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Letters: #1 Open now [NCT Yuta scenario]


I’m glad people are liking the series! Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy the series - I promise it won’t get as angsty as the last chapter again but there will be angst scenes again lol. This hasn’t been edited but I’ll go through it tomorrow!

Anyway, please don’t expect too much from this chapter! It’s kind of like a filler chapter that I can’t exactly leave out otherwise nothing will make sense :))))) There’s also some little things you’ll probably overlook now but actually play some significance in the future chapters! Keep your eyes out but also good luck :) also Yuta cries in this, pls don’t tell me oh he cries too much or stop putting descriptions of him crying. bitCH he’s just lose someone and this is set on the same day it happened - chill

also between the  ❝ ❞ is the letter. sometimes i might close them to explain something, or mention a thought or something thats happened!

Word count: 2506

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if u find any gifs of yuta being serious, pls tag me in them bc every single fucking gif i find of him has him either being extra as fuck, smiling or some caption where he says something savage

Letters series {read from the beginning otherwise other chapters won’t make sense lol}

  • Letters: #0 The crash
  • Letters: #1 Open now
  • Letters: #3 Open when you miss me
  • Letters: #2 Open when you feel like giving up
  • Letters: #4 Open when you need some optimism
  • Letters: #5 Open when you’ve achieved your dreams
  • Letters: #6 Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

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About Abusive Shipping:

It’s disgusting when people tell others to kill themselves for shipping fictional relationships that they consider to be abusivelike don’t you all realize that you’re the abusive ONES! What happens in FC comics/FCseries/FCmangas/FCmovies/FCbooks/ IS NOT REAL! ITS FICTION! ITS FUCKING FICTION! Therefore anything bad “characters” do is more forgivable or passable! Why?? Because in fiction/alternative universes writers can choose to redeem “them”…they can choose to “change them”…and shippers have the right cling to that…The only reason why people hate on angsty/complex fictional parings so much is because people love to apply the morality of our world to the world of all these multiple universes that withhold different morals…they think the characters are still going to be like the humans of our world where we all know that if; person A tries to kill/hurt person B “once”… person B will never be able to trust them ever again…and person A will then have to stay stay in prison/mental hospital & bla bla bla…then  person A’s relationship with person B’s will be considered abusive/unhealthy by society “if” person A is still somewhat obsessed with person B even after all they did to them…and honestly, only in real life… and in real life ONLY…"that" makes perfect sense!(that it’d be considered abusive)…why? because only in real life we “can’t” be sure if someone possesses redeemable qualities…we cant see inside their thoughts(like we do with our characters)…we can’t interview an author/writer/director/person and ask them to “write Person A out differently”…because its-the-real-world! In this world” we cant know for sure, or foreshadow what person A is going to do next…all we can do is; not trust person A “anymore” because it’s human nature! It’s in our morals! I will only understand if you bark(that means complain) about complex/angsty/dark fictional couples if and only if we’re talking about soap operas/dramas/novels or things as such… because those of us who have gone through/or have experienced real life abuse get triggered by those things… Because yes, dramas/soap operas tend to be based mostly on things that happen on/in our world…it’s not that fictional…i for example, when i watch “la Rosa de Guadalupe(it’s a Mexican sorta soap opera btw) remember all the horrible things that happened to me…i remember all the horrible things i experienced…because alot of the stories from those episodes are inspirations/manipulations based on real life stories of our world…and its only then when my brain takes me back to those horrible times(i will not go in detail because i hate talking about it)…its only then when i feel triggered…not when i’m reading/watching about vampires,batman,naruto,or unicorn stories with villains…NO! (sorry don’t know what else to put) but with soap operas/& dramas. Now, I am not saying you should ship what i ship! Nor devaluing your abuse, if you did go through it, and you felt like this was what this post is doing. Because thats not what this post was/is about(you can still like/dislike what you want/and feel the way you want)! I’m just saying that applying “some”(&only “some”) of our social issues to fictional worlds with different morals don’t make any sense! And if it still makes you uncomfortable regardless –then simply blacklist the tag and stay away from people that “like” what you “hate”. It’s that simple. No need to play shipping police. Thats not your job. What gave you the right? No need to shame/bash/insult/force opinions on people for having their own preferences!…like sure, sometimes i bash couples that are opposing to my ships; but its not constantly, and i only do it when its the opposing shippers that are starting shit…i don’t just shame people for what they it crack…or weird..not lovable…stupid…dum…or anything…i only bite if you bark…especially if you bark in my lane(and by that i mean my tags/dash/inbox/ etc.)…if you just wanna hate on certain pairings and just don’t agree with this rant…then fine…so be it…(i also have pairings that i hate regardless of whatever it is that keeps the ship sane)…I believe that sometimes it’s also good to release stress by talking about the things you hate…as long as its on your own blog,as long as you don’t crosstag your hate in the pro tags,…and as long as you don’t force/harass your opinions on others (because yes, that makes you a piece of shit) then you’re good…Oh and also, no one can force you to like what “they” like…But you must still keep an open mind(and by that i mean please do check out other arguments…if you have questions about the ship you hate then just ask someone that ships it!)…and if your views still don’t change even “after” keeping an open mind and hearing the “same arguments” over and over again…then you are free to go ship/to like/or to even hate whatever you like as long as (like i said) you don’t act like and ass.:)  (and yes, that still means /crosstagging/harassing/ and/or forcing opinions on others etc.

