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Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯

  • Ruby: *Smiling happily at Weiss with sparkly eyes*
  • Weiss: Stop it.
  • Ruby: Stop what?
  • Weiss: You know what! Now stop it and go to sleep!
  • Ruby: I have no idea what you are talking about Weiss. *Smile growing*
  • Weiss: FINE! You were right about your cloak being a great blanket for sleeping while camping! Now stop staring at me and go to sleep!
  • Ruby: *Ruby smiled as she snuggle closer to Weiss and gave her a kiss on the cheek.* Glad you agree. Sweet dreams Weiss. Love you.
  • Weiss: Yes yes. Love you too. *Weiss frowned fight the urge to smile pulled Ruby even closer.*
  • ~Meanwhile in another tent~
  • Yang: ... Hey Blake?
  • Blake: Hmm?
  • Yang: Not complaining or anything but you do realize if I round over in my sleep I'll accidentally suffocate you, right? *Yang pointed out as her eyes looked down at her girlfriend cuddle against her breasts underneath her tank top.*
  • Blake: That's a risk I'm willing to take. *she yawned before kissing Yang's boob saying.* Goodnight Yang. Love you.
  • Yang: *Yang opened her mouth to reply only to hear Blake purring peacefully sleep before sighing and whispering while scratch on of Blake's cat ears.* Sigh. Love you too kitten. Sweet dreams.
  • *Yang did in fact roll over that night and was woken up by Blake biting her boob to be able to breath again.... In case anyone was wondering.*
Teasing Touches.

Request: I saw your request for raunchy requests and I had something I thought would be fun.
Either Steve or Bucky and my thought was the reader and him could be having a competition to see who would give into the others teasing for sex.
I was thinking maybe some public foreplay

Warnings: Unprotected sex (use condoms people), filthy mouthed Bucky. Blowjobs and frusterated Bucky!

A/N: I really went ALL OUT on this one. I hope you enjoy. It’s fucking filthy lol

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Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, Captain America’s best friend (not without some shit from Mr. Birdman himself, of course), and most importantly, your boyfriend.
You met Bucky on a mission, I guess you could call yourself a ‘rogue’ assassin. Not necessarily a good guy, but not a bad guy either.
Infiltrating a Hydra base, Barnes caught you through his scope, and they stopped you.
Steve of course, Impressed with your ability to sneak into Hydra undetected, wanted to recruit you.
You thought about it for a little bit, then just showed up to the tower and agreed to be a part of the Avengers.
Bucky wasn’t so sure about you at first, after all, you WERE in a Hydra base. It took months of convincing him that you aren’t a goddamn spy.
The sexual tension between the two of you would make anyone gag.
Sam telling Bucky to just fuck already, Nat telling you you’re driving everyone crazy.
Nothing seemed to be working.
Until Steve sent you and Bucky on an undercover mission, acting as a married couple on their honeymoon.
It didn’t take too long at that point, you ended up fucking almost all night long about a week into your mission.
You were surprised you made it as long as you had.
So thats how we ended up where we are now.
Laying in your shared bed, your head resting on Bucky’s stomach, you press a kiss to his belly.
He looks down at you and raises his eyebrow.
“I’m boooored Bucky…” You crawl up his chest, placing kisses all they way up from his stomach, to his chest.
Nibbling on his jawbone, your lips find their way to his mouth, slipping your tongue through his lips.
As your tongues dance, his hands find their way into your hair. He tilts your head to the side, and kisses you deeper.
He takes one of his hands out of your hair, dragging his hand down your sides, resting his hand on your hip, his thumbs drag slow, lazy circles
on your hipbone. He moans into your open mouth, then drags his tongue up your open mouth.
“Fuck, Bucky…” Almost everything this man does drives you over the edge.
His thumb drags across your cheek, he smirks that stupid half smirk.
“Yes, doll?”
“You’re so fucking cocky.” You grin and roll your eyes in annoyance.
He grinds his hips against yours, and kisses you on the mouth again.
“You think so?” He drags your lower lip into his mouth and sucks on it seductively.
“In fact, too cocky.” You pull away from him, and sway your hips to the door.
“Woah woah woah, wait. The hell are you going, doll? You gonna leave me like this?” He makes refrence to his dick, straining through his sweatpants.
“You got two arms that arn’t broken dont you? One might be a little rusty, maybe.” You wink at him.
“Tell you what, Barnes. Let’s make a bet.”
He raises an eyebrow.
“A bet, doll? What kind of bet?”
“A…competition of sorts.” You turn on your heel and turn to look at him.
“I bet you’ll break before me.”
“Sexual tension, you know, little teases and touches, until the other person can’t stand it anymore and breaks. And we have rough,” You make your way back to him,
crawling up the mattress, “hot,” you drag your fingertips up his leg, to his calf, “Passionate,” you press your palm to his abdomen, and you feel his muscles contract against your touch,
“sex..” His head falls back against the headboard, groaning and arching his back, to thrust his hips up to try to get friction.
You jump back up, “Ah, ah,ah babe.” You leave the bedroom, knowing you’ll have this in the bag.


