So I recently hit 500 followers nearly 600 now this took so long to make lmao so I thought I’d make a little follow forever (ily all so so much btw just gonna say it now). To celebrate I’m also doing name aesthetics and user moodboards!!

my pals (people who i speak to/consider frens, hugs to yall):

achills, aliisonreynolds, daniellewild, elcntiya, mathiashelvars, melodramaticplum, ohtroyes, tangentialpancake, thyring

mutuals = bolded

a ~ c

a-troyeblemaking-phan / aaronminyardt / aaronminyxrd / adamparrvish / adamparrvsh / aliggn / allisonjrenyolds / allisonreynods / andrewminyrd / andrewminyardt / andriell / archerons / arcticlester / artrxye / artyizz / aryeastark / ashryvaer / asteriea / astraera / atwells / aurellialester / averyiscoldpizza / azultroye / beedobson / bezocr / bleuczerny / blossomphan / bluesev / bluesneighbourhood / bvdysnatchers / c-ollapsingcities / cassiophea / chillinonsundays / clairdelunas / cliffedges / cloudybub / cloudypal / consivanqueen / cringe-attacks / crownsivan / cznery

d ~ i

dancerphan / daniellewlds / danufes / danwilds / darlingtroye / dawncourt / daydreamlester / ddraco / dorianhaviliiard / dracomahlfoys / drainingsky / dreamingcourt / dreamingoftronnor / eclecticpandas / eliesehayes / emptixd / enjolrahh / etherealcacti / faerietroye / fairywlw / fantastlcbeasts / fayrearcheron / fhloraei / florels / flowersivan / gansgay / ghaffas / ghxstczerny / glendowers / glowinghowell / glyndowr / gnseysblue / greywaeran / greywuren / gxnnyweasley / hecaites / hellamellet / henryduboiv / herxnstairs / heygogh / hugvvarts / illuminosity / imcatchingthedreams / ironicallyscreaming / izzyalrightwood

j ~ p

jamespotte / kilonovae / leavethisblueneighbourhood / legit-freak / leukskywalker / lightwoodsisabelle / lostboytroye / lumiant / lunarscars / lunavlovegood / maisiewillaim / mavencalore / memedetta / memeyards / mermaeid / milkysleeps / minyrdz / moonlightmemo / mywonderlandyears / neiljostun / nyvmph / ohalcyons / ohczerny / ohlesterno / oi-troye / okaydan / oydssey / paddfoot / palebluetroye / pastel-troye / patrioclus / perksofbeingoneofthestars / persephoenes / planetums / pohaberry / professorlockhart / progress-ive / protect-phil / pugsandplants / pureblud / pureblxd

q ~ z

queenfeliicity / ravcnblue / ravnclaws / renneewalkers / richavdgansey / rosegoldtroye / rxchardgansey / sarcasticphan / sarchengseys / satvrnkid / shingekihowell / sleepygogh / slyherin / snapshotsofastar / sobforsirius / softfinch / softprinces / solivvagant / sqrgents / starlit-lester / startouchd / stilessmccall / subrubia / szluu / thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube / tildeinthetulips / tinybeanlester / tipsytroye / tpersephone / troyeboyish / twinsivan / undomiel / unopens / urbanhowell / venussivan / vesuviuns / vinyltroye / wampius / weepingrace / whoistroyeanyway / wlw / wondersonrepeat / wut-a-duckie / youraverageroman

so i hit 10k a few days ago which is crazy and awesome and holy shit that’s a lot of people where did you all even come from. i’m not sure why you all are following me but i want to say thanks to everyone for sticking around and making me feel validated (or something). when i made this blog almost two and a half years ago i couldn’t even imagine that one day this many people would be following me but wow here we are. i’m glad you’re enjoying (or i hope so) this mess that is my blog. also it’s been too long since the last time i made a follow forever so i thought maybe this would be a good time. so here’s some of my favourite blogs and i’ve probably forgot someone but i promise i don’t hate you i’m just not good at this