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anonymous asked:

what was so great about 2012 rps?

what was so great about roleplaying back in 2011/2012/2013? hm lets take a journey down shitville aka the rp community over the years (not under read more bc this shit is very imp haha so)

well firstly people only did it or fun. no one cared how pretty graphics were or how popular the admin was really all we did was join rps because we were bored. yes. that’s why. we just wanted to have fun and honestly just to play our favorite celebrities how we wanted to. talk blogs were basically a myth back then and when one or two would pop up, they would leave i like an hour tops. literally.

also back then the rph community was so fucking helpful literally we were so resourceful and we all got along. wanna know something funny. people used to be to post ooc posts and rn we all kinda need to go back like how we used to? being helpful and having fun?  not seeing who could expose someone faster than the other or who is the rp of this or rp of that. we just need to remind ourselves that rp is just to have fun and not be in touch with reality for a bit?

why am i blowing this out of porportion, you may ask? bc its rlly fckn sad to see more plotless/appless rps in the tag than bio and oc ones. literally whenever someone sees n app on an rp, im p sure they click out so quick its unbelievable.

this rp here has been going around since 2k12 and idk abt u but thats a really long long time especially now a days since rps last like what, three days? but i bet you half of you wouldn’t even look at the page before exiting because there aren’t 6 textures and 8 psds on it like honestly its not all about the graphics or how attractive the main looks its about the fucking quality of the writing an plot. thats what rp is about.

holys hit theres so muych to say but so little time…. everything was so different in the sense that judgement of others on such a place that should be encouraging and welcomging didnt exist and rps were cometitive w apps that were easy to fill out not some fcking novel to have to read, paras were thought out in apps and you’d find them eveyerwhere onthe dash and even if te paras were short they meant something and they added to the devleopment of the chara like it didnt even have to be dramatic af it would just all tie in perfeclt yand make sense in the end and gifs weren’t the size of my thumbnail they were huge and no one cared themed were crazy lookin and ppl never felt the odd need to make a whole other blog to hurt ppls feelings ssaying their graphics werent up to par rphs actually helped…. literllaly they did stuff for ppl and it wasnt much of a chore bc ppl didnt ask for stupid things like hey makeovr my entire rp and practiclaly run it for me

ttashabartons was used or whatever th ename was and it made everythig so cute and inviting and the monochromatic themes wrere cute and ppl ACTUALLY WENT ALONG WITH CHEMISTRY LIK EIT WASNST SOME BULLSHIT oh ehey she’ll fall in love w anyone but secrelty she’ll only go after the harry like no whatever happened happened and if there even was a case where a certain ship was wanted well theyd make a ship rp and not bother ppl and im so emo rn

everything was easier dude like you could have an rp and the graphics wouldn’t matter and people didn’t care about the size of your gifs or if your text is small they only cared about whether or not your writing was good and if your plot was amazing. There was no stupid drama and people didn’t steal rps. every fc got replied to and the dash would always move there would never be a time where you wouldn’t see 100+ by the home button and when you did it was because it was 6am and people were still on the dash. People were dedicated and there was no bias. Filling out an app was actually fun and exhilarating. people weren’t so uptight about activity because if you were gone they all knew you would come back. Rps were like family instead of a competition and it wasn’t a burden to log on. You could join 10 rps and be active in all of them. It wasn’t about the fame or the anons it was about connecting with a group of people and growing w them as a whole

this might sounds repetitive because i had some friends help me but really i think its time for the community to grow the FUCK up if they really want to have fun roleplaying and not ruin it for other ppl who take interest into it. if you have a problem with anything i just said or think i overreacted its not that hard to hit the fucking unfollow button bc ur probably one of the idiots who’s ruining this community. pce


words: 1,001
Pairing: Reader x Stiles
Warning: N/A
Summary/Request: Hi! Can you write one where the reader is investigating the nogistune and void!stiles catches her and knocks her out but doesn’t kill her because he finds her interesting

