I got to go to my first PAX this year! Even though I was only able to go for the first day, it was overwhelmingly awesome and I had a blast. There  were so many games to see, so many booths, and not nearly enough time for it all.

Initially I was pretty upset to learn the TGS podcast panel was going to be on Saturday. Being a huge fan I thought I was going to miss out on seeing Jesse, TB, and Dodger in person. Little did I know I was going to have the chance to meet and talk with my favorite of the bunch, JESSE COX! AND on top of that, as a result I even got to meet Jirard the Completionist and Greg from That One Video Gamer!

Holy crap, I was completely unprepared for this experience. Looking back, I keep running through our brief conversation over and over, hoping to god I didn’t make myself sound like a fool, make them feel awkward, etc. I keep thinking of things I should have said to Jesse: inside jokes, talk about Cox n’ Crendor, mention the fact that he was supposed to be selling skooma next to the ESO truckand anything else that I thought would make him laugh.

Despite my worries, I still got to have a few moments to talk with Jesse. Even though Jesse was very easy to talk to, I was still slightly shaking from nerves and not being able to process how excited I was. As a result, I took a crappy photo that wasn’t even centered on us :P

In the end, I was able to tell Jesse personally how his videos, sense of humor and general personality have helped me with some pretty difficult times. If by some miracle Jesse ends up reading this, I want to thank him again for being the amazing Youtuber, podcaster, and human being he is. He has improved my life for the better, and I can’t express how grateful I am to have met my personal hero.


my goal of pax east was to meet lucahjin, nintendocaprisun, jirard (and greg!), and joshjepson. … i’d say today was a success. NO BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS. lucahjin is without a doubt the nicest person i’ve ever met. i want to keep her in my pocket forever and ever and EVER! 

Hi Jirard, before anything, don’t ever think that we will leave you and stop watching the show and your content, we will be here for you no matter what, supporting you all the time. I know it’s hard and that you have to be dealing with a lot of stuff all the time, but think about it (although I’m sure you already realize it), for each negative comment you get, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of positive and supporting comments, please focus on these and ignore the
negative ones, at the end, it is a bit of a price because you’re getting more and more famous, and haters and stuff like that come with the fame. You are truly a gentleman, a very kind, honest, trustworthy guy, one of the best Youtubers (the best for me, by far) who really cares about his fans, which sometimes makes you more vulnerable than others, but I think that’s part of what makes you even more loveable. I know these are just words, but this is the only way I  can say thanks to you, if I lived closer to you I would go to your place and give you a big
long hug, that may be a weird thing for you, to receive a hug from a stranger, but that’s the thing, for us you aren’t an stranger, you are a friend, a very dear friend who is with us through thick and thin. People say to you all the time that you inspire them to try new games, or that they were having a tough time and watching you help them, or that watching your videos challenged them to accomplish something in a game and get better, or that you’re a role model
for them to follow, even parents with kids have approached you to tell you they watch your show together, so you are also helping families bond together, that awesome! more than awesome!

I remember a few years ago, when you used to stream from your room, there was only you and a few of us, you talked a lot with us, we had a lot of nice times together, we were there with you when you accomplished something and you were happy, but also in bad times when you got angry, frustrated or sad, we even wait for you watching and talking to your chair while you go to the bathroom or for food, I really miss those times! I don’t know what else to say, I’m a bit emotional right now. Jirard, please keep doing what you do, because it is amazing, please don’t give up, please keep being the incredible person you are, we are together in this journey, we will stay with you until you decide to end, sharing all the moments. So, thanks Jirard! Thanks my friend!

Your fan and friend,

*I apologize for the length of this letter and also for my English, it isn’t my first language.

Hello everyone. I have a quick question:
Am I the only one that thinks that The Completionist aka ThatOneVideoGamer looks a lot like Greg Universe from Steven Universe? I think yes because of the beards most likely. I would like to see him cosplay as the character from the show.
Let me know what you think of this, everyone.