anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some good mori-themed blogs (also not tumblr-blogs)?

Sure! It’s unfortunate, but most non-tumblr mori blogs have become inactive or closed in the past 3 years. I feel like my blog is one of the few left :`( But a few you might like are forget me not (lots of nature photos), Tea Parties & Fairytales (not strictly mori), The Plant That Never Blooms, Woodland Rucksack, All My Deers, Anie Inspired (also not strictly mori), Blushing Rabbit (lolita and mori), Deer-Lightful Forest (half personal blog, half mori), and Poppy Noir (lolita and mori). These are all active blogs. 

There are a few inactive mori blogs you might be interested in as well, such as Cats In Straw Hats, A Cup of Bitter Bramble Tea (mori and beginner lolita), Dear Miss Kellie, Moko Moko Love, Mason’s Tea Shop, The Patchwork Forest, Rabbits and Flowers, and Petit Berry.

As for tumblr, there are a ton, so brace yourself: @thatlittlemorigirl, @monmonmori, @wildbutterflyblog, @italianmorigirl, @midlifemori, @heidruna, @littlewoodwitch, @feathertrader, @cinnamon–tea, @dollfromtheattic, @laceandlayers, @seewhatinspires, @the-plant-that-never-blooms, @filleforetforestgirl, @dandelionslullaby, @aforestwanderer, @moriyunha, @moristyle, @msmorihime, @ai-no-mori, @mandarinya, @morimoss, @gentlesound, @laceyacey, @lovelymorigirls, @mori-sorciere, @stormy-forests, @morigirlhaus, @mori-fashionista, @woodlandshadows, @baaikha, @puellasilva, @the-garden-forest, @kaithemoriboy, @mikaechan, @faunafern, @tea-in-taiga, @takehara-no-mori, @fairy-mori-mood, @morimademoiselle, @morimerry, @kanashiikuma, @moriwhimsy, @luiaards, @faerydaesforest, @darkmorigirl, @faedere, @moriwoman, @wolf-tales, @frenchmorigirl, @moribird, @ladymori, @sailorren, and @texkat. There are more out there, and I probably missed a few that I follow, but I tried my best! If anyone out there has a mori blog and would like to add yourself to this list, feel free to reblog it and do so. 

I hope there are some new names in there for you anon! ^^