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one thing abt those “rethink homelessness” ads theyre always showing white people holding up signs like “i had a business/i was a dentist/i had a scholarship/i went to harvard”

like thats great.. good for them. but what about the homeless people who never “achieved” anything?

what about the homeless people who came from broken homes, got pregnant at 15, dropped out of high school, got addicted to drugs, never went to college, worked at mcdonalds since they were teenagers

“rethink homelessness” wants to show you the homeless people who were “worth something”. the “good” homeless people so you can look at them and think “oh look i guess all homeless people arent worthless bums after all! i should start caring about some of them!!”

those “rethink homelessness” ads seem to only promote homeless people who “made something of themselves” but then life took a tragic turn for them. as if theyre the only kind of homeless people who deserve empathy and respect

protect and respect ALL homeless people. even the ones who never got even a little close to being “successful”. even the “bad ones” who are the stereotypical homeless people

just because a person never “made something of themselves” doesnt mean theyre beneath you

“rethinking homelessless”?? more like subtle classism imo

reminder 36582 that westallen is so important. not just cause they are a pure, healthy relationship who are soulmates in every timeline/universe etc. but because they are the MAIN interracial couple on a pretty racist network on the highest rated show. you can be pressed about it all you want and wish barry was in love with your white fave but that’ll never be the case. years from now it won’t matter why you disliked them together. all people will remember was that the main white character was in love with a black woman. and that candice patton as iris west created opportunities for other WOC (i.e flash movie). that.will because representation matters. and more shows ought to do the same. 

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

My Problem with GMW ending on season 3...

When you have to explain to your ten year old niece, that it’s impossible to absorb someone else’s feelings.

Me: Maya never became Riley, she grew up. The whole point is “People Change People”  Maya was changed from her group of friends in a positive way.

Niece: Noooo Josh said that Maya was trying to protect Riley, because she loves her, and doesn’t want her to get hurt.  

Me: I can count on one hand, how many times Josh has been on the show..

Niece: He’s older, so he’s wiser.

Me: He’s a Freshmen in college, trust me from experience that does not make you wise. You are clueless about everything and your diet consists of ramen and Redbull. 

Niece: Maya was having trouble finding herself again, Maya was becoming a good person thats not who she is she gets detention and fails all her tests. She realized she never liked Lucas like that. Lucas was always supposed to end up with Riley, she fell on his lap in the subway.

Me:  Maya pushed her and Riley is going to end up with Farkle!

Niece: No Farkle and Smackle are going to college together..gosh didn’t you watch the show..


For the love of God, can we save this show so my adorable niece doesn’t grow up believing that people can’t change? People can’t just turn into other people. We need reality not the pretty package.


@ all u cool artist people

Please draw more poc chara. This is an honest request, from me,,,,, zuri, a poc,,,, who is charakin,,,,, I beg
I will love you forever if you do,,,, I promise,,,, and show ur art to all of my friends and probably cry bc thats what I did when I saw @p-uppystars stuff,,,, made me cry,,, real tears
I beseech thee

P.s. I don’t gotta if you don’t want to im so sorry for wasting your time aaaaaaa

You know what’s great? How Cooper wasn’t that important to me in s1 and how much that has changed. It’s not that I disliked him, but he was definitely on the periphery. I felt bad when he was garroted because of Tom and definitely didn’t want him to die but still he was just there on the edges. Then s2 comes along with all its issues and suddenly Director Cooper became “my Coop” from limping back into the post office when all he wanted to do was stay home to his struggle with his illness to throwing those pills in Connolly’s face. My Coop!

And he is such an honorable man, but also isn’t afraid to step outside the law when it’s warranted. Telling Liz to run after she shot Connolly for example. He could have arrested her right there but he knew the Cabal would kill her and he let her go risking his own arrest and career. He was offered early retirement but chose that tiny cubicle just to stay in the game and help where he could.

And those times Red and Coop showed their grudging respect for one another were really wonderful. How that respect built over time and didn’t ignore their obvious differences but it grew despite the odds. These two old war dogs that have seen too many battles and meet occasionally when they find common ground. Truly amazing and I imagine something that sort of happened during the course of the series without a real plan.

