Can this be the Once-ler fans national anthem? Please? Just. Please?

To blue-echo

“Ow! Ow! Just gotta- gah! Hold still! Just- ow, ow, ow! Where are the bandaids!”

The Lorax heard these sounds outside Beanpoles tent as he was checking on the barbaloots. They always fell asleep near the Once-lers tent. Maybe it was because they got a free breakfast. That Once-ler sure did know how to cook. The Lorax tip toed around the front of the tent to the back to where the cries were. The window was closed with a cloth hanging over the opening. A light peered from a corner of it.

The Lorax looked around. He just needed to find a way to see what Beanpole was up to. Ah, one of the boxes in the wagon would do it! The forest guardian hobbled over to the wagon. He then pushed the box over to the window, for it did read breakables on it. Heaving himself up, The Lorax peered through the crack. And what saw him made him snort and hold in a laugh.

There was The Once-ler, hunched over, trying to sew this green piece of fabric. He sat up, and turned towards the window. The Lorax ducked down, but couldn’t help himself and peered up just a bit so he could get a clear shot of his “rival”. Beanpole, in his bunny pjs with pins in his mouth, grabbed some more green cloth from the table and spun back to the side.

“Alright, time to finnish the coat. Now just gotta- OUCH!!!”


“I just woke,

I just woke up!

Good morning family!

I just woke up!

Eating Lucky Charms,

only eat the marshmallows,

having a sweet tooth does no harm!

Don’t like those crunchy fellows!

My moms once again picking on me…

Yelling on how I’m no good,

It hurts, why doesn’t she see.

I really wish she would.

Oooooow I fell over!

Either Bret or Chad stuck out their leg,

So now I say hello earth.

It hurts, don’t make me beg!

Limping up the-”



I turned around, holding my thigh. My mom was standing at the bottom of the steps, hands on her hips. Bret and Chad were behind her.

“Quit singing at once! Or I’ll disown you!”

I looked down and muttered, “Yes ma'am.”

“Don’t Mutter!”

“Yes Ma'am!”

I softly sang under my breath as my mom stalked away, “I just got yelled at again, I will never end. I must sing, and play while dreaming!”


Can’t hear this song without thinking about all these scary happy fangirls driving cars holding ropes and tape and cameras going to the Once-lers house to kidnap him.

Also, just replace the word rich with sex.