okay, so i saw everyone doing follow forever posts but my sister broke my laptop that had photoshop so i couldn’t even attempt anything but i still wanted to do one and this happened

haildashner, newtandminho (even though i h9 u), thatnewtguy, teresaagnes, itwastitiledkillorder, fryingmypan, mazerunnermusical, allthatklunk, chuck-smiled, getoutofthebugginmaze, kissme-thomas, praetoroftheglade, therunners-cure, subjecta5theglue, ohohminho


teresaagnesreplied to yourpost:entering this fandom may be my best decision ever…

IS THIS OUR ARIS? OH yeah,don’t feel bad about making the fandom’s amazing.

NOPE THIS IS OUR SARAH hahahaha i haven’t heard back from our aris yet sadly :’D i’ll let y’all know when i do

and ksghjdkhj i’m glad you think so but there’s quite some people who hate me for it or so i’ve noticed haha ;v;

(sorry for butting in whoops)

HI YES I’M SARAH (can I be a Glader too? that would be pretty cool tbh :’) ) shhht Bruni don’t listen to them, all I’ve seen you contribute to any fandom is amazing graphics, sass and good spirit so shush to anybody who begs to differ