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Mentally Disabled Cas AU

“Hello you beautiful unicorns! I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you but your blog is everything good in the world. Do you guys have any fics where Cas has some kind of mental/developmental disorder or something? Stuff like Everytown USA and that one you just recced on the baking one where he had asbergers which I loved btw. Also if it has smut I will marry you and if cas tops at any point you can totes have my soul. Love yall have an awesome day!”

Hey there @nat2tattd! Aspergers/Autistic Cas is one of my favorite tags so this ask was like a dream come true! Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many mentally disabled Cas fics with plenty of smut or with top Cas. If I ever find any, I will put together another rec for you, but at the moment this is all I could come up with! – Admin A

I really tried to look a fic with top Cas that would fit into that, but it didn’t work out. I would’ve really wanted your soul :( You know I’m serious with this one because I used a sad face! I never use those in here. I won’t rest until I find one and then I’m coming after your soul. – Admin J

Title: A Little Slice of Heaven

Author: TakeThePieNow, TricksterMode

Rating: Mature

Words: 40,505 – Ongoing

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is probably the bakery one you were talking about, just reccing it again if there is still someone out there who hasn’t read it yet!

Summary: Sam Winchester is moving on with his life. He getting married and ready to start the Apple Pie Life his father almost ruined. Everything should go smoothly with the wedding planning, but with Gabe’s brother staring straight into Dean’s soul across the table things are as smooth as crunchy peanut butter.

Dean Winchester, on the other hand, is not progressing very far in his life. His baby brother doesn’t need him anymore and he’s broke because his earnings go to his father’s rehab bills. When a job opportunity comes along it not only changes his perspective on life, but opens him up to new possibilities.

Castiel Novak has Aspergers Syndrome, but doesn’t see it has a hindrance. He likes his job. He likes his life. He also seems to like Sam Winchester’s green eyed brother.

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Title: Home is Where

Author: ChasingRabbits

Rating: Explicit

Words: 15,170 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: I love this fic and I’m being so biased in this rec because I think everything is freaking fantastic! I find it super disturbing that I have somewhat of a kink for autistic/aspergers Castiel :’D Don’t judge me guys!

Summary: Casual vagrant Dean Winchester blows into Palo Alto to check on his little brother. What is meant to be a quick visit ends up drawing out when he meets and accidentally ends up clicking with Sam’s strange, grad student roommate Castiel.

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Title: Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies

Author: almaasi

Rating: Mature

Words: 17,640 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: The plot of this one ain’t my favorite but because it’s written by almaasi, I have to give it a high rating. I mean I’m not doing it because she wrote it but because it was written amazingly well (like everything she writes), so even though the plot wasn’t that great the way she wrote it was still good enough to keep me interested all through the story!

Summary: Dean’s roommate is not what anyone would call ordinary. Cas is asexual, and autistic, and he frustrates other people with his unrelentingly ‘childish’ ways – but it’s different with Dean: they have an exceptional bond, something truly profound. Dean figures Cas wouldn’t respond to the idea of a crush the way most people would, so he has no intention of telling him he’s been harbouring non-platonic feelings for him for years. Then one night everything falls to pieces: Cas overhears something he wasn’t meant to hear. Things were never normal between the two of them, but now they might never be comfortable again.

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Title: Roommates

Author: thatwriterlady

Rating: Mature

Words: 17,879 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  

Admin A’s notes: I’m being way too hars here but for some reason I couldn’t stand Dean here. Also I had a problem with how Cas’s aspergers was portrayed, I felt like there was way too little description of his behaviour and it was all just explained in dialogue with Dean (super awkwardly) pointing out things like: “Hey, can I ask you something?”

Castiel turned away from his computer screen to look at Dean again. “Of course you can.”

“I’ve noticed a few things since I moved in here. I know I’m organized, but you’re even more organized than I am, and you complained that my music was loud, even when I wore headphones, until I got my new pair. The smell of microwaveable popcorn and certain other foods make you sick, and dude, you really stare. A lot. Do you have Asperger’s?” Dean asked.