A few days had passed, and Bucky is about to lose his mind, Bucky has always had a pretty high sex drive.
Maybe it’s because he wasn’t sexually active for so long that his body is making up for lost time.
(Y/N), Bucky and Steve all just got back from a mission and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
“Bucky, you alright man? You were kinda off your game tonight. That’s…odd…for you, to say the least.”
“I’m fine.” Bucky takes off his gear, when he’s making sure Steve isn’t looking, he reaches down and adjusts himself.
What? Can you blame him? His girlfriend is hot as fuck, they just got back from a mission where she’s in that damn cat suit and kicking ass.
He hasn’t gotten a good fuck in at least 5 days and it’s fucking killing him. Starting to affect his performance now.
(Y/N) walks by him, dragging her fingertips down his back.
“Look alive babe, we have dinner with the crew tonight, remember?” She smirks as she walks away, pulling off her catsuit as she goes.
Down her shoulders, as it cascades down her back, he watches her shoulder blades flex as she pulls it off. Before the suit gets past her ass, shes gone.
Bucky turns around and punches the wall with his metal hand. Affectivly punching a hole through the wall.
“Fuck!” He groans, his muscles are stiff, dick is hard, and he’s pissed off. Bucky is not fun to be around right now.
“Uh, Buck? You okay?” Steve cautiously peeks his head around the corner.
“No Steve, if you must fucking know, (Y/N)is playing this fucking teasing game, we haven’t fucked in almost a week and I can’t fucking stand it anymore!”
Steve is red as a tomato, obviously regrets asking.
“There, you happy now?!” Bucky leaves the debriefing room and goes to blow off some steam in the training room.


A few hours later it’s dinner time at the tower.
Bucky is in the kitchen with Wanda and Vision, trying to help in whatever way he can, trying anything to keep his mind off the frustration.
Meanwhile, you come in the dining room, in short shorts, and a tank top thats a bit too small for you. It’s not meant for anyone but your boyfriend, and you
dont know what’ll piss him off more, the fact that it gets him even MORE horny, or the fact that you wore it with everyone else around.
“Well DAMN, (Y/N) look at you lookin’ fine as hell!” Sam greats you in the dining room.
“Thanks Sammy, hey, you seen Buck?”
“Yeah…he’s in the kitchen. I don’t know what game you’re playing but I think you’re driving him crazy, he’s so hard to be around right now.”
You wink, “That was the plan”
Sam rolls his eyes as you make your way into the kitchen.
Buck is chopping peppers on the kitchenette.
'Fuck…something so hot about a man in the kitchen.’
He doesn’t know it but it doesn’t take much from him to get you…is frustration is yours as well.
Just knowing that you’re getting him so fucking horny and needy, HIM, Bucky Barnes, can do things to a woman…
You walk over to him, resting your head on his shoulder.
“Hey babe.” You kiss his cheek.
He looks down at you for the first time.
His eyes damn near pop out of his head.
“What the fuck are you wearing?” He grabs your shoulder and backs you up into a wall, blocking your body from sight.
“Are you insane? Why are you wearing this in front of everyone? Your body is for my eyes only, and here you are leaving nothing up to the imagination.” He
“Okay I’ll take it off…” You reach down to the hem of your shirt and attempt to pull it over your head.
Bucky grabs your wrist, but not stopping you quick enough. Your shirt falls to the floor.
“Are yo–”
“Hey, guys have you seen the bottle opener?” Steves voice comes up, he’s rounding the corner. He’ll be in here quick.
Bucky pushes you gently on your knees, and you scooch back underneath the cabinet. Bucky kicks your shirt back to you.
“No, Steve I haven’t seen it.” Bucky goes back to chopping peppers, like nothing happened.
'Oh..oh God yes. This is perfect.’
You reach in front of you, as quietly as you can, and pull Bucky’s zipper down slowly as not to make too much noise.
You can hear Bucky’s sharp intake of breath.
Once you have the zipper down you reach in his boxers and pull his half hard cock out of it’s confines.
He readjusts himself on his feet, to keep him knees from buckling no doubt.
You lick your palm, and stroke his cock a few times, for good measure you know. You pull his now fully hard cock in your mouth.
Starting at the base of his fat, long cock, you lick a long stripe up to the tip of his cock.
You catch the drop of pre-cum that drips from the tip. He’s so painfully hard…in fact, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him so hard.


