren’t) then we have stomping grounds for whatever we want. Ships being canon is not the best thing ever or the only way to validate them, most of them aren’t anyway.

anonymous asked:

your tags about clary is on point. i thought i was the only one who's getting tired of her seeking for help and then completely ignoring what they say. tired of them writing her as wanting to prove herself and then completely proving the point that she's not yet ready. (funny how they killed jocelyn off bec they want her to grow but that's still not happening)

yeah like in season 1 i was (mostly) fine with it (aside from the “we’re all downworlders” bullshit) because she was so new and scared for her mother, and everything was happening so fast. and actually, in 1x13 you could see some development when she sat down with simon and told him that even though the deal with camille was important to wake her mother, she wanted simon’s explicit approval to go ahead because of what camille had done to him. i really liked that scene; i thought it showed a bit of growth because for once, she wasn’t putting her own needs ahead of someone else’s.

but in s2, it’s like she hasn’t…learned anything? and the biggest problem in season 2 isn’t even her behavior but that no one is calling her out on it. luke didn’t call her out on not trusting him re: cleophas even though he’s literally helped raise her and has never once shown himself to be dishonest or incompetent. in fact, she was even framed as being “smart” bc she recognized that cleophas called her clarissa like – no, you were still dumb as hell. no one’s said a word about her (and jace) leaving dot and gretel behind. magnus still doesn’t know that dot was alive the last time clary saw her. 

when iris returns in 1x09, i’m guessing they won’t let magnus say anything about how clary didn’t fucking listen to him despite how he tried to warn her, and that whatever’s happening to her is, you know, her fault. or if he does say something, it’ll be passed over and she won’t ever learn or apologize.

i don’t really have an issue with flawed characters – i love all my messy children who fuck up – but it’s a huge problem when they aren’t being called out on it or framed as if they’re in the wrong. the other characters are clearly being written around her selfishness as if she isn’t behaving that way and it shows.

a hasty edit but atleast its done

i was Rly Inspired by @cursedbarn ‘s connie-centric au posts so i jst… i had to okay i love connie so much she deserves so much better

more under the readmore since i might ramble

(edit: changed the lips bc metaorigin made a good point abt them)

i wanted her to be chubby…. chubbier than this, but these edits are so hard to make in sai. ill probably edit her a little more, later. for now i gave her a bit more tum, a wider neck, and thicker arms/legs. quartzes are bulky in the best ways

shes keeping the glasses. she fixes her own sight w healing powers but shes so used to wearing glasses, and they comfort her. something to fiddle with when she gets nervous, also

i also ADORE her mint green dress so i borrowed the colours from that, and made her shows match her glasses. to tie it all together

i also made her skin more pink than red, same with her hair. when you have a pink rock mom, you gonna end up looking pink. thats just how it works im sorry. 

i also made her gem a little bit more desaturated and darker. since there IS a different between roses gem and stevens gem (his was much more reddish-orange, hers was reddish-pink) i wanted there to be a different in this au, too

also i bet smokey quartz is the most stable fusion. connie and amethyst just play off eachother so well,,,

anyway. She

My superstore season 3 predictions cause its 3am and i cant sleep

So if you’ve ever worked in a retail store thats ever had to have a mantinece or construction that forces it to close for a considerable length of time, you’ll know one thing: you’re going to get reassigned during that time.

My bet is that our core 7 (Glenn, Dina, Garrett, Mateo, Cheyenne, Amy, & Jonah) dont all get reassigned to the same store during the rebuilding of their store.

If there’s a time-jump, I’m gonna bet its going to be the season will open with the grand re-opening, and our team will all be reunited.

But the fun thing is, I’m gonna take another bet that if this does happen, Amy and Jonah would have been “farmed out” to different stores, so that way the first time they properly see each other since the tornado (and the kiss 😉😉) will be at the grand re-opening, which will at minimum i think be a 4 month time jump.

Cue the most frustrating part of a slow burn, when feelings have been revealed and reciprocated, and swiftly ignored by both parties (I’m looking at u X-Files, The Office, Bones, etc).

I think we’re gonna find out that since the tornado Amy has been trying (and failing) to fix her marriage with Adam, she’ll pretend its been going well even though it obviously wont be, fixing a relationship where you realize all the romantic love is gone is difficult maybe even impossible, especially if you have feelings like that for someone else.

Oh the Jonah side of things, He’ll be seeing someone, trying to move on from Amy because he saw her with Adam and Emma after the tornado and decided he didnt want to be someone who ruins a family with his feelings.

So thats where it will begin, with the most sexual tension filled slow-burn season ever, and im gonna bet Garrett is gonna be laughing his way thru the whole thing because OF COURSE Jonah will tell him about the kiss.

