thats a sign of obsession isnt it

The Signs as 'Deres'
  • Yandere (kind/sweet on outside, psychotic on inside due to loving/obsessive nature): Leo, GEMINI, Sagittarius
  • Kuudere (does not give a flying fk about anything but warms up later so its all good): AQUARIUS, Taurus
  • Tsundere (is a piece of trash on the outside, caring and warm on the inside): ARIES, SCORPIO, Libra
  • Dandere (shy, timid and quiet mother clucker, opens up later on): PISCES FFS, CANCER AF, VIRGO TBH
  • ik capricorn isnt in here but that's because capricorn is a kuudere aND a yandere
  • they search their houses to find the fks they give and cant find any on the outside but are extremely lovesick on the inside ok