Bucky can’t believe the nerve of you.
Sucking his cock, in public, under the counter?
'Oh God…she’s gonna be the fucking death of me.’
“Um, Buck..are you okay?” Steve starts to make his way around the counter.
“Don’t come back here Steve,..the onion is pretty strong back here.” He rubs his eye to make it look bad.
“Oh, okay. We’re all out here watching football if you’d like to join up? And have you seen (Y/N)? She hasn’t been around in a few minutes…”
'Yeah, shes sucking my fucking cock under the counter.’
“No, she left I think.”
“Oh…okay, it’s just you in here now, think you can handle it?”
“Oh yeah…i’ll be fine.” Steve leaves.
“Fuck, finally….” Bucky reaches down and grabs a fist full of hair, and slowly rocks his hips forward, thrusting his cock into your mouth.
“Oh, God baby…fuck your mouth feels so good.”
“You better be quiet, Buck…wouldn’t want anyone to know whats going on down here would we?”
He bites his lip, his head falls back.
“S-stop baby, you’re gonna make me cum.”
You do stop. You don’t want him to cum yet, not like this.
“Put your shirt on, doll. We’re going to bed. Fuck dinner, we’ll order take out.”
You do as your told, and sneaking out of the kitchen you hear Bucky say he doesn’t feel too good, and is going to retire for the night.
You manage to keep the trip up to the room PG. Somehow.
Once you get to your room, Bucky backs you up to the wall for the second time tonight, and brings his mouth to your ear;
“Sucking my cock in public like that baby? You’re such a bad girl..God I don’t know how I didn’t cum in your mouth, but I’m so glad I didn’t.
I need you now, we’re going to fuck, and we’re going to fuck hard, fast, rough…I don’t wanna hear anything but the sound of my balls smacking against your ass..”
You almost came in your panties right then and there, holy shit.
You turn yourself around, and brace yourself against the wall.
Bucky tears your shorts and panties off in one swift movement, and you’re too caught up in the moment to care.
You hear him rustle with his jeans, as he pulls his cock out of his jeans.
He rubs his cock up and down your soaked cunt, teasing you.
“You like being teased baby?”
“Please, Bucky…Please fuck me..I can’t stand it..I need it..”
“Yeah? You need my cock in that tight pussy of yours? It doesn’t fucking feel good to be teased this bad, does it?”
“N-No, I’m sorry Bucky..I’m so sorry…”
“Yeah, I know you are baby…” With that, he shoves his thick cock into your tight heat. He doesn’t even give you time to adjust, he just starts thrusting as
fast as he can, desperately chasing an orgasm that he’s been deprived of for a week.
“Fuck I love the sound your cunt makes while I’m fuckin’ you.” He tilts his head back, and moans.
“Fuck, just listen to it baby…” He grunts and starts moving even quicker, and brings his right hand up to cover your moans, so you can hear your soaked cunt
taking all of his cock.
“Fuck that sounds so pretty doesn’t it?” He slows his thrusts, as they become sloppy, knowing he’s so close to coming.
“Shit, tell me you’re close doll..”
“S-So close Bucky…oooh God I’m gonna fucking cum…”
He picks up his pace to get you there, and you simultaneously cum.
He stills inside you, while he shoots his load into your cunt.
You spasm around his cock, milking him for everything he’s worth.
He pulls out, watching his cum leak from your pussy.
He leaves to the bathroom and returns with a wet wash cloth to clean you both up.
“This was fun…we should do this more often..” You wink, out of breath. He picks you up and takes you to the bed.
“I don’t fucking think so…”