I mean… before this there was literally no indications about Cas’s aspergers and no written interactions between Dean and Cas, just lazy time jumps from scene to scene. Lol I’m being so horrible here because this really wasn’t as bad as I make it sound but I’ve noticed that a lot of authors do this type of thing where they get “lazy” and just jump through the plot using a lot of dialogue instead of actually describing thing with actual words. Also I hated the way Gabriel was portrayed, because although he is a prankster, I do think he would be more insightful and caring than he was in this fic. Thats all XD

Summary: Dean’s about to start medical school and he has been assigned a dorm room.

With a roommate.

As he and Sam head up to his new room he gets an ominous warning from the guy down the hall about Dean’s new roommate. It unnerves Sam, but Dean thinks the guy can’t be that bad.


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Title: Not my Car

Author: Call_Me_Clarence

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 4,705 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I need more of this. The start was so promising and amazing, and I need more, now!

Summary: Castiel has a habit of not looking where he’s going.

But when he ends up in the wrong car with a man with candy apple green eyes, what could be more embarrassing? How about running into him again while your in the middle of a meltdown. Yeah, that could be a bit worse.

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Title: Autistic!Cas

Author: Angel_made_of_scars

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 16,500 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: The only reason I couldn’t give this fic a higher rating is because (in my mind) Sam is a lot more tolerating and non-judgemental than Dean. I just can’t picture Dean being the one worrying about Sam judging Castiel because of his disability :’D But that said, I do love this fic!

Summary: To say that Castiel Novak was normal was… Well, not normal. Sam wasn’t judgemental… But then, he was so much like their dad that he couldn’t be sure. So as soon as the word “normal” slipped past his lips, he regretted it. Now Sam wanted to come over that night to meet his nice, quiet, book-nerd, normal roommate, Cas. Great.

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Title: Autistic Castiel

Author: Jadeycakes99

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 38,220 Finished

Admin’s assessment:  ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: This might be my favorite in this rec (after Everytown USA and  A Little Slice of Heaven), I don’t usually like it when a story is broken into many oneshots like this, but this was so good that I barely even noticed!

Summary: Castiel has a meltdown in which Dean needs to intervene. I’ve never done an autistic story, though I think they’re important.

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Title: Come Outside

Author: Metallic_Shadows

Rating: Explicit

Words: 40,364 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This isn’t really a mental disability, but it’s close enough that I have to rec it here. Again don’t let the fact that it’s unfinished fool you. The whole plot is kind of already over before the last posted chapter!

Summary: Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell.

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anonymous asked:

Victor and Yuri will not be a healthy relationship you idiotic fujoshi, read the playboy fantasy scene, it's clear foreshadowing. Victor is just using Yuri and will dump him when he's finished.

First of all, I’m a boy, so I’m not a fujoshi. However, I’m not a fudanshi either. Mainly because I actually HATE BL ANIME. BL anime is SO problematic in so many ways. BL anime is targeted towards a female audience, and hey, gay relationships don’t exist purely for the consumption of straight women. BL anime tends to have lots of pedophilia (Specifically Super//Lovers and Junjou//Romantica). And BL anime is characterized by abusive characters – because apparently thats hot to straight females (Junjou//Romantic and Sekaiichi//Hatsukoi were particularly bad about this). 

Do I watch BL anime? Yes, yes I do. But it’s because I am so desperate for queer representation – something I can identify with, even if it ends up being a really poor representation.

Before I begin, it would be nice if you realized that I live blog my episodes. I take screenshots and then I post and comment about them. So, if you know that, and scroll through my blog, you will kindly notice that I posted “the healthy relationship” post before I watched the playboy scene. However, I never go back and edit posts because I feel like it takes away from what I’m doing.

Also, the playboy scene was YURI’S interpretation of what Victor had choreographed for him. It is entirely possible that Yuri is misunderstanding the dance (which he does change the dance to fit him better – so clearly the playboy story is not set in stone, because he becomes a woman seducing a man and there is not say that the woman leaves the man). 

However, I do disagree that the playboy scene is inherently shadowing Victor and Yuri’s relationship. At the beginning it says that the playboy (Victor) comes to a certain town and bewitches girls left and right. Now, from previous episodes we know that Victor flirts with male and female fans alike. In addition, once he gets to Hasetsu, he immediately goes to the onsen – there wasn’t any time to bewitch all the other girls of the town. 

