thats a nice shirt

Thanks for tagging me @zigisbisexual 😊
I think it really is a lovely idea! I can only encourage everyone to post a selfie - Don’t be shy! We are basically a big family, right? If you are not comfortable with sharing a pic it’s obviously ok as well.
So here you go! You already know my face in black and white - this is the body to it in color. No shirtless action though haha 😋

Gonna tag a few people just to spread the “news”: @quinn-kelly @elizabethshark @tkxo-ashton @the-light-of-stars @zahranamazis @annyvil @firefly-hwufanficwriter @hollyashton @jakerogers128 @jacobmckenzies @kittenmusicals

After waiting 7 years, @xmallorymoshing finally got to see The Maine live! Not only that, but she got to meet them TWICE in the same day. She was so happy, it was wonderful to see.

aquiladafirenze  asked:

A request for you - more human Genyatta or simply McHanzo? <3

anything for my boys!!!

trying to do anything calm with young genji around would be a nightmare, i feel. luckily zenyatta doesnt seem to mind too much!


Shadowhunters Appreciation Weeks - Week 7 (May 29-June 4)

Favorite Outfits: Alec Edition

Izzy / Magnus / Ladies

I am such trash for this AU and i never knew it.

i am also a sucker for tummy kisses. helllloooo~

bisexualphilconnors  asked:

you said send in asks and i am he(e)re to deliver some things that can possibly distract you: favorite color (try to find it in a picture!) explain your favorite musical in five words. favorite item of merchandise you own? top three favorite characters from anything? ill stop so i dont make this super long

bright orangish yellows are also rlly good!! but only coupled w oranges or just by itself

adult sesame street (puppet sex)

probably a dan and phil shirt i got for my bday thats a rlly nice to sleep in (it was too big haha)

top three fav characters ever: jay from marble hornets, venus from we know the devil, anddddd, edd from eddsworld

thank u v much