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Kuuro relationship headcanons? Pls

i’ve already done how it’d be dating him so here’s that

Relationship hc’s

  • one week he gave small gifts to you, one gift for every day that week, such as a rose, coca cola, braided bracelet he made himself, small things 
  • “see you later babe” *kisses ur cheek*
  • breakfast dates 
  • he bought u a cat paw mug on your birthday and had this smug ass smile on his face almost barely keeping his laughter- NEKOma, get it. hA I’m hilarious 
  • kuroo shut up
  • just loves holding your hand??? whether it’s comparing the size difference it’s just an excuse to hold ur hand tho or gently trace his fingers on your knuckles 
  • sends you daily odd compliments if you don’t know about them google them up they cute, corny and odd as shit