It also says the playboy decided to pursue the most beautiful girl (Yuri), but the girl was not swayed. Yuri has always loved Victor. The poor boy’s room is covered in Victor posters and he has a framed picture of Victor on his desk. Sure, Yuri was afraid to be close to Victor at first, but he still loved Victor. 

The playboy scene was about eros, sexual love, and if we look at the anime, Yuri and Victor seem to not be focusing on sexual love. While they do have some physically intimate moments (none of which lead to sex), there are a LOT of intimate moments that aren’t sexual. Yuri and Victor hug twice in this episode, neither of which were sexual. After winning the competition, Victor places his arm around Yuri for support – again not something someone who is only there for sex would do. 

In the ending theme, Victor is seen fixing Yuri’s hair. If you slow down the ending theme, you can see that this post was not made by Victor or Yuri, but the triplets. And we know the triplets are capable of filming a whole figure skating routine without anyone noticing, so capturing this moment without being known would be no problem. In Japan, fixing someone’s hair or any domestic act like that is seen as intimate. So, again, Victor and Yuri are doing something intimate without being sexual.

Also in the ending theme is the shower scene. Victor and Yuri are seen messing with each other’s hair and smiling. While a shower seen would normally be really sexual, it’s not the case here. The two of them are outside (it kinda looks like there at one of those showers on the beach) and they are having fun. Despite being hardly clothed, there is absolutely nothing sexual about this scene. 

Yes it’s possible that what you said is correct, but it’s also possible that I’m correct. Personally, Yuri!!! on Ice just has too much of a lighthearted feel to do something like that. The opening is about making history, and the ending theme is about making the most of your life. There’s cute chibi characters and lots of humor in the story. Yuri!!! on ice just doesn’t strike me as the type of show to do that. It’d be a different story entirely if Yuri and Victor never got together and Victor left because he had to go back to Russia – but that’s not what the playboy story is saying anyway. 

donovic  asked:

Okay, passive aggressiveness that's fine, I can handle that. But it's your 'channeling it through these characters like they're saying it when it's clearly your opinion' that actually kind of annoys me. It's not drastic how you do it but it's the sock-puppet like principle that bothers me and you do it quite often :/

“Sock puppet”. Oh boy, there’s a phrase I haven’t heard since some baddies in the MLP fandom.

I’m honestly curious when you think fanwork or official work of fictional characters is NOT an expression of personal opinion. Do you think at some point a real-life Peridot and Ronaldo stop by and borrow my tablet? Do you think  the cartoon is actually filmed live, maybe in Roger Rabbit’s Toontown, and not born of writers and artists who are conveying a personal view of what they see as positive and negative?

Creative ability does not exist in a vacuum. One way or another, every story and every piece of art you see is the voice of the creator or creators behind it, telling you how they see the world. The only difference is that you apparently don’t agree with my decisions in some of my artwork. Which is fine, you are definitely free to unfollow me at any time, and I use the same tags for all my doodles for added XKit convenience.

Ronaldo and Peridot taking on a Mulder and Scully dynamic? My opinion, with a basis on the canon nods to the X-Files in Ronaldo’s “office” and the little green space rock joke. But still, my opinion. This is, apparently, an acceptable stretch.

Ronaldo and Peridot not kissing, and in fact amused at the idea that their relationship has to boil down to swabbing tonsils? My opinion, because I find that to be some of the shallowest water you can sail a ship on. This is apparently a big HELL NO because both characters in canon obviously have been shown to have an inordinate interest in tongue wrestling–oh, wait.

Ronaldo and Peridot swabbing tonsils anyway with little to no buildup of the bond first because it’d be cute? Someone else’s opinion. Might be yours, you seem to be taking it really personally that I don’t always draw what I’m told? But not mine, for the reasons above. Seems more Lars’ territory, with his “summer babes” shtick.

Lapis Lazuli who is crawling in her skin, maybe this is one of the “passive-aggressive” things you mentioned? My opinion. Also the opinion of at least one of the staff, Lauren Zuke. Based on Lapis’ canon apathy, of which there are plentiful examples.

Lapis who is completely OOC full of smiles and love and peace that she never canonly displayed even a hint of having? Used to be my opinion until I watched her episodes with a more critical eye, yet never once back then was I accused of “sockpuppeting” her. Huh. But even now, I don’t go telling other artists they’re “doing it wrong”. I just scroll on by. Just because it’s not my cup of tea anymore doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s favorite brand!

