Remember when PAX Prime happened and everyone made these type of edits? Awe the memories. Part 1

Credit to whoever made these.

This picture is an inspiring picture. Why?? It shows a family. No, not a family that is related to one another but, a family that sticks together through thick and thin. Through though times. If someone had a problem they would hop on TeamSpeak and talk about it and everyone actually cares. This family is huge. This family also includes the fandom members. So, This family, my family, your family, OUR family is one happy one that will never die. Reblog this if you are part of the true family. I want to see a high number to know that lots of people care about them and the rest of us. I love you all and if you ever need to talk or tell someone something don’t be afraid to inbox a family member because I know someone cares. I care. We all should care.

Sooo Uhhh...

I might’ve made a Cube Hunger Games…..

Don’t hate me…

These people are ruthless.

Aw :’( First night poor bbys.

POKE BBY NO. Probably over Bee dying tbh.

DAY 2!!!

Here comes the acid rain!

So ruthless these gamers are.

That was so many deaths holy smokes ;-;

CONGRADULATIONS life-as-a-nomad!!! You are the victor of the hunger games!


The signs as cube members (requested)

Aries: Jordan (xBayani)
Taurus: Graser (Graser10)
Gemini: Stacy (StacyPlays)
Cancer: Bee (HeyImBee)
Leo: Will (KiingTong)
Virgo: H (HBomb94)
Libra: Dul (DulJuice)
Scorpio: Julio (ThatOneTomahawk)
Sagittarius: Mitchell (StrauberryJam)
Capricorn: Mark (Dfield)
Aquarius: Devon (DevonDoesGames)
Pisces: Sean (GrapeAppleSauce)


I hope you all watched grasers video or this won’t make sense.

-Graser didn’t say ANYTHING. Nothing. Zippo. So don’t you dare go saying it was his fault because you didn’t hear him once.

-All the members in that call were nice about it. They listened to his situation. They offered to help. They were not rude in any such way.

-Parker said multiple times there were offenses. He said tomahawks said stuff about the cube community and the members a few times. They let it off before.

-They DID NOT tell him to lie. Not at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

-I’m pretty sure tomahawk full out lied in his video.

-And now that tomahawk is saying he didn’t give permission to upload the video;


He did give him permission, but Parker is right. Things needed to be cleared.

-Also, “why’d you record the conversation in the first place?”

{PICTURE ATTACHED} Thank you for your time.