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Life’s Fucked Eddie, It’s so Damn Fucked

(Reddie) It’s a couple moths into senior year. The Losers are still going on strong. Eddie Kaspbrack has just joined the cheer squad. One day, a painfully sweet jock lends him his jacket. Eddie’s heart swoons. Is this love? It can’t be. Who said Eddie Kaspbrack was gay? Is he? What will happen when his best friend realizes he has intense feelings for this small mysophobic hypochondriac.

TW for whole fanfic: angst, self harm, eating disorders, attempted suicide, fluff, make outs, sexual stuff. (This chapters only an introduction so nothing yet lmao)  the end will be happy don’t worry.    

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Let’s Play Family as People You See in High School

(Sorry I didn’t do the whole Family because I don’t watch all of them and I wouldn’t be sure what to classify them as. Also I didn’t do all of the people from the groups because I don’t know them well enough )

Cow Chop

Trevor- Looks like he could be a stoner and like he’s a surfer and about to go catch some sick waves despite the fact that you’re no where near the ocean and the closest thing you have to sick waves is when your friend jumps into the pool and ripples the water
Aleks- The Actual Stoner kid whose parents would defend him at all costs. Like he’s the one who gets the nice car when everyone else has a car from like 10+ years ago.  Honestly not a bad dude, would probably do stupid shit for money if you dared him to.
James- That one kid who fights with teachers just to fuck with them or if they are actually being unfair. Would probably yell at the teacher if you asked nicely
Brett- Good kid is friends with the rowdiest because honestly they’re better entertainment than he could ever find at home.
Joe -that guy everyone knows somehow no one knows how or why everyone knows him but don’t question it

Achievement Hunter

Gavin-Mass Media kid always making cool videos for his friends to watch. Somehow all the teachers know him as well as a good portion of the student body actually would consider him a friend
Geoff-That kid everyone thinks is a stoner but is really just kinda weird and layed back probably ditches most of the classes except the one where he’s the library aid because he just spends the whole time reading and the librarian doesn’t give a shit
Jeremy- Fights with teachers in the funnest way possible. Teachers still like him though because technically he is participating and doing the work but he lives to give teachers a hard time if he can get a laugh out of it
Ryan- The kid who says the weirder things in class and people often just nervously laugh around him because they don’t know if its serious or if hes joking. Then some people realize he’s just a bit strange and actually pretty nice. He still creeps a few people out though
Jack-The guy you talk to in every class you have with him but you never talk outside of the classroom because the classroom has a weird aura and it just makes you guys connect on a really deep level
Michael-Probably that kid that skips all the time, you see him every now and then but its never for long. When he is there he tends to fuck around with his friends more than actually doing work but he somehow passes. This kid is a mystery that no one has yet uncovered
Lindsay-Like the horse girl but with cats like she has cat notebooks, pets with cartoon cats on them, always covered in cat hair, draws cats in the margins of her notes. Really sweet and she is always happy to see photos of your cats
Trevor- That smart kid who hangs around a bunch of idiots, like hes in all ap classes but with his friends his brain turns off and he can just become off the wall crazy
Matt-The kid that brings a fucking full meal to class, like he had a carton of milk and a box of fruity pebbles and just whips out a bowl and spoon in the middle of lesson in first period. If you ask nicely he may bring you a bowl the next day as well
Alfredo-The Cool Guy™, knows everyone probably plays sports, talk to him once he’ll make you feel like you’ve been friends for years and will say hi to you in the halls, remembers names really well


