thats a long story i wont go into it


Hey there tumblr!!!!!!

As some of you may know I have been working on moving over seas to finish my art degree! Due to some bad circumstances (i’d rather not post my life’s woes on a commission post that is going to be reblogged multiple times, if you want to know the whole story as to why my family has deemed me unworthy to receive their financial help, you can ask me to explain further, or i might post it in a separate post.)

Long story short, if I don’t collect about 1,000$ within the next few months all of my hard work will be for naught and I wont be able to continue to go to college.

Now that thats over here are the details!!!!

Additional characters are +half the price.

Anything 30$+ the second character is already included. Another character BESIDES the second one would be +half the price (30$ commission with three characters then becomes 45$)

A full illustration is A COMPLETE DRAWING with complex backgrounds characters, ect.

I will draw ANYTHING. (NSFW add 10$ to any commission price).

Please email me at if you are interested! You can also try and send me an ask, but if I dont reply please send it again. You all know how tumblr is.

I will accept paypal and money via mail. all commissions must be paid for ahead of time.


look everyone, if trump wins im gonna die, and it wont be by my own hand.

the fact of the matter is that I have a LOT of tumors everywhere, a gland inside my brain, my pancreas, my skin. for now theyre benign, but thats ONLY because of my medication, and i can only get that because of medicaid. 

so long story short, if trump wins im gonna have to say goodbye.

one of two things will happen,

1: the tumor that sits on my optic nerve will go malignant, blinding me first, and then getting RIGHT into my brain, killing me

2: the many many tumors on my pancreas will go malignant, shutting down my pancreas, killing me.

not only that, but im vocally NB and have experimented in homosexuality, so no matter how the bottle spins, if trump wins, im gonna die, and it will be slow, and painful.

i love you guys, im so fucking scared