Holy….Shit. I enjoyed this.
I have sinned.

just realized i have more friends who are dogs than i have friends who are people….

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Amelia is not pregnant :( she was wearing a very tight sweater and if she was indeed pregnant she would be showing by now! Now I'm Just sad, so many expectations. Shonda just played with us, again...

I honestly never paid too much attention to hints like baby bumps because Greys has been lousy with it over the years. My belief Amelia is pregnant is due to other hints Ive mentioned before and how it could fit the storyline. Just to prove what I am saying, here is an image of Amelia when she was over at Seattle for Erika’s surgery on GA 8x15. She was already pregnant, and finds out about the following episode on PP. Amelia was pretty much halfway through the pregnancy here. Look at her, does it look at all like a lady who is a few months along? thats why I don’t buy tank tops and tight sweaters lol 

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie

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oh shut up... you are such an attention seeker from your selfie posts to you acting like a victim because you cant take a little hate sorry but thats life

And? Buy me that mother fucking rose tank top yooooo!!!!! It’s in my Amazon wish list thanks anon ur the best

The Lion, The Witch, and the Bassist. (Chapter One)

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Word count - 1,473 words

co-written by thelittleuniverseinmyhead

Its not easy growing up in a small town in Ohio and being ‘different’ but that’s what I was. I got picked on for wearing black , and loving metal bands. But I made it through, with my best friend Andy Biersack.

But all good things must come to an end right? I kind of developed a crush on him. We were so close, we even went to prom together… as friends of course. He was so just so oblivious to the fact that I had feelings for him. Then he told me he was going to live his dream of become a rock star and I was so hurt because I thought that he was leaving me without a second thought. I had the idea to start a band with him while we were kids and all I really wanted was for him to ask me to come with him but that didn’t happen. So when I heard that he had gotten signed with an agent I was so happy for him but I didn’t answer his texts or callls.

I soon finished high school and went to  L.A. not because of Andy but because I hated Ohio. I wanted the big city, I wanted to get into the music business.

Which brings me to right now, I was in a L.A. bar in the middle of Hollywood wearing tight skinny jeans, black makeup and an old ripped tank top that I had stolen from Andy years ago. I’m currently working as a bartender and I’m loving it.

I looked up and saw a man with hair as big as a lion’s mane and his 4 loud friends. The one with the big hair looked somewhat familiar but I decided to brush it off. Soon I heard them laughing and getting buzzed. I saw them pointing around and a man with long hair and a goofy grin came over to me pulling a stupid pick up line “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

I scoffed and heard a lot of stupid drunk people over the time I worked here but I have never heard someone say something as dumb as this. So I decided to reply with “No but I scraped my knees coming up from hell”, It was something that me and Andy had come up with together.
He laughed then walked away.


I watched as CC came over to me laughing. I looked at him “Why the hell are you laughing?“

“That bartender chick, she had the same comeback that you did to the heaven pick up line”, he says smiling. I looked over to her curiously, only one other person that I knew of knew that comeback and that was (y/n) but I haven’t seen her in years, I don’t even know where she is.

I looked over to her again and saw those vaguely familiar facial features. I narrowed my eyes and thats when I saw it I saw the tank top. Yes it could have been a different one, but it had the rips on it that my old one did. The one that I had ‘lost’ and by lost I mean (y/n) had stole it. I walked over to her.

“(y/n)”, I said cautiously. Her eyes got wide and a smile grew on her face.