Adam-The guy in PE that looks like he should know what he’s doing but would honestly rather just not be there. You want to walk the mile, find him he’ll do it with you, don’t know how to throw a football that’s okay he probably tried and hit himself in the head somehow, nice dude and could probably lift you one handed but just kinda doesn’t want to
Bruce- You know that punk rocker that everyone’s afraid of well hes the opposite, he wears band tees sure but he does so like hes fucking ready to talk about why this band is the fucking best and everyone should listen to it. Kinda sucky music taste but oh well he has good intentions
Lawrence-The Nerd of the school like he knows about a million and four video games and movies are his jam. Could recite some movies word for word if someone let him. Kinda bulky so no one picks on him as well as being friends with the fucking built and tallest people in the school
James-Is the Kid that takes PE way too seriously “Come on guys its not even that hard of a run” is a football player but also a huge nerd
Elyse- That one that knows everything that happens in the school but shares absolutely none of it. Like tell her your secrets if you want like she wont tell anyone besides maybe her best friend but that’s honestly kinda expected at this  point. People will just vent to her, she may not be great comforting but hey she wont tell a soul
Matt Peake- Somehow everyone knows him despite never hearing him talk. Like hes a ghost people remember seeing him in class but dont remember him coming in to the room, they swear he teleports sometimes because they’ll see him still putting all his stuff into his backpack as they walk out of the room and then they look up to see him standing on the second floor with a group of people.

Kinda Funny

Greg- Is a teachers fucking worst nightmare, the kid is loud, smart, and will proudly voice his opinion and when your wrong. Half the time in class can be spent arguing with him if you let it. He is usually well informed but fucking stop interrupting the class we have to actually learn something
Tim Gettys- The guy who always looks strangely put together no matter if he has a extra morning class where he has to show up an hour earlier than most. He’ll be put together and have a happy smile on
Nick Scarpino- The kid who just wants people to fucking chill for a second like he’s the one who will actually do the work instead of fucking around because like hell he wants to take this home and finish it fuck that home is where he can be away from school he doesn’t want to bring it home. Is the kid that actually will turn in the assignment even if the teacher forgot to ask, but he’ll do it after class so the rest of the class don’t have to worry

So Sana’s pretty muscular. She’s got well defined biceps, and back muscles that you can see when she wears form fitting clothes. I wouldn’t call her swol or beefy, but definitely lean and muscular

Lionel Messi’s Rosario home town club have offered him some support after Argentina’s Copa America defeat. During Sunday’s match supporters of Newell’s Old Boys revealed a huge banner in support of the FC Barcelona star: “Messi: Being the best is what separates us from the rest.”

Newell’s fans have not forgot the time Messi spent at the club. He left at the age of 12 before travelling to Barcelona with his family, but with this message they have expressed their support and solidarity after the fierce critism that Messi has received in Argentina after the Copa America.

This Is Probably Harry all day today
  • Harry: Liam guess what?
  • Liam: what harry?
  • Harry: i'm dating a football player
  • Liam: *face palms*
  • Harry: Zayn guess what?
  • Zayn: i don't care
  • Harry: I'm dating a football player
  • Zayn: shut the door harry, i'm trying to sleep
  • Niall: HARRY GUESS WHAT !?
  • Harry: what?
  • Niall: you're dating a football player! that's so cool! weyheyyy! that's the craic!!
  • Harry and Niall: *fangirl over louis for three hours while ordering 30 of his jenseys*

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People always talk about Kurt behind his back, but he never realized.. But Scott does. So he'll march up to a group of guys who snicker and point and wait till Kurt is out of earshot to start calling him horrible names, and Scott will be like "say that again fuckeRS!" And that's how Scott Summers got into a fistfight with 6 varsity football players at once. And blew up a Toyota with his eye beams. And how Kurt kissed him on the cheek, learning what Scott will do to protect him.

i need a fic of this right now immediately 

Reasons to ship Rucas:

