BEST 70-200mm f.28 lens by Matt Granger

Constructive Criticism is a bitch :P

So I got very excited today, That Nikon Guy released his video announcing his judgment on the TNG June nighttime themed competition.

I sat literally vibrating and urging him on to reach my shot…

3 seconds pass no comment… Uh Oh can’t be good..

Matt struggles to see the image and has to check the genre (Bodyscape) as he is struggling to see the form. Hopes shattered I listen to his constructive criticism.

When I recreate this image I will endeavor to make the figure instantly recognizable. And remove the over powering border. (Watch this space for Moonlit v2.0)

I would be lying if I said I was a little gutted that the photographer I admire and respect disliked my image. But I have learnt my lesson I know now this entry was rushed and not me at my best, this is not going to be repeated anytime soon.


perfect explanation for wedding photography costs