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Rules: if you can, list the Top Ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same!

I was tagged by @missmonty. Thanks, love! Sorry it took so long. I can only do these kind of things on the laptop and lately all my laptop time was occupied by work shit. But anyways, here we go:

  1. The Last of the Giants - Ryan Yunck (his interpretation is amazing and it’s my favourite fan interpretation ever; if you like ASoIaF you need this in your life)
  2. Muddy Waters - LP
  3. Don’t let me be misunderstood - Lana del Rey
  4. Fight like Gods - Chelsea Wolfe
  5. Laukr - Wardruna
  6. Tròdlabùndin - Eivør Pálsdóttir
  7. The Show Must Go On - Queen
  8. I Lied - Nicki Minaj
  9. Winter (The Four Seasons) - Vivaldi (it’s amazing to listen to on the train when all you see are mountains and i mean that literally, no fields, no nice little houses, to your left there’s a fucking mountain and to your right, enjoy the view with some Vivaldi)
  10. Ambient Hobbit Soundtrack mix thing (it’s great while working on lesson plans)

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A Pearl never forgets.

theres a lot of content of barry smooching taako, thinking its lup n then being flustered like aw shit but like. pblease consider: taako and lup actively TRYING to confuse everyone and barrys just like no thats lup and thats taako you cant trick me


Cassandra and Ezekiel looking fine as hell in And the Fatal Separation

Alternate Anime Titles
  • One Piece: The Never-ending Story: The Anime Version
  • Bleach: Literally Anything that Actually Works as a Story Title Because Bleach? Come on.
  • Free!: How Gay Can We Make this Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Water Version
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shitty Father: Alchemy Edition
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Why To Never Date Anyone Ever
  • Noragami: Get Yato a Shrine 2k17
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion: Shitty Father: Robot Mindfuck Edition
  • Death Note: So THAT'S Why We Aren't Supposed to Post Our Full Name and Photo Online
  • Haikyuu: How Gay Can We Make This Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Don't-Let-the-Balloon-Touch-the-Floor Edition
  • Attack on Titan: Shitty Father: Apocalypse Edition
  • High school of the Dead: That's Not How Boobs F*cking Work
  • Fate Series: People Die when They are Killed
  • Ajin: People Don't Die when They are Killed
  • Blue Exorcist: Shitty Father: Satan Edition
  • Yuri on Ice: How Gay Can We Make This without the Charac-- WAIT NO THEY'RE ACTUALLY GAY THIS TIME!!!
  • Code Geass: Jedi Mind Trick: The Anime
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: What the Actual Fuck
  • Kill la Kill: Shitty Father: Oh Wait it's the Mom that's Shitty this Time
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer: The Entire Anime is Basically a Meme

“Mass Effect” more like “I-play-this-game-just-to-bang-cute-aliens simulator”

url edit for @fortesques  gave Harry free sundaes every half-hour

i doodled a bit so a concept: serizawa katsuya has two loving parents 

his mother went through some hard times with him during his time being all hikikomori’d up and miscalculated when she had been at her wits end, and his father couldn’t be there much due to his job and didn’t know how to connect with katsuya’s problems the rare times he was…. but after the biggest weights were lifted from their shoulders, they quickly snapped back into a close, happy family. 

here they’re all super stoked about having bought katsuya a proper suit for the first time ever, and of their son getting a job that’s not a fucking cult bent on world domination. not pictured is their dog currently chewing katsuya’s shoes. 

their names are aiko and ishi and y ea i did this mainly to think through stuff for the next chapter of shit-all. spoiler: they’re so good people they adopt reigen immediately. 

#smut #nsfw #oblivious!harry

Prompts: @a-sisi-universe
Author: @queenofthyme

Warning: well, I mean just read the tags above. exactly as it says really.

There were pros and cons to being attracted to your boss. The cons, Draco wasn’t too fussed about. His reputation couldn’t get much worse anyway (he was an ex-death eater after all), and it’s not like he didn’t have the money to get by if he lost his job. The only reason he’d worked so hard to become an auror in the first place was because of Harry Potter.

And therein laid the pro - his boss was Harry Potter.  Gorgeous, delectable, dreamy, oblivious Harry Potter.

Draco certainly wasn’t the only one in the office charmed by Harry. He’d noticed some of the other aurors staring too - during the rare moments when he could pull his eyes away from Harry. And it wasn’t just Harry’s looks. If it were just that, Draco would have gotten over it years ago. No, Harry had to be brave too. And powerful. And a little wild. And above all, kind.

Draco knew it was sappy of him but, Merlin, did he find that kindness sexy. Harry was the type of boss who took responsibility in the media when you messed up in the field. The type of boss who would take over your reporting for you (despite his own ridiculous workload) when he could see you were stressed or affected by a particularly emotional case. He was the type of boss who never treated you as if he were your boss at all.

Of course, Draco wouldn’t have minded if Harry threw his weight around a little. The fantasies Draco had of Harry often involved him doing just that - albeit with a few orders that would be highly inappropriate for the workplace. But no matter how obviously Draco pined, Harry still didn’t seem to notice. He really had no idea of his effect on people.

So when Harry called Draco into his office - the start to many a fantasy - last thing on a Friday before he could leave with the other aurors, Draco knew Harry wouldn’t understand the thoughts that were running through his head. Empty Department. Friday night. Boss’s office. Harry Potter’s thighs.

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OTP Idea #861

Person A has chronic headaches and can usually take medication for them, but today they’ve run out and their headaches are particularly bad.

Person B is their roommate. A and B have never gotten along, but today B takes pity on A and goes out to buy them some more meds.

Only, every store B goes to has run out.