1. “I love you, Lucas”- Riley to Lucas
2. “Somebody doesn’t love this?!”- Lucas talking about Riley
3. Lucas knew that Riley was Jexica and said “We know who you are Riley. You don’t have to hide behind some fake profile for us to know who you are. I’d recognize you anywhere.”
4. In Girl Meets the New World Lucas said “I really like you, Riley” TWICE and once was in front of her parents.
5. In Girl Meets First Date after Maya asked Lucas out, Lucas went to ask Cory permission to ask RILEY out.
6. “He needs someone like you to build him up, to make him feel like a hero. You like his stories and he likes yours.”- Maya talking about Riley and Lucas
7. They made a connection in Girl Meets Boy.
8. Lucas was the first boy Riley ever liked.
9. They were each others first dates.
10. They were each others second dates.
11. They were each others first kiss.
12. “There are some moments you know you’re going to remember forever. This is one of them.”
13. “You’re really important to me.”- Lucas to Riley
14. “You are really important to me too, Lucas.”
15. They get jealous when the other is with someone else.
16. Lucas was willing to go back to “Texas Lucas” to protect Riley in Girl Meets Rileytown.
17. Lucas wrote to Jexica aka Riley, KNOWING it was Riley and told her what he loves about her.
18. “To me, you’re a princess.”- Lucas to Riley
19. “Be the hero I know you are.”-Riley to Lucas
20. They smelled each other’s hair.
21. “It’s always been Riley.”- Lucas in Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2
22. “Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?” “I don’t know, you wanna?”
23. Lucas caught Riley in Pilot on the subway.
24. Riley “fell” into his lap twice (in Pilot and in First Date)
25. They danced together three times.
26. Whenever Lucas was on a date with Maya he was always paying attention to Riley instead.
27. In GMHS Part 1, Marly assumed that Riley and Lucas were boyfriend and girlfriend.
28. When asked what she wanted Lucas to call her, Riley said girlfriend.
29. “I will always believe in you, and I will always be here.”-Riley to Lucas
30. Bunny farmer and Veterinarian
31. Mad Dog and Princess Dancing Sunshine
32. Lucas “proposed” and Riley said yes.
33. “My moment will be my moment.”- Lucas to Riley
35. In Texas Part 1 Lucas said “How did they make you?” to Zay and Riley said the same thing to Zay in Texas Part 3 and pARENTS
36. “He’s the Topanga”-Rowan Blanchard
38. Lucas “couldn’t be her brother”
39. “Pretty Bruntette who never gives up on anyone or anything”- Lucas describing Riley
41. “Why would you not tell me about this?! And did you really think there was anything you could put in this window to keep me from helping you?!”-Lucas to Riley in Rileytown
42. “So your the football players in high school? Hey, thats great.”-Lucas in GMHS // “Your the cheerleaders in high school? Hey, thats great.”-Riley in GMHS
43. Lucas literally looks Riley up and down all the time and it’s not subtle or anything and yES
44. Riley looks at his eyes, down to his lips and back at his eyes and omg it’s so fucking cute
45. ^ Lucas does the same thing after their first kiss
46. After saying she loved him as a brother, Riley looks at Lucas’s lips first then decides to kiss him on the cheek
47. After Riley told Lucas that Maya liked him, he said “Riley, what are we?” “I told you what we are.” “WHAT IF THATS NOT WHAT I THINK WE ARE?”
48. When Lucas saw Riley in First Date, his jaw dropped and he could barely blink or move or anything
49. “Are you worth it?”-Riley to Lucas “Yes”-Lucas’s response

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I have a friend who's 4'11 and she once beat the shit out of a football player who was like 5'10.


Is anyone familiar with the JWL Awards? NO? Too bad, that's where Mr. EX Football Player Nobody was last night. IN NEW YORK.

So you know while her ACTUAL husband is busy tweeting the woman that matters more than anything to him RIGHT at midnight for her birthday? The nobody who is exploiting her in a vain attempt to gain popularity and connections? Is in New York for Super Bowl parties (and yes by the way, he’s scheduled to attend another one tonight. In New York of course).

Oh, by the way, just so we’re clear:

The 5th Annual John Wooten Leadership (JWL) Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located in New York City.

And, from a dude who was there:

Rev Jesse Jackson Sr @RevJJackson
@kerrywashington Happy Birthday! Last night w/ better half @ NAsomugha @AsomughaFndn @JBsportscaster @ JWL Awards.