thats a fowl

The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them


I found really old art earlier, stuff I must have done when I was 12 or 13, and since I wanted to draw Artemis Fowl stuff anyway I decided to redraw it. It’s just so cute, so much changed from back then. I have better materials for one, this redraw is digital, but I now also know that pencils darker than HB exist, I have colour pencils with actual usable pigments so if I use brown it actually looks brown. Other than that I learned how to draw short hair, elf ears, noses, faces in general… I actually decided I want to be a better artist since then, I draw more often than just secretly during classes when I’m not actually supposed to

villain with the right priorities
  • Artemis: I am not concerned with us all, just myself. And believe me, I shall be perfectly fine.
  • Holly: What's the master plan? Let me guess: World Domination?
  • Artemis: *chuckles* Nothing too melodramatic. Just riches.
  • -
  • Artemis: So you need me.
  • Holly: Yes, Artemis. Gloat all you like. We need your help.
  • Artemis: In that case, let's discuss my fee. One ton of gold would suffice.
  • Artemis: It would be stupid not to ask for a fee.

Okay I know hardly anyone who follows me is an Artemis Fowl fan but. I can’t stop thinking about Artemis ending up dating/befriending someone (human) who pushes back against his aristocratic tastes, and gets him to watch something like Star Wars

And Artemis is expecting to sit there bored for hours because obviously the science is nonsense and the plot is simple 

But he gets weirdly invested in it, because he’s been through so many bizarre, end-of-the-world, fighting-against-supervillain scenarios himself that he just identifies with the characters really badly

(I mean he’s still critiquing it, but it’s more along the lines of no Luke for goodness sake hand Leia the gun she’s a better shot than you are or no that deception is not going to work you need a better plan or this is ridiculous they need to go the other way)

(whoever’s watching it with him is slightly unsettled by how focused he gets about it)

and Artemis, it turns out, can get really invested “ridiculous” science fiction of a certain calibre because you don’t understand this is my life

So tell me Artemis Fowl fandom, where is the AU where Minerva kidnaps Trouble Kelp to get the LEP gold, and Doodah Day assists Commander Vinyaya to get him back? Edit: I ALSO JUST THOUGHT OF THIS: Juliet Butler eventually makes it through Madame Ko’s academy, and is working for the Paradizo’s, bored out of her mind, until this turn of events.

Ways to explain why Minerva disappeared

She was a daughter of Athena who was claimed during the three-year period when Artemis was with the demons, and she moved to Camp Half-Blood.

She went to research portals with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis.

She got recruited to join MI6′s Q-Branch (age doesn’t seem to matter much, there).

She got distracted by following the shenanigans of a consulting detective and his blogger.

She walked through a wardrobe into Narnia.

She found out about a species called the Veela, and one thing led to another, and now she’s found another magical world.

She didn’t really disappear. She just asked Holly not to mention her while retelling the stories to Artemis.