Also my predictions on Brett is that he’s alive and for all I care the show could tell me the tornado took him all the way to antartica where he lived for 3 months before being rescued and I still wouldn’t bat a fucking eyelash and immediately accept it bc BRETT CANT DIE.

Dizzee fucking Kipling

I see a lot of people arguing over the whole intimacy issue and frankly I think all of ya’ll are comparing them to the wrong couples - its not mylene and zeke or ra-ra or boo-boo ya’ll should be talking about. It sure as shit ain’t qaf - who had such a high sex rate for the sole reason that they wanted to force straights to deal with the reality that gays do indeed fuck. Or compare Dizzee x Thor fans to Sterek fans…while claiming people love Teen Wolf for it cause thats lies - that show gets ripped from those same fans…trust me. If you wanna know where the show runners stand look at their other malexmale assemble - Zeke and Shaolin. 

I see a lot of people shaming those who feel some type of way about the lack of physical intimacy as if that avoidance isn’t a real thing the gay community is battling exhibited through straight out avoidance, queerbaiting, or actors getting roles of gay characters but then shying away from the physical. THIS HAPPENS ALOT! Lets be honest…it seems to be happening on TGD. But I think people should pay attention before they start telling others not to watch the show or claiming things against the showrunners/writers. Sometimes (it should be all the time) story and character are important elements when it comes to physical intimacy or sex. Take QAF again - Brian wasn’t just all about sex just because…it was his way of rebelling against both the straight world and his parents. It was also his way of having an emotional disconnect. It was why he was physically intimate with his best friend but would not have sex with him. Now look at Shao. Shaolin is mega touchy when it comes to Zeke, any chance he gets to pull him in..he does. It is in fact this reason that people started shipping the two. The only sexual scenes we get from him are with Annie but he was very clear on his thoughts of that. I always see people say Shao hates Mylene cause hes jealous and really its more than that, he resents her, women have always taking what was his and no matter how he loves Zeke he does consider him his and Mylene is a clear threat between that. Zeke and Shao have a different intimacy than Diz and Thor. Which of course makes sense storywise. 

In the first part we had the telepathy kiss and I think this is where they fucked up. Because people get in a tif about things like this…all it would be about from then on is when were we gonna get a real kiss…the other intimacy wouldn’t matter if they weren’t physical it would be side eyed. I do think that telepathy was also about who Dizzee is - it highlighted him in this artist world of the gays (with music, fashion, dance, and form). Dizzee is the metaphor character and sadly because his sexuality is exhibited as such, so is his relationship with Thor. I think people forget that just because we see the emotions….doesn’t mean those feelings have been vocalized (the love convo never happened it was a drug induced fantasy). The closes we get to it is Diz’s comic asking if Thor will come back and join him. We didn’t even get to their relationship until after Dizz disappeared (locked himself away with Thor). And when we see them they’re staying together in their paint paradise looking domesticated and shit. And its not that they lack intimacy because this little scene was so amazing and spoke volumes about their relationship. They seem settled and happy. They exchange what can be taken as a joke about the physical and Thor watches Diz create and they speak about the revolution. They paint eachother and this shit is my favorite thing because its pure yet sublime with this undercurrent, as they stand in their Paint-Palace with art they’ve created themselves with this little mattress and television that creates light - Thor watches Diz as he dances and its easy, so fucking easy to understand why they’re together. Diz had been somber the whole part 2 and in this scene hes just so damn…free. He’s revealed himself on the walls and he shouts that hes an alien with a top hat and the alien has gotten to the fucking opera. Even though he feels like his family can’t accept him, his friends outside the circle can’t accept him, hes accepted by Thor and hes learning to accept himself. This is why I’m not salty about a kiss. Cause normally I would be. But honestly looking at what they worked with I have to ask myself where it would’ve gone. I mean yeah they could’ve kissed in the Paint-Palace but a part of me wonders if I would’ve felt jaded by that as if they only placed it in to please the crowd, because for the message of the scene its not needed at all. And even cuddling wasn’t needed because it would’ve taken away the proof on the wall and their bodies when Shao walked in. That’s to say he didn’t need body to body evidence when Diz had placed so much of his truth and love on both the walls and a shirtless Thor.

I think is we got another season then yes, it would be imperative to grow there…but this part wasn’t really about that for them. It was about Diz settling within himself. I would love to see how his family reacts…I mean it was back in that time and his parents already treats him like he the bad one. I’m gonna ignore the end of the finale cause they got me fucked up with that and they better do some major rework. So I understand where people are coming from but personally I’m cool, I don’t think the production team is trying to be janky, they’re working with what they got and they’re up front about what we’re gonna get before it even hits the table. So as long as we can continue and they eliminate that bullshit scene I’m good.