gaggle-of-robots-deactivated201 asked:

If I may say something... You, Mr./Ms. Admin, are fucking awesome. You have no idea how much of a good mood it puts me in to check my dash and see awesome robots everywhere on it. Thank you. <333

Ah, sorry, I didn’t see my messages!!!!! Thank you so much for liking this blog!!! It means a lot to me ~

gaggle-of-robots-deactivated201 asked:

I have a question that I sincerely hope you answer... What music widget do you use? I've been hopping around but haven't been able to find jack squat about it. A name would be awesome, and a link to a download would be even better. Thanks.

Whoaaa, sorry, I didn’t even see this message!! The music player tab is by gyapo and the actual music player is here!!