This argument is never brought up when the staff circulates Jasper/Lapis art, or Rebecca Sugar herself favorites Jasper/Lapis porn, either. If you have to be on staff to have your character opinions at least be tolerated as “authentic”, why tell a fan artist theirs aren’t? It’s sort of an understood thing I am not a Voice Of God here. I’m a fan artist, having fun with characters I like, for my own reasons, and you guessed it, they act the way I figure they would act in any situation given to me. As much as I’d love to have personal approval of the Crewniverse every time I make a sketch, they don’t possessively prowl this fandom the way certain fans do. In fact, they seem enthusiastic about all fan content!

So no, my doodles aren’t “sockpuppeting”. It’s a difference of opinion. If you want to express the characters another way, a way you deem “proper”, I wholeheartedly invite you to contribute your views to the fandom with writing or art also!

There are already WAY too many self-appointed gatekeepers patrolling this fandom as-is. It really doesn’t need more, so please reconsider trying to occupy an unsolicited editor role next time you message other fan creators. Hey look, it’s my opinion again. But since it isn’t something that was “asked” to the characters, or “asked” of them to make them do something, I answered it all by myself. Go figure that!

The fandom is supposed to be fun, go have some!

The Top Ten Questions We Should Be Asking

After a shocking release about augmented reality Pokemon for the mobile world, with nothing but a video of a fantastic portrayal of what we all have dreamed about since our first Pokemon game–some of us Pokemon Red, some of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire–regardless we all dreamed of this day. 

But with many Reaction Videos and blog sites about the subject I’ve seen there are questions that have not been asked about Pokemon GO. Granted, I have not seen every single thing about the subject, so therefore I could be wrong by saying no one has asked these questions. The Wheel was, after all, utilized not invented.

So without further ado, here are my Top 10 Questions we should be asking.

#1 What will the average data usage be like?

Not every consumer has an individual use of 6+ gig data plan to use. I imagine with an app that continuously asks us for our location, and the majority of the world is not under a dome of free wifi, we will have to use a considerable amount of data to catch any Pokemon, or every Pokemon, we physically can. The way I see it, this game would be a big money spender, and I’m not talking forty dollars per game money spending. If you’re an avid entertainment spender, and also a Pokemaniac, I’m sure it won’t be too huge an inconvenience to shuffle things around for the next greatest Pokemon game. But what about those of us with debt, bills, and kids/pets/other accountable.

#2 If there are two or more people in the same area of a highly desired Pokemon, lets say a lvl 20 Electabuzz, is it the person closest to it, or encountered it sooner, that has the right to catch/battle it, or do they both have the chance to battle/capture it? Or do two different devices even see the same Pokemon?

I get that this could be two different questions, but the explanation for them seems to go hand in hand. I realize for games like these and all Pokemon games, there is an algorithm for encountering Pokemon, and some Pokemon require a certain player id digit, or letter in the player’s name. In the scene where a Gyarados battles a Snorlax, we see unique ID tags, like for those on I.M. sites, or console gamer id, associated with the Pokemon’s lvl and name to distinguish who’s is who. So it is safe to assume we will have to sign up a user name, and log in to the system of Pokemon Go. From what I’ve learned about Ingress, there are factions that claim “portals” for their respective team. But within the Pokemon game certain areas only contain Pokemon. The Regions within the games are controlled environments, where as the real world, is filled with actual consumer whom want the opportunity to capture all available Pokemon. I mean just because I don’t like Rattata, doesn’t mean I want someone else to get it.

#3 Will we all get an equal chance to catch all available Pokemon?

The last time we could receive Celebi was to join Pokemon Bank. Darkrai could only be caught by receiving a mystery gift from certain locations like Game Stop or Target. Now the only cities we see represented are New York, Paris, and of course Tokyo. These are large metropolitan areas that have Nintendo stores and are considered event areas for the Pokemon masses. Sure I’d love to go to New York, and meet thousand of enthusiast to battle for a Mew Two. But in Japan and in Europe, there is a history of receiving select Pokemon with special moves or items that can only be replicated in the US/UK/ETC. by cheat codes. Will I have to go to Hawaii to catch a Moltres? Will I need to go to the beach to find me a Starmie? Its simple to draw out what Pokemon can be found in a route within a Region, but this is the Real World. Its takes about 20 minute to walk through several routes and cities, it takes hours to do that within the real world.

#4 Will we be given free items at first, and will We be able to find free items?