I’ll never forget Red nudging (or pushing) Coop back into the PO after he was almost killed. Or Coop’s kindness to Red when he saw him that first time after Lizzy’s death. Their break up scene in 3.23 when Red told Coop his plan to kill Kirk. There was no deception because Red respected him enough to tell him Before the act. It was “Raymond” and “Harold” that met that day with gratitude for the work that had been done. It was also Director Cooper that allowed Red to walk out of his office after confessing to his premeditated plan to avenge Elizabeth’s death and protect Agnes. That’s my Coop!

And I cannot for the life of me figure out why over 3 seasons of building this relationship and this character should be destroyed to further this Red is the root of all evil mindset. We’ve already had to endure Cooper’s OOC Tom amnesia but apparently that isn’t enough. To have Red come to his office in the hopes of repairing the damage, to show kindness regarding his daughter and see Coop meet that with hostility that is completely out of proportion to what is happening on the show is honestly a heartbreaker. My Coop is unrecognizable and has been since 3b. I miss that guy and I honestly don’t understand why tptb have taken him away. What was once great is now just really sad.

I say this as a devoted Jane the Virgin fan: Through two and a half seasons, it’s been one of the warmest, most entertaining shows on network TV, with smart writing and great performances, especially from Gina Rodriguez. But the decision to kill off Michael and then zip forward three years feels like a storytelling cheat — like the writers wanted the shock value (and social-media spike) of a major character death, while also skipping past all that uncomfortable “grieving” stuff. Monday’s episode gave us a few fleeting moments of Michael, with photos of him coming to life to give Jane a pep talk. But mostly, he was swept aside so we could focus on more pressing matters, like the fate of Rogelio’s reality show. And Mateo’s bratty behavior. And the douchey new hotel owner next door to the Marbella. It felt unseemly to linger on such silliness when a major character just died. It’s been three years for them… but only a week for us.
 […] I understand death can be random, and we don’t always get any warning when the people we love leave us. But that doesn’t feel like the kind of dark emotional territory a show like Jane should be wading into — especially if it’s going to bend the rules and jump forward to a time when the wounds aren’t so fresh. Plus, I don’t really buy that Michael “had to die” to shake up the show; the show could’ve found a way to make Jane and Michael’s domestic bliss work, as an oasis of normalcy amid all the craziness. (Coach and Tami Taylor, anyone?)
To be fair, Michael was referenced again later in this week’s episode, when we discovered that Jane based her new romance novel on her relationship with Michael. She got choked up when asked to read aloud from her book… but a newly bearded Rafael, not Michael, was the one to encourage her to get out there and read it. And let’s be real: These two are definitely getting back together at some point, right? The inevitability of the Jane-Rafael pairing just pours salt into the wounds of Michael fans, like he was ultimately just an obstacle to their happiness.

I have no words to describe how proud I am of having met Choi Minho, for having discovered (unintentionally) this wonderful person who makes me happier and more in love with him every day.
Minho is a wonderful man in so many different ways that it’s difficult not to fall in love for all his sides, for all sides he lets us see. I know he’s a lot more than we see, from what he shows on concerts and tv shows, and I really wanted to get a chance to get to know him all of him, but I know it’s impossible and I’m realistic enough to know this.
Minho goes far beyond his physical appearance, his beauty that makes people praise him.
Reading his interviews that year, I’m proud of him opening up so much today and saying what he thinks and how he suffered when he debuted. How he still is hard with himself for not being better, how he reads and accepts criticism, even if it hurts him. He is a person who can recognize his own mistakes, learn from it, and try his best to improve, to be better.
Minho is always there when his friends, family, and SHINee members need him. He is always ready to support them, to remind them that they are important, that they are everything to Minho, and that is a quality that few have. I love how Minho likes to take care of everyone and this is a loving way of showing that he cares.
I just want him to be very happy because he deserves to be loved, and I’m sure he is. I wish he had a great day today with the members and fans who will be able to celebrate this special day with him.

Pride of being a fan, pride in be in love, proud to meet such a wonderful person, proud to know that years come and go and Choi Minho will only become a better person with each passing day. Proud to be shawol proud to be a flamer.

Happy birthday, my beautiful baby, my dongsaeng, the man of my dreams, my prince, my king. I love you very much and I will be here by your side, on the other side of the world, forever.


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randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten shows & tag ten people.