@asstheticlester // @attractivelester // @averyiscoldpizza // @ayetroyler // @blossomphan // @cloudietroye // @conconsivan // @crimson-howell // @cringe-attacks // @dan-senpai // @danielfuckinghowell // @dans-dick // @danthrusts // @digitalphan // @dil-howlters-pink-ring // @disenchanfed // @forever-howlter // @glowinghowell // @guyliner-appreciation // @how-gay-can-you-get // @howell-to-lester // @illmakeuhowell // @ironic-lester // @itmeslayvan // @kanyememe // @letsgoyoutubing // @limitlessphan // @memespov // @midnightcityoflights // @pastelhowll // @phan-you-not // @phanimist // @phanscherryblossom // @phantheraglama // @pineapplelester // @procrasdanating // @pseudophan // @punkphan // @shingekihowell // @slayphan // @sliceofphan // @smiling-lester // @smirkingphan // @smolphanbean // @softboydan // @sunlitlester // @sunrisephan // @teamvelvet // @thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube // @thephanvan // @thyring // @tronlerfravan // @troyeboyish // @troyesbooty // @vangoghtroye // @vinyltroye

so i just hit 3,000 followers and i’m so happy omg thanks so much guys! so, as per usual, i’m doing a follow forever to thank everyone <3

#-D ~ @21lester @amazingtroye @bigboytroye @cherishingtronnor @cringe-attacks @dan-senpai @danthrusts @dreamingtroyler @dreamytronnor 

E-I ~ @faerietroye @feminist-phan @frantaish @glowinghowell @happy-little-tilly @hellamellet @idktronnor @introyevert @itmetroye

J-P ~ @letsgoyoutubing @livewiretroye @oktronnor @pastelmikey @peace-out-little-munchkins @preemie-fetus

Q-S ~ @ripsticktroye @smilingoakley @sooakley @stardustphan

T ~ @thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube @tronlerfivever @tronnorswink @tronnortbh @trosivan @troyesbooty @troyesfranta @troyesivan18 @troyetroyetroye @troyey @troyeyo @troylerfam @troyleroyal @troylersbae @troylerxbabe @trxyes @trxyesquiff

U-Z ~ @ughoakley @ultratroye @unfphan @unftroye @whatevertroye @whatstroyler @whoistroyeanyway @wishingfortroyler @xotroye

and of course my son @troyesivan <3

No, I didn’t reach any goal or special quantity of followers. BUT it’s Christmas day (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then just take the love) and I thought I wanted to spread a little bit of love by telling some amazing people how amazing they are ^-^

I’m the worst with dedications and words in general, so I’m just gonna say that indepently of whether we talk a lot or not I love you all and I appreciate you as a part of my tumblr life. You’re amazing and beautiful and asgjhdslgfh (oh yes, above all asgjhdslgfh) and I wish I was closer(see what I did there? nvm) to everyone of you.

So here goes a list of people I want to be happy:

A - I

a-boy-like-trxye ayetroyler 

blahtroyler bryce-ashley 


fandomobsessive fathoming-the-stars 

happylittlepapi happylittletwink heywhynottroyler

icherishtronnor  icykeith   i-am-not-an-owl itmeslayvan



L - P



ohgodtroyler ohtyluhyouresodreamy 

peace-out-little-munchkins   phan-and-food phanphanphanphan phantacize  prof3ssionalfangirl



thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube tillysivan18 tillysteapot troye-ily troyehotboy troyesaves troyes-lip-ring troyetroyetroye troyler-kiss-killed-us tronnorissocoollike troylersexual troylershippingismylifetimejob tyleroakleyisthebae tyleroakpea


V - Z


whatsagarb whatstroyler

sassyllamaofdoom 50-shades-of-trxye should-have-let-me-sleep sunnyswagtroyler sunshine-and-smiling sweet-as-sugarpie

those gifs were absolutely necessary, k?

And obviously, MERRY CHRISTMAS to the guys that make it possible for me to find these incredible people: amazingphil connorfranta danisnotonfire troyesivan tyleroakley


To anyone who sees this but wasn’t mentioned in the post: Merry Chtistmas to you too!

hi there you adorable tumblr peeps. okay so i hit 4k which is actually unbelievable and i couldn’t actually be happier. i have made so many amazing friends here that now i probably couldn’t live without. i love you guys so much, thanks for everything. here are some of my absolute favourites:

troyelikesboys // youtubers-ugh