So I was in class today where my teacher had hung up a rainbow flag, and I overheard this conversation:

Person 1: Look, the teacher tacked up a rainbow flag on the wall

Person 2: Ugh, that is so offensive

Person 1: I know! That’s a good quality flag, she really shouldn’t have tacked it up there. I have some stuff she could use to hang up it that wouldn’t hurt the fabric…

Person 2: No, that’s not what I meant. I meant it’s offensve ‘cause it’s gay

Person 1: Well I can tell this conversation isn’t moving anywhere, so I will *walks away*

Me: *thinking* OOOH BURNED

anonymous asked:

Zen and V (separately) parenting headcanons!!! How would they be as fathers?


  • probably has a daughter and ends up spoiling the shit out of her
  • as a new father he’d be really anxious of his newborn baby and plays his own fucking music around the house just because 
  • zen sings them to sleep every fuckin night dont PLAY W ME ABOUT THIS
  • he cries on their first day of school
  • he’s really cheesy and embarrasses his kids on purpose honestly 
  • always dresses up their kid in super fancy nice outfits whenever they go out, think beckham family style
  • realllllly composed for the paparazzi but in private he’s making the dumbest faces to his own kid 
  • constantly takes selfies for his baby and puts them in the rfa chat
  • sometimes even he’s in it and that’s a double combo, they’re both photogenic
  • he literally loves feeding the baby but whenever the bub starts crying he panics a lil and is like “oh god what do I DO MC HELP OUR WOMB NUGGET IS CRYING
  • cries while changing diapers he can’t do it he can’t it’s too much
  • the kid knows all of zen’s songs by the age of 10. it would’ve been sooner if mc didn’t politely ask zen to at least let their child listen to some other stuff once in a while.
  • they’ve been hearing zen’s “ALL MEN ARE WOLVES” rant ever since they came out the womb
  • takes them on set to watch him do cool stunts n show off n shit because he wants his kids to think he’s cool and they do but they get distracted by the catering… same tbh
  • he is a loving parent and always compliments his kid because he never got that growing up and doesn’t want that to happen to his own 
  • zen realllly loves his kid, he wants to give them everything he never got and actively promotes their child to get into arts and doesn’t say much about studying as long as they’re passing
  • once their kid signs up for plays and shit tho zen goes off, jaehee style
  • he is a proud dad
  • 8/10 dad except for that one time he was about to leave a place swarmed with paparazzi and forgot he left his own child in the lobby and ran back to go get them


  • listen jihyun kim would be the most lit ass dad in the world
  • he would be a cool dad without even actually trying to be sorry zen
  • he’s got cool dad points already for his teal af hair
  • takes his kid everywhere. parks, malls, and is a really active figure in his child’s life because his parents weren’t active in his own and it really hurt him and made him internalize a lot of his pain because he was taught love was distance, from the people who were his first impressions of loving someone
  • has a really hard time lecturing them because it’s just h a r d he can’t say no to them unless it’s something obviously outrageous but tries to do everything they want to do
  • a lot of family picnics!! even when they’re a toddler v wastes no time to get the whole fam out in nature, and he snaps a lot of photos of his baby too
  • there’s a lot of portraits of them at home, from each and every age and even has multiple scrapbooks
  • the kind of dad that reads to his kid every night and tucks them in and makes them a bottle of milk
  • he’s a rlly chill dad too and doesn’t even flinch when the baby vomits on him
  • really efficient as a parent, is decent about waking up in the middle of the night to change their kid’s diaper and taking care of them for a day
  • a very supportive dad even throughout all of his kid’s tantrums and phases
  • probably volunteers at his kid’s school and knows all of their friends on a first name basis
  • knows his child is probably gonna try drugs some day and probably gonna make great memories growing up so he’s pretty chill about curfew and rules, just he needs to know where they’re going and if the people going with are reliable or not
  • used to have no chill when they were younger though because he’d probably lowkey track his kid but once they hit like 16 he stopped doing that
  • kid takes their fashion sense from dad and the main family staple is black turtlenecks and monochrome outfits because #AESTHETICFAM
  • lets his kid join so many clubs and sports and is supportive in all of them and cheers them on at games or takes part in the club activities
  • a really laid back dad that respects his kid’s privacy and doesn’t pry unless it’s really bad, but he’s so trustworthy as a father it’s like him and his own kid are best friends
  • 10/10 father

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HAS ANYONE NOTICED?  I am now a 5sos/magcon-omaha blog!

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