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1. Jim Halpert - The Office

2. Ron Swanson - Parks and Rec

3. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf (but they’re all cinnamon rolls and I love them all)

4. Phoebe Buffay - Friends

5. Luke Danes - Gilmore Girls

6. Jack Pearson - This is Us

7. Betty Cooper - Riverdale

8. Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead

9. Eleven - Stranger Things

10. Karen Page - Daredevil (lol Lily’s faceclaim. nbd)

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Idk if I'm included in those fans that make you feel RusAme is like a joke since I've drawn many funny RusAme arts. If yes, then I'm sorry for being a part that makes you want to leave this fandom :(. But I just want you to know I just want to make rusame fans feel happy whenever they see my arts, and also to make non rusame fans understand rusame history easier. But I also understand where you came from, I'm also irritated whenever I see those frequent rusame shitposting texts.

It doesn’t upset me that people are making their jokes and all cause thats something you have to expect with a pair and with the show. Its just the frequency that gets to me because its all you see anymore. A lot of the fans have lost the flare of the ship and condensed it to a very very simple idea which is not to my tastes.

In saying that, I don’t mean to offend anyone or step on toes of artists or writers who are still producing for the pair. There are still a lot of people who do make very good content and those are the people who I will likely continue to follow…Its just a majority have made it less enjoyable and I apologize.


Harle gloves, complete!

These took pretty much a whole day. I’m really bad at sewing the gussets on machine, so I hand basted it all before taking them in on the machine (because I have absurdly tiny hands and glove patterns don’t fit). 

Top row of images is the finished gloves, unworn and worn. I like the pop of bright red against my patterned cushion haha

Bottom row is progress on the gloves. I didn’t take any of the gloves before sewing them or in the middle of sewing them, but I took one after the gloves were done before adding the petals (far right). The far left image is how many petals I needed to cut (4 per petal x 4 petals x 2 gloves = 32 pieces), plus a piece of stabilizer in each petal. Center is the petal pattern. The curved seam in the middle allows them to “cup” a bit rather than just being flat. 

The petals are self lined and sewn down the center seam to keep them in shape. They’re sewn to the gloves pointed downwards, and then folded back on themselves and tacked at the corners and the center seam. This both hides the edge under the petal (they’re all finished with a zig zag, and the gloves themselves are hemmed) and allows them to stand upright a bit more than if I had just sewn them flat to the gloves, and has only minimal visible stitching. 

These are the most ridiculous gloves.

pacrolash replied to your post “I guess I don’t want Disney to have involvement with a possible Kh…”

I actually wanna see disney oldschool stylised animation and thats all i want to see from disney involvement. I dont want to see something fully different cartoonish “adaptation” that may gone wildly off original plot… i could be like manga or novellas, just bringin more light to the offscreen things like Vanitas’ past or Axel’s wound… but as i saw some people want to actually see “fresh start” and “western take without nomura” in it.

Actually you know what, if you’re gonna make a Tv show just make the manga a Tv show. People will watch it XD.

But thinking about…I’m remaked out honestly. Like the last time we had a bunch of new content all at once was 5 years ago. Since then we’ve been getting either table scraps on the console front (with Fragment and Back Cover being sort of exceptions, that’s more like one meal) and the very occasional plot revelation from Chi/Unchained. We haven’t had 40 or more hours of new content all at once since Dream Drop. I mean Chi/Unchained kind of but plot-wise that moves as slow as molasses and has a ton of filler. 

I want new crud dang it and I want the new crud to be apart of the canon. I don’t wanna be able to brush it off like I do most of the stuff that happens in the manga. I wanna be like “oh so that’s how that went down, cool” and in order for that to happen it can’t be made by Disney. Or Disney can draw it I guess but the writing and all that has to be done by a company that hasn’t done mostly nothing with this series for 15 years. 

i cannot wait to be in love!! bringing her flowers for no reason, smiling whenever i think about her, telling her i love her every five seconds, kissing her all the time, watching tv and making fun of the shows together, singing songs and dancing around the kitchen….i can’t wait.

My aunt took me school clothes shopping, when we got home i was showing of the outfits and this happened
  • Me: *twisting around happy in my new outfit*
  • Grandma: like that, youll have the girls and the boys following you around
  • Me: *yes because i like both so please get me a girlfriend or a boyfriend*
  • Grandma: cause the girls will want to know where you got the clothes and the boys will be falling all over you
  • Me: *oh yea.... Thats why.... Theyll want to know where i got the clothes from ;-; *