thats a look of love

ok but guys don’t get me wrong… I loved the mv and I think all the boys looked amazing and did a great job… but… you gotta stan ot7 and you gotta support all of them… Jin is more than a visual and they need to stop fucking around with him 


I Love My Precious Child Thats Right I Love My Son So Much Honestly Look At His Cute Nose And Lips And Everything I Hope I Die Looking At These Photos Of An Amazing Beautiful Talented Creature He Needs All The Damn Love And Protection In This World For Real I Wanna Boop His Nose And Make Sure He’s Safe And Happy Becaude He Deserves It I Love Him I Would Vomit On My Parents If He Asked Me To Yeah Thanks For Listening

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We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?


*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis


♡ Yohane wallpapers for anon! ♡ [720x1280]


                     you miss it, don’t you? the warmth of a star you don’t remember.
                          [quote by: @worthygamora at @starcrossedpoetry | (insp.)]