thats all for tonight 4 more to go!

oh blogging about weed tonight? thats cool. going to smoke some weed tonight w/ my angelic friend who i love. what more can i say about weed. love it. general support 4 weed from pinky-rose. a bit too expensive though. free weed would be ideal. also legalize everything free everyone abolish police give all those dogs to ppl who will be nice to them instead of making them hang around at redfern station 24 hours a day. ok cool thats my weed blog post covered

The story of SVU hiatus

….for us Sonny fans

The announcement:  “4 weeks hiatus”

Week One - The torture begins.  Slow burn.

Week Two - Are we there yet?

Week Three - Panic sets in and support groups form

Week Four - People stop showering & combing their hair, all hell breaks loose…

….Sonny makes the plea on our behalf because he’s a cinnamon roll and he worries about ut


Sonny days are here again!

Did you think we’d forget about you, SonnShine??

Welcome back, Detective Sassy Pants. 

Now go get ‘em!!

Happy SVU Day everyone!  It’s finally here!