Worldbuilding Wednesday: Monday Edition

My askbox is full of awesome questions, so I thought I’d answer a few early, this week!

You’ve mentioned weaponry and airships in previous posts. What’s the level of industrial development in TCF? - thatjerkrmed

Crazy magical technology aside, the best approximation is turn-of-the-century; somewhere between 1880 and 1900. Electricity is commonplace in developed nations, and mass production exists but still requires a significant human element. They’ve not yet progressed to the point of having much automation in assembly lines. Automobiles are still fairly slow, and horse-drawn carts and carriages are not yet obsolete even in the largest cities.

While crystals could be programmed with enough complexity to run a computer, the concept of a computer is still decades beyond their comprehension.

But that does not mean they do not exist…

You mention “Spirits of the Earth”, because there is magic and such in this world of yours I must ask, are the spirits real? Fake? A mixture of real things and false things? - why-you-gotta-be-like-that

Every person you ask would give you a different answer. There are many cultures in the TCF world, and thrice as many religions, ranging from monotheistic to pantheon, pagan to atheistic. The truth of it is a mystery, but magic is as natural a concept to everyone in the world as grass.

It just happens to be way cooler.

How long will Cloud Factory be? - intrudawombat

While it is a finite story, with a beginning and an end, there’s no set length. It will run as long as it needs to for the story to be told, which, given my tentative update schedule of one page every two weeks, will probably be a several years.

Looks like I’ll be able to make my big announcement this week, so stay tuned! Exciting things are happening.