INTP: *is sitting down thinking*

ENTP: hey do you want to come play soccer?

INTP: ehhhhhh not really

ENTP: come on please

INTP: *sighs* I’m not even good at it

ENTP: oh well its fine!

INTP: i’m not good at it

ENTP: now’s your chance to prove that

INTP: okayyyy

INTP: *walks to field*

INTP: *actually gets into it*

ENTP: *thinks* hey they like it!

INTP: *bumps into ENTP* sorry

ENTP: hey it’s okay

INTP: *does it again*

INTP: *flinches* erm sorry

ENTP: really it’s fine

INTP: does it a third time

ENTP: *wraps arms around INTP and holds still*

INTP: w-what’re you doing?

ENTP: *whispers into ear* can’t you tell?

INTP: hey what am i feeling?

ENTP: *presses cheek against INTP’s face*

INTP: oh it’s getting stronger

ENTP: *grins* oh yes

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INFP / INTP for the heist scenario

INTP: *trying to plan* so uhhhh we get into the bank right

INFP: Right

INTP: and uhhhhh

INFP: ……

INTP: Okay what do banks look like inside…..


INTP: Have I ever been in a bank?

INFP: Well….I think they kind of look like *begins making vague hand gestures*

INTP: Ohhhhhhh. That proves it.

INFP: Yea it’s sort of like that

INTP: Yep I’ve never been in a bank.

INFP: Oh….uhhh….

INTP: I think you’re more qualified to plan than I am, INFP. 

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I just did my MBTI and it said I was INTP. I read through the thing that describes your personality, and it was right on some things, but was way off on others- I'm not that good at maths or analysis, I love writing poetry, I play like 3 musical instruments and I love art and philosophy, I'm terrible at trying to motivate myself to do things… what do I do? Also, do you have any recommendations for blogs for INTP people?

Your personality type is NOT BASED ON STEREOTYPES! Although often accurate and fun to make fun of, these stereotypes are only surface level mbti; instead look into functions! Many many INTPs I know are super into the arts and disinterested in math, so don’t worry, you aren’t on your own :) As to motivating yourself, many INTPs (if you are one) benefit from short bursts of studying with many breaks. And finally, blogs that are good for INTPs, 

*Myersandbriggs obviously






I don’t know if you meant INTP-specific, so I hope this is okay with you :)