thats a real smile

Elycia are better at the Lip Bite™ and Clexa are the OG’s of Eye Fucking™ wlw ships... between actual wlw characters... that actually became more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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anna runs her fingers through my hair
and we share stories of our survival
there’s a revival alive in her room
smiles bloom from my laughter
as we start to capture spring

she smiles while she sings
and can’t hide her wings
when things get holy

anna just holds me
like she knows
all my lonely
will end

Imagine your OTP # 9
  • Person A: Hey, want to see a picture of the person I love the most?
  • Person B: /pretends he's not jealous/ Uh.. OK sure.
  • Person A: Here. I think, he's the one already. /takes out a mirror/
  • Person B: /sees his reflection, shocked but smiles afterwards/ That's real smooth, you li'l shit.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yoongi:</b> *stands underneath the mistletoe ready for his mission*<p/><b>BTS comes in one by one:</b> <p/><b>NJ:</b> "I brought pie though I don't know if-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *pulls him inside making Namjoon loose his footing* "Jin hyung is in the kitchen!"<p/><b>Jk:</b> "Hey hyung merry christ-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Move out of the way!"<p/><b>Jm:</b> "Hyung! I love the decor! Let me tell you about-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Ugh not interested, keep walking.."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "Hyung.."<p/><b>Yg:</b> "No fucking way."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "I lost to those two again.. can you please at least help me with the presents I can't feel my arms-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *gasps because he hears Hoseok down the hallway* "MOVE!!" *shoves Tae inside harshly*<p/><b>Hs:</b> *is about to walk in*<p/><b>Yg:</b> *composes himself and finally stands underneath* "Seok-ah,"<p/><b>Hs:</b> "Hyung! Merry Christmas!"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Yeah yeah, finally... Look up Seokkie."<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

hey so i did not get into godspell but i still love myself and im proud of myself for trying and maybe if it had an ensemble they would’ve thrown me a bone but i wrote i have 0 experience and they ended up just having a cast of 10 ppl so like i ain’t even taking this a little bit personal and i love myself. and i will just get a job and make money instead which is also fun! mon(ey) is fun

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I had a dream last night where the latest chapter was released and you did an analysis about the chapter (which I was reading on my laptop), and it revealed Smile's real name. It was Joseph. That's it. Joseph.

J O S E P H .

Joseph Phantomhive.

But wait, it’s a cool name but it was revealed in the latest chapter that the twins don’t have traditional English names, so let me slightly change it.


Josep “Pep” Phantomhive

Or Giuseppe “Beppo” Phantomhive.