That One Ex

I know it was a fucked up relationship. But now that it’s kind of over for real. I can’t help but think about all the good times we had. Even before. The good times is what keeps you going in most relationships these days. I don’t know. Maybe I’m stupid. But I miss that person. I’m longing to find out if maybe it’ll work out one day. I’m waiting to see if maybe this person is the one I’m really suppose to be with. I just feel at home whenever I’m with him. He gets me. And sometimes it’s takes a lot of shit to happen for someone to know who you really are and just accept it. That’s him. And whenever I see him, I can’t help but think about just leaving everything behind and starting over with the person who already knows you at your most lowest points in life and your highest. Amazing isn’t it. How we don’t really learn how to love another human being in school but we learn from making making huge amounts of mistakes to find that peace in loving someone else. If things weren’t so complicated, I’d be in his arms forever. To me that’s my life. That’s where I find peace. That’s how I want my love to be.