MBTI: reasons to live

Okay so this is a bit more serious than my usual posts which are literally about memes and procrastination, but I thought it would be sorta nice to give each type a reason why they should stay alive. These sorts of things are important :)

INFP: there are so many books left for you to read

INFJ: you see things differently and the world needs people like that

INTP: live for that discovery you’ll make a decade from now

INTJ: you haven’t truly left your mark yet

ENFP: there are animals who need you

ENFJ: who will campaign for change without you?

ENTP: you’re gonna do something big, just wait

ENTJ: you are the one thing holding some groups/organisations together

ISTP: you haven’t visited every continent yet

ISTJ: the world needs your innovation

ISFP: there’s so many beautiful things you haven’t seen

ISFJ: trust me, your friends need you

ESFP: you brighten up the lives of everyone you meet

ESFJ: one day, you’ll be so in love that you’ll be glad you’re alive

ESTP: there are so many experiences left for you to feel

ESTJ: you may not know it, but people are relying on you


INTP: *is sitting down thinking*

ENTP: hey do you want to come play soccer?

INTP: ehhhhhh not really

ENTP: come on please

INTP: *sighs* I’m not even good at it

ENTP: oh well its fine!

INTP: i’m not good at it

ENTP: now’s your chance to prove that

INTP: okayyyy

INTP: *walks to field*

INTP: *actually gets into it*

ENTP: *thinks* hey they like it!

INTP: *bumps into ENTP* sorry

ENTP: hey it’s okay

INTP: *does it again*

INTP: *flinches* erm sorry

ENTP: really it’s fine

INTP: does it a third time

ENTP: *wraps arms around INTP and holds still*

INTP: w-what’re you doing?

ENTP: *whispers into ear* can’t you tell?

INTP: hey what am i feeling?

ENTP: *presses cheek against INTP’s face*

INTP: oh it’s getting stronger

ENTP: *grins* oh yes

anonymous asked:

INFP / INTP for the heist scenario

INTP: *trying to plan* so uhhhh we get into the bank right

INFP: Right

INTP: and uhhhhh

INFP: ……

INTP: Okay what do banks look like inside…..


INTP: Have I ever been in a bank?

INFP: Well….I think they kind of look like *begins making vague hand gestures*

INTP: Ohhhhhhh. That proves it.

INFP: Yea it’s sort of like that

INTP: Yep I’ve never been in a bank.

INFP: Oh….uhhh….

INTP: I think you’re more qualified to plan than I am, INFP.