As it has been announced, the app itself will be free to download and play although support in-app purchases. Pokemon before, has sold their games with free incentives. With Fire Red and Leaf Green, a wireless adapter came free with the game. With HeartGold and Soul Silver, came the free PokeWalker, which depending on how much attention you paid to it, came the result of free (found items:Revives, Special Berries). With Pokemon Dream Radar, when we searched and caught Pokemon, there also came free items, though we had to point and shoot, but none the less required no loss of coin or points. Pokemon is seemingly more generous than other games or consoles.

#5 Will we get to Interact with our Pokemon as shown in the Preview?

With the launch of Pokemon Yellow, we got to interact with Pikachu outside of battle, sure all we did was walk, but that led to Hey You Pikachu. With Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSiver, we were allowed to do the same think as we did with Pikachu only with the other then 492 Pokemon. Apart from that we also had the chance to physically walk with a select pokemon and battle outside of a Main Game–not to mention the cool items the pokemon found for us. And Dream Radar, we were given a glimpse of Pokemon visually roaming around, trying to escape capture. Sure it’s physical movements were limited, but this was but a taste of Pokemon blending with the real world. With Pokemon X&Y, the only thing between us touching our beloved Pokemon and playing with them, was a single touch-screen. The days of Star Trek and Back to future have arrived. It’s time to see, not if we can interact with them, but when.

#6 iOS and Android are supported, but will the older iphones, and ipads, and cheaper Androids phones be compatible to where I don’t kill my phone?

We have reached iOS 9. But the latest iOS supports to as old a phone as the 4S. In the Preview, we clearly see someone handle the app with an iPhone 6/6plus. The latest iphones can handle the heavy usage of, three gaming apps, music, video playback, and toast bread without crashing, or burning out the battery. But for those of us who don’t have the latest phone, with 1 gb ram and a9X, the capacity of a probable 3D AR app that requires internet, camera, and access to my location my battery could die within an hour. Playing minecraft on my 5c only lasts me 2 hours–and thats with the sound off and light on 70%. Now as for Android, I have no doubt a Galaxy-Pro-something could withstand this, as it is seen in the trailer. But for those that do not own samsung, who own Cheap Hauwei phones, could they withstand what Pokemon Go is offering. I owned a Kindle Fire, and a Huawei tablet before my iPad mini, and I could barely watch Youtube. (I am by no means advertising Apple. Whatever you own, all I hope is that you don’t have to switch phones to get the best of Pokemon GO. This applies to my Apple family who do not own the latest.)

#7 How much will the Go Plus cost? Will the Go Plus have other feature other than a geo location tracker?

We see the Go Plus can be set up as a wristlet accessory or a clip-in for the backpack. But the various photos show the center with different colors. If it were a button, along with an alert for oncoming pokemon or trainers. Were it a button, it could be used as an on/off button when it comes to availability. Or it could have certain gestures to signal your pokemon, or others around you. Either way, its bluetooth enabled, and it is set to have extra features to enhance the game. Point is, I don’t know what it does, but I want it. Should I save up for it, or will I be able to pay for it, like it were something I could add to my list of staples. 

#8 What does this mean for the next generation?

From what we see in the Trailer is the Kanto Region finally coming to us, whether you’re a 90′s kid, a baby boomer, or a Millennial, when you encountered your first pokemon game, you secretly wished you could escape into the Pokemon World. I only use Kanto as the example, because we only see Pokemon from the original 150. We see people like us, going about their day, and then sweep into the augmented world of pokemon without having to sit down and fiddle away on a DS like a goober, or ignore the real world. Though, I don’t suggest battling with your Zubat in your car going 35. But what does this mean for gen 2-7? Will all the other 600- pokemon be introduced in the future, or will it only stick to the 150? And if not, will it be compatible to gen 6 games and gen 7 onward. Will Gen 7 not even include new pokemon but reinvent how we play pokemon? As much as I love playing Fire Red or Platinum, I wouldn’t mind giving it up to try and explore the world with my Electabuzz and workout with my Hitmonlee. 

#9 Will there be Pokemon Center, and Breeding implemented?

Since there will be in-App purchases, I would imagine the page they set up to buy pokeballs and stones would gimmick itself to look like a faux PokeMart. But what about healing our Pokemon without paying for potions or ethers, or berries? I certainly don’t like the idea of waiting an hour, to recharge my pokemon–though it could serve use to give everyone a steady flow of battling and capturing. And what if I like my Nidorino, but not its stats? What was the point of ditto, unless for breeding. I remember only capturing it purely to complete my pokedex–but I never did so…. If I could breed, where would I? Anywhere? My home? Only in a certain area like game stop?

