my follow friday~

mrclegend | hellyeahmileycee | thatgoldensun | mybeautifulsmiley | ofabeautifulnight | itsalightweight | kidrauhlmylife | mysmiley | kristews | isthemusictoblame | ronniemiller-s | r-millers | jumpsthetracks | jumping-trains | thatsmyrainbow

these are just some, most of them are my tumblr crushes, and yeah. but these are all flawless blogs, but you should check this out for more~~

& sorry for this really bad edit, lol. im super lazy today and its a rush.

btw hanielle if you’re thinking why you two are together, i was just thinking that you two are eachothers better halves so i put you two together. c: 

k bye. ily all.