“Andy?!” I nodded and she ran over to the small door, pushed through it and ran to me.


I saw Andy and before I knew it I was running to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands landed on my waist picking me up. We hugged for a couple seconds before I smiled and he put me down, It felt good to hug him we had not hugged like that in such a long time. I looked up at him and grinned remembering our height difference even in heels I was a good 3 to 4 inches shorter

“Oh my god (y/n) I missed you so fucking much it has been forever”, Andy said as his friends came over and sat at the bar. They looked confused but still smiled at me.

“I know. It’s been wayyy too long”, I say smiling at the familiar person I had grown up with.

“So, you guys know each other?”, CC asks Andy and I as he smiles looking at both of us.

“I’m surprised Andy hasn’t told you about me”, I laugh while acting hurt.

“(y/n), this is Ashley, CC, Jinxx and Jake, they’re in my band, Black Veil Brides. Guys this is (y/n)”, he says pointing to each of the guys giving me a name to the faces.

“Hi!” I say smiling and wave.

“So can I get you girls something to drink”, I ask making my way behind the bar.

“Beers for all of us”, Andy says taking a seat as well.

“Oh come on Andy, are you sure you don’t want a good old whiskey” I say winking at him. He rolled his eyes obviously recalling the night where we stole his dads whiskey. and I laughed at his reaction.

“I’m sorry but… did you two date or something?”

I look at the man Andy had said was Ashley, I looked at Andy and to the floor my face getting red. Andy looked towards the door getting up and walking out because his phone rang, leaving me there awkwardly with the guys.  

“ No……… we didn’t we just, uh we were or are I guess old friends. I’ve pretty much known Andy my whole life. We uh, grew up together”, I smile at them.

Of all my days being a bartender I’ve never blushed so hard at a question in my life. Being charismatic, open, self-spoken and friendly was part of my job so I learned to avoid awkward situations and rarely got taken aback when questions like these were asked.

CC cleared his throat trying to clear the heavy atmosphere

Andy comes back and I can tell he looks angry. He had the “troubled relationship” face on. Living with Andy for most of my life made me notice when something was up.

“I wouldn’t know, and that wasn’t Scout it was my girlfriend”, he sighs and takes a gulp of his beer.

“Who is…” I urged andy to tell more.

“Juliet Simms”, Andy said weary of my reaction. I fell into a mixture of emotions partly, disappointment, partly hatred, and partly amused. You see I knew who she was, she was actually a friend of Scout’s and not only did I hate both of them I hated her music, and I hated everything she stood for, and she hated me in all the same ways.

“Oh” I put an obvious fake smile on and some of the guys laughed at my reaction.

“(y/n) I know you don’t like her but trust me, she’s not that bad anymore”, he smiles reassuringly.

I want to believe him, but people don’t change that easy and I have always had some trust issues.

“So how is your show biz plan going?”, he asks trying to change the topic.

“Well it’s uh…”

“Good! Because I wanted to know if you wanna join my band, you still play bass right?” I nodded quickly.

“Well good we have been looking for a new bassist”, Jinxx says.

“You sure she can play Andy?”, asks Jake. I smirked and looked at Andy then at the guys then back at Andy.

We started going on about how I could play the bass really well at the same time so I don’t think the guys could really understand what either of us were saying. We laughed when we saw the confused looks on their faces.

“Well if Andy likes you, you’re in!”, exclaims CC. There was a chorus of agreements, and I smiled happy to be reunited with Andy and to have 4 new friends.  

About 4 hours and many drinks later, I had gotten off work and had a couple drinks with the band. It was great and we all exchanged numbers. I head back to my apartment with Andy because he insisted that he help me inside. Both of us in a drunken stupor we stumbled upstairs laughing. i giggled as andy opened the door and bowed. I curtized sloppily. and laughed as i walked inside and fell on the couch. It was an L shaped couch, I put my legs up and andy shut the door and fell on the couch next to me putting his head on my lap.

“hey-andyy, wanna-watch-some-batman” i said my words slurred

“yass-I wanna see BATMAN” I laughed and put batman on. and minutes later we fell asleep me sitting up my hand resting on Andy’s head, as it rested in my lap.