Deep Conditioning (YASSS ma'am!)

Right now, I’m deep conditioning my hair. I’m at work right now an have a hat and hoodie on. Underneath the hat is a saran-wrapped dome with a new DC in my hair.

I’ve had this in since last night and will be washing out after work. My scalp is not dry, nor is the hair bu my scalp is ITCHING like crazy! I dont have to scratch hard to relief the itch, but I find myself tending to a lot of them.

I’m excited for super soft hair in the evening, and even more excited to be going on my first real hair journey. Unf that means figuring out new hairstyles and headwraps >:)

I would like to say I want to twerk for joy, but I think the world knows what has happened to this term. So…*raining glitter fest and cartwheels*