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Wolf Versus Crow

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Request: anon asked “Jon x Reader x Robb love triangle? They’re both super fluffy around her when they’re alone with her but get all kinda passive aggressive when all they’re all together.”

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1550

Notes: I!!  LOVED!!  WRITING!!  THIS!!  HOLY COWABUNGA!!!!!  also i know jon isn’t at the nights watch yet so he’s not a crow but hey its a cool title

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Leonard Church: prince of heart.  inventing so many new and creative way to torture himself and shatter his own identity, they had to write whole new laws.

quit pretending.

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2823
➵ summary: ‘we can keep playing these little games, but at the end of the day, we both know that i’m yours, and you’re mine.’
➵ author’s note: the amount of times i wrote simon instead of kiseok, i gave up halfway and just used the replace tool in the end. technically, the document i wrote this in was ‘simon’. hella long (but what else is new) and hella smutty. enjoy.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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urilysjaewul replied to your post “So… do the new spoilers prove that Matt never actually needed his…”

I have myopia and astigmatism, and I do martial arts, so I can tell by experience that I’m more comfortable fighting without my glasses ^.^ through, I’ve never been in an more than 1v1 fight and I’m not totally blind without glasses

…I don’t know what any of those are but yeah, I usually take my glasses off for sports too. I’m nearsighted and assuming that Matt is too (otherwise he wouldn’t have chosen as stick as his weapon, right?!), I can safely say that it’s hard to judge distance without your glasses. So like… I’d prefer to have them in a fight for life or death? Especially when the enemy has guns?? The Galra love their guns??? D: He looked pretty at ease with his weapon though so maybe he got used to it? After all he didn’t really have much of a choice on that. Or maybe he never needed them at all?? Or just a little???? Who knows (not me) I want answers T^T

DA RP Write-Up #12.9

The eve of the end is with us in this almost the last episode of the Tevinter campaign.

  • Our weather weaver has reached the Target Number for her spell, and the whole session happens in the middle of a slowly worsening storm.
  • We start with Cahair making his way to Vesuna. There’s no way for him to reach the ship on his own, but he notices one of Ropso’s rowboats on the dock, so he goes to look around if he can find anyone.
  • On the ship, the people decide that they should go find Jasinto and Jasinta, so they could have some chips on their side of the table. The people who go are Alf, Pitkä-Breck (a dwarf, who Randy clued in on his plan in the first place) and another dwarf, Danna.
    • They locate Jasinto/a, and strike some kind of deal. The ship will pay 3 times the amount Mareud would pay for the job they are doing for her, to get a letter out to Orzammar’s embassy in Tevinter.
    • Cahair finds them too, and there’s a loving reunion between Alf and Cahair (jumping on arms was included). Cahair learns that Alf and Elspet are alive and also that there is a situation going on.
    • They don’t have much time to talk, because Markhras(?) and his soldiers appear and try to stop them.
      • A hasty retreat to the ship happens.
  • Markhras tells that he is there to arrest the people for the murder of Brett, and when people don’t want to surrender, he attacks.
    • Alf leads his crew into battle. Kanuuna manages to sink one of the approaching boats with a cannon ball, and in general the crew of Ropso puts up a resistance.
  • One boatful people manage to make it onboard. Markhras attacks Alf immediately, disarming him of his bow and throwing him on the ground. The bow sails over the rail and into the sea.
    • Kustaa, Alf and Konstantine focus on Markhras; Kustaa gets him into a chokehold and Konstantine casts a Curse of Mortality on Markhras.
    • Pitkä-Breck, the MVP that he is, rushes two of the mages that climbed on board and throws them and himself into the sea.
      • He manages to find Alf’s bow too! And a wizard’ staff. He swims to the other side of the boat and clings there.
    • Markhras manages to get a hold of Alf, pressing a sword to his throat and telling everyone to put down their weapons.
      • They do so.
    • Markhras collapses under the curse, and Kustaa tries to use it as a levering option. Unfortunately the curse ends and Markhras makes it out, not okay, but alive.
    • Markhras has lost a lot of men taking the ship. We lost two, Halla, the Dalish woman Cahair had been bonding and Julkea-Justus, a flute-playing dwarf.
  • Meanwhile in Mareud’s castle the titular magister is having a chat with Randy and Boshara. She asks where the object that Brett has is. Randy manages to resist her spell and says she doesn’t know, but Boshara spills the beans, telling that a man named Humbert holds it.
    • Mareud orders the two to take her to Humbert.
  • On the boat there is a brief skirmish between the ships’ qunari members and the soldiers as the soldiers call the qunari “ox men”.
    • While the soldiers are occupied, Cahair finds Humbert and they talk about the necklace. Markhras has said that Mareud will be coming on the ship and that is quite worrying.
      • Humbert suggests that they could use the necklace as leverage, threatening to destroy it.
      • That plan is thrown out of the window when a rowboat arrives, and Senna asks for a man named Humbert to come with her.
        • Cahair sneakily takes the necklace from Humbert to his possession.
      • She also takes Alf and Elspet with her.
        • Markhas isn’t very happy about Alf leaving, because he knows that he can’t control the ship, once the threat of their captain dying is removed, but magister’s orders are orders, so tough luck, buddy.
  • As Markhas dreads, as soon as Senna is gone with her prisoners, the people on the ship attack. This time they focus on taking people alive as prisoners. Kanuuna leads the battle. Konstantine throws horror left and right. Kustaa grapples with Markhas.
    • There is a brief scary moment when Markhas gets the upper hand for a second, but soon Kanuuna gets the situation under control.
    • As soon as the battle starts Cahair leaves the ship, making sure no one sees him, so that Mareud will not be able to get that information off anyone . If and when people notice he’s missing, they will probably think he has drowned.
  • On the shore Humbert gets to meet Mareud the magister, and Mareud learns that the necklace is now in the hands of an elf named Cahair.
    • She sends Senna back to get this elf, but Senna never makes it back, as her rowboat is captured by the ship.
  • The weather is worsening and the situation is at a stalemate, so Mareud returns to her castle with her prisoners.
  • Cahair hangs onto a piece of driftwood and drifts into the shore. He then gets back to the elves, telling what the situation is.
    • He also tells that Alf and Elspet are alive, and apologizes to Halet for his harsh words.
    • Deidar spends some time studying the necklace.
    • It is decided that Cahair, Halet, the shape-shifting elf and Deidar will make their way to the Magister’s castle, kill the Magister if need arises, rescue prisoners if they can, but most importantly get that dang mystery door open. (sry about weird priorities :D)
    • They learn from the slave elves as much as they can about the layout, exchange clothes with them and are on their way. They get in through a servants door with no problem.
  • Meanwhile, in the cells, Boshara finds a loose stone at her cell wall and she and Randy start making an escape hole.
    • Elspet turns into a bird and gets lockpicks from their confiscated belongings. Alf uses them to open his cell door and starts working on others as well.

We leave here in the middle of action. How will things turn out? :O Who makes it out alive? Fingers crossed for not-Mareud!


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