you guys like my morning has been so dramatic LOL it’s one of those “why do these things happen to me” type of mornings. like I get to work and alls dandy and than I get the major bubble guts. like the type if I move a muscle I will poop my pants.. and this always happens to me at the worst times!!!! meetings, interviews, takeoffs and landing on planes. it’s ridic, anyways so I’m like lemme go really quick. the bathroom is in my classroom so I can potty and still know what the children are doing. so I’m pooping than the fucking fire alarm goes off. and the kids just start screaming (they’re all 4-5) so I’m like rushing and wiping really fucking fast and screaming from the potty “stop panicking I’m coming” than I rush them outside and than the firefighter comes to me and is like “roll sheet pls” I’m like fuck I didn’t grab it. so I told him hey look I was in the bathroom I just grabbed the kids and dipped. so he like rolls his eyes and walks away I’m like fuck you. so yeah than I take them in everything’s Gucci again and it’s lunch time so I’m warming up meals and this girls food was in foil and my dumbass microwaves it and it SETS ON FUCKING FIRE so I dump her food into the sink and soak the hell out of it to put it out and she’s like all crying now and I’m like wtf is up with this shit and than the alarm goes off and we all exit the building again and she’s bawling everyone’s pissy because it’s lunch time and I’m all like calm your fatasses down but this time I grabbed my role sheet ;) but still what a morning, my life is such a troll but I laugh oh wells hahahahahah

so moral of that is I don’t need children. I suck