10# The most important, at least I think, question. What can we as the audience, and consumers do to help grow Pokemon GO?

Maybe Pokemon GO will be a light-hearted side game like Mystery Dungeon or Pokemon Shuffle. Maybe it’ll flop? Or Maybe it’ll be the new direction of Pokemon? Maybe we’ll do away with colors and letters, and just have Pokemon Apple and Android. And then we’d have the occasional Windows Platform, like Emerald, Platinum, and Yellow. Wouldn’t that be interesting. Point is, pokemon has not been what is is without its audience. But now is the day where we can help shape this intangible idea, into a reality. Bloggers could host tournaments. Youtube Vloggers could tell their story as Pokemon Trainers, thereby bringing it into the forefront of culture. Amateur coders could help create exciting things to bring pokemon more lively, like alternative apps where we can scan our houses and have our pokemon live there. The internet was merely a series of text and simple photos fifteen years ago. Now it’s how we interact with one another. Imagine what we could do with our Pokemon in the mix. Ask not what Pokemon Go can do for You, but what You can do for Pokemon Go.

In conclusion, I would love to hear some ideas my audience has. The game has not even released yet, but we as the audience could help shape it into something the developers haven’t had the time to dream of yet. We should not rest until they genetically create flesh and blood pikachus and charmanders. 

Why Dirk Was Not Abusive

This is something I see in the DirkJake tag and it upsets me to the point of feeling physically sick. Made worse by the fact that the group of people that are most vocal with this statement treat it like their theory on the subject is 100% canon and use it to insult and shame those that disagree with them.

I originally intended to make this a longer post, taking each argument and counterpointing them, and I’ve been working on it a bit at a time, but the other day I presented a shortened version of one of my main points in someone’s submit, and it made me realize that the short version was not actually all that short. So I’m going to post this much info, with the acknowledgement that it does not cover everything, and if someone wants to, they are free to bring up points or quotes from canon that they feel prove otherwise, and I will then present my argument on that subject.

Keep a few things in mind:

1) I am not trying to vilify Jake. If it seems like I am blaming him more in this post, it is merely due to the scope of the argument. Both Dirk and Jake made assholes of themselves, in my opinion.

2) You do not have to 100% agree with me. If I seem a bit angry, it is because people thinking that only their analysis is valid makes me more angry than I’d already be because I am sensitive about this subject (I’ve been through emotional abuse myself). No one can be 100% certain about a relationship that we didn’t even see while it was going on.

3) This argument was presented to prove that Jake’s avoidance of Dirk in canon was not due to abuse. So that is the area of canon that was concentrated on.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I feel that your responses to various issues are very thought provoking. So I would like to ask for your opinions regarding Coby's video about Grace? Thanks!

For those who would like to know more before reading following rant, you can check out the video here and his explanatory tumblr post here. I was initially going to keep this rather short and neutral, but then it struck a nerve and the final response is a bit longer, hence the ‘read more’. I’m sorry, mobile users. Also, tagging for the sake of signal boosting: mydrunkkitchen, gracehelbig, mamrie and the man himself, dieselpwr1.

Dear Coby,

Let me start off with saying what I absolutely loved about your video and general message: the call for respect towards the YouTubers we all adore. I entirely agree with you there. Unfortunately, that’s the only point in your eight-minute video that hits home, for me. Because there are a couple of things that annoyed me more than others, I’m going to address those. Since you have enjoyed an extensive education, I’m not going to use fallacious reasons to undermine what you said, as I do believe you have freedom of speech and all that - but here are some facts and corrections on topics.

1. Feminism/Discrimination
It absolutely baffling to me and undoubtedly a lot of other people, that an educated, 38-year-old man states/thinks that ‘people in high school or college’ shouldn’t be voicing their opinions about feminism or discrimination of any kind. I acknowledge that you, being 12 years older than me personally, have had more time to get acquainted with the subject, but do not tell me, or anyone else for that matter, that our opinions and views should not be put out there because of our gender/age. Also you mention you’ve experienced prejudice because of your appearance/the way you talk? I’m sorry that you had to go through that, but you cannot generalise that and use it to justify your stance that the rest of us should be quiet about discrimination. Your suffering is not exclusive, thank you.

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