thats all for me :)

can you imagine if Dan or Phil got alzheimer’s?

slowly forgetting how they met?
forgetting phil is not on fire?
forgetting tatinof?
forgetting each other?
forgetting, the world of Dan and Phil?

lov the good ole days when donut was a big goofball and he was a lotta bit of an asshole and every line he delivered didnt have to be an innuendo in order for him to be funny

tbh i see a lot of womenz complaining about the joseph ending and a lot of menz defending it

a lotta of women saying that they were lied to about the tone of the game, that they just wanted to play a non-confrontational story about cute men in their fluffy little relationships

lotta men reading josephs rout as a cautionary tale about a very real thing that happens in the lgbt community, on par with a lot of the other emotional bombshells that are dropped in other routs

lotta women raging about how this isnt good enough for them and the project should be boycotted

lotta men saying “well its not like we have a lot to choose from”

funny that. 

Imagine dates with Woozi where you guys just stay in and binge play your favorite video games.

‘this ending to the game which isn’t obtainable, nor canon, can only be found by datamining, and most likely was part of a scrapped Halloween DLC makes the whole game bad and irredeemable’



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WHY ARE SO MANY BLOGS SO OBSESSED WITH MAKING JAEHEE PLATONIC. SHE'S GAY GODDAMNIT. LET US LOVE HER. (sorry this isn't aimed at u I'm just tired of people disrespecting my Wife :////////)

I gotchu fam. In this house we accept that Jaehee is gay and we are gay for the Baehee.

I feel like almost every selfshipper has the feeling when a fav has an in character quirk, comment, catch phrase or action that becomes a running joke in the fandom. I’m victim of it. Sometimes it’s funny. But when it becomes all that character is and ppl start defining them as a jerk when they’re really not it sucks. Like no, that’s not all they are. They’re human and they’re not perfect. No one is.

Cole had to go to work earlier than usual, Pumpkin went to take a nap and both chat and my dash have been dead so

I guess I’ll just watch One Piece movies again

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I am the only one who takes comfort from yandere robots? There again I have never had anyone intrested in me. My fandoms have spoilt me on the romance side of life. Hope your enjoying the weekend.

Well, I’ve always said that the reason I like yandere au’s so much is because I love attention, so no, I don’t think you’re the only one lol!  XD  

every time someone thinks that the flashpoint movie is gonna be a direct adaption of the comic i lose a year of my life