thats a big deal

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment


The look on Mino’s face when Zico cusses, and the cute ass excited look Zico gets at his reaction is what I’m here for.

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“Where did you learn moves like that?? Thank you but, damn!”

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If you think I don’t text you enough or give enough news just know that I’ve moved away from my country a year ago and only spoke to my best friend 4 times and my brother 2 times since then and I love them both to death and it doesn’t change our relationships whatsoever. It’s not in my nature to reach out and frankly it’s okay and I hate people making me feel guilty for that. I still love my friends and my family either way, but if you force me or pressure me or guilt me into talking to you every day or even just in general well I’m sorry but maybe we aren’t meant to be friends. 

You guys. YOU GUYS!

I ran a mile today straight. No stopping. No taking a break to catch my breath. No slowing my pace. A full mile.

To some of you this is easy peasy but this is a pretty big NSV for me!

And today also marks my 3 year weightloss/self love journey thing. Back then I struggled to jog for a minute. I was 55 pounds heavier. I was filled with a lot of self hate.

Today is also my 28th birthday. I am the lightest I’ve been since probably grade 10. I am the happiest I have ever been.



((But can we take a moment to appreciate how badass and strong Pema is?

Like, I see a bunch of posts about Korra and Lin and Asami, and those are all wonderful, but let’s not forget:

      That time Pema gave birth in the middle of a battle/violent invasion–of her city and her home.

          Or that, while she was in labor in the middle of a war zone, she was still worrying about her other children and wanting to go help them?

             Or that like, fifteen minutes after giving birth (among the top most painful and traumatic things a human body can go through) she was told she needed to flee from her home because people wanted to kidnap and do awful things to her family. 

               Or that time she was kidnapped and separated from her family the same day she gave birth and had to endure who knows what and all the terrible fear of what would happen to her children. 

Or the fact that, after all this–after giving birth in a highly stressful situation, being captured by the enemy, fearing for her family’s lives, and having to escape a prison–she stays up all night to make sure Korra is okay. 

This woman’s a pillar of strength and kindness. We need more Pema love, ASAP.))