Experience: Baxter Wordsworth - One-Two, 1-2 [Visual]

#BaxterWordsworthIsDOOMed will make you fall in Love and then break you heart. But it won’t bang your mom. #MyMusicCares - Baxter Wordsworth

  • That is a brilliant marketing pitch 
  • This is as equally brilliant of a visual.
  • BaxterWordsworthIsDOOMed will cross your path on Friday, January 13th.

Hey guys! So, @thatninjawordz and I just moved into our new apartment! 

No pressure or anything, but if you guys would like to get us a house (apartment) warming gift, we would be super appreciative! 

We have a Bed Bath & Beyond registry up, so feel free to check it out!

Registry #: 542852774

Registry link:

Also, feel free to reblog!