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Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s new poly ship in town!

Okay, but I have lots of feelings for this one…

So, to start…

(Btw it’s probably better to call it sheitt)


  • Shiro and Matt have been going out for ages!
  • They started going out not long after they met
  • At this point they’re just the biggest bros/lovers.
  • People from their class now they’re going out but people from the outside just see two bros doing stupid shit bc that’s the dynamics
  • Shiro’s the adventurous one that does stupid shit (since they’re quite young at this point?)
  • Matt is the brain… He also does stupid shit but he makes plan and thinks it through
  • I can imagine them sneaking out at night or sth
  • They’re the two bros who argue with teacher over typo for entire lesson


Okay, me and @bird-ly​ already have hc for how Keith and Shiro met:

  • Our Grey A child, Keith, has just enrolled Garrison
  • He finds himself attracted to Shiro, not really knowing in what way
  • So what he does is that he challanges him to duel(?) well, just training fight
  • Altho Shiro wins the first time, invites Keith to spar again
  • And even tho Shiro’s already have boyfriend, he is the one to start flirting with Keith.
  • People who don’t know Shiro is dating Matt start thinking that he’s dating Keith, bc of their weird conversations in the middle of corridors, calling each other to private places, sneaking out and stuff….
  • He does feel guilty about it but. Keith. Is. Just. Too. Cute.
  • Matt eventually notices. He calls Shiro out on it.
  • Shiro tells him, he knows and that he’s sorry but while he loves Matt, he likes Keith too.
  • So Matt, the soft boy, tells Shiro it’s fine (after some arguing and Shiro proving he really does love them both)
  • He’s hurt but he likes seeing Shiro happy.
  • Shiro eventually ask keith to date him (and explains he’s with Matt too) Keith isn’t sure about it, but he says they should try


  • So, Matt notices that shiro is most happy when he’s with both of them, so he starts hanging out with keith too
  • They don’t really talk with each other from the start
  • until matt starts teasing Keith
  • He hangs out with both of them while they fight and it starts by him laughing at keith for mostly losing these fights
  • While he never lets opportunity to say something slip by, he never actually oversteps the boundaries and insulted keith
  • If Keith ever pouts because of being teased, Matt just musses his hair, grinning and apologizing
  • “He’s cute” matt tells shiro one day “Actually I might like him too”
  • He doesn’t tell keith, but he definitely joins in with Shiro’s flirting
  • “Your not that bad” Keith says one day (Which is like?? the highest praise??)

Pre-Cerberos Sheitt

  • So yeah, they’re hanging out now.
  • and going out
  • Matt actually does tell keith… eventualy…
  • keith is still unsure tho. So he hasn’t been kissed yet. What he knows is that he enjoys being around those two.
  • they don’t push keith into anything
  • Keith doesn’t have many other people who he talks to but he knows being with Shatt feels different and better in a way
  • It’s just that half of the people think that Shiro is dating keith and the other half thinks Shiro is dating Matt
  • so keith gets called out for cheating on Shiro with Matt
  • Which helps him sort out his feelings!
  • He doesn’t tell the person anything and just leaves them standing there cofused
  • He rushes to meet Shiro and Matt and tell them
  • They’re both super happy! Like Matt jump-hugs him and shiro is like *o*
  • They become the happy boyfriend trio and tell few people but mainly work on having good time spend together
  • Shiro and Matt kiss each other and only cuddle with keith, waiting for him to decide if he’s ready
  • and
  • Before the Cerberos mission Keith kisses them.
  • Shiro first and then small peck to Matt
  • and tHEY MELT
  • They both want more kisses but Keith’s like “When you return from Cerberos”

Cerberos Keith

  • So yeah, when he finds out he storms the headmasters room
  • asking where are they
  • yelling at them
  • blaming them
  • So he gets kicked out
  • he harms few officials as they try dragging him out
  • And lock himself in the shack
  • Hes trying to find them but eventually… slowly… gives up
  • staying in the shack alone for so long messes up his brain
  • he starts seeing things
  • seeing them
  • At first he starts catching glimpses
  • hearing the calling his name
  • As the time goes he convinces himself they’re both really there
  • Keith, sitting in the dark cottage, laughing, looking into the void as he whispers their names
  • (hc goes that hunk helps him kind of get out of this but lets not go in too deep)
  • When he starts sensing the energy, he legitimately thinks it’s them
  • Aaaaaand when the ship crashes, the reason why he says shiro slightly surprised is bc he expected matt too
  • HE IS SO GRATEFUL ANYWAYS he’s happy at least Shiro is there

Post-Cerberos Sheith

  • Shiro tells keith to stay calm and don’t go looking for matt immidiately. To stay for a bit and get some plan
  • (which sounds easy but) keith is still quite not happy with Matt missing (he’s furious lol)
  • what convinces him is when shiro tells him that Pidge is Matt’s sister. He asks him not to because of her. (he tells him, that’s why keith knows when pidge comes out)
  • That she’s already stressed enough, so that he stops freaking out
  • Keith starts getting better again.
  • So, yeah they wait and try to not think of Matt too much
  • except they both do
  • they don’t mention him, but it’s not easy to forget him just like that

Post-Season2 Sheitt

  • We’re getting rebel leader Matt (nobody tells me that we aren’t)
  • When they meet (maybe rescue?) Matt and his rebel crew Pidge is the first one to rush to him and welcome him back
  • She roughly tells him what happened when he was gone
  • He listens and has some quality bonding time with his sister
  • He then ask her if he could talk to shiro and keith
  • Turns out he’s been holding back from crying and once he’s alone with both of them he just bursts out crying
  • he hugs them and tells them how much he’s been missing them
  • Then keith kisses both of them again
  • It’s like star wars - Matt as Leia, Shiro as Han and Keith as Luke
  • Matt is always the brain. He’s still brave af so it’s always something unexpected and hard to pull off
  • Keith is the best pilot. Natural talent. Usually end up being the key player in Matts plans.
  • Shiro is there to stop them from making shit too risky or impossible to pull of. Also, he’s the one who usually speaks to the masses and explains the plan, tells people what to do etc
  • Hunk and lance already know they’re dating but they dont tell/show it in front of othe people. (not into PDA much :/ )
  • (They come out to pidge once galra is defeated)

Domestic Sheitt

  • Okay, listen, altough they’re not into PDA, they love the cuddles
  • Especially Keith. While it’s something new he really comes to be the most physical person in the household
  • He’s the little spoon, having shiro form one, Matt from the other side (sandwitch lol)
  • Shiro is the one who always gets teased. (Especially the 6yo jokes)
  • Matt is the culprit in 99% of cases
  • Shiro is the only one that can cook. Imagine keith and matt sitting by table, both smirking as shiro in pink apron cooks
  • “Woo, look at that but” ofc loud enogh so Shiro can hear it
  • Also shiro definitely tried to make the “who’s doing what chores” chart at least once. Tried. It didn’t really work out

Okay, okay, this took way too long but here it goes. Man, i’m so deep in this ship… This just needs better name


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Taylor is so calculated in everything she does so what if today is her anniversary and that’s why she decided to release that particular song?


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