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Hahahah omg soo cool….. My little sis would be so jealous xD

u don’t understand how much i freaked out!!!

LOL I literally grabbed him as he went across like the barrier that was between him and everyone 

and the security guard is like u have to leave him and i just held his hand until he was in the same frame as me :D

I cropped myself out because “ew”… but u can still see my hair
but thats me holding his hand… and the security guard trying to get me to let go

oh beautiful srk <3 

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Hi, when are you dropping chem, biology and physics and whyy ?

i dropped it today, because i felt my grades weren’t high enough. like, i could pass the year with those grades, but i’m scared i’d fail my end year exam next year. so i decided to switch to geography, history and art.

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Hitrik roshan :D ( im not sure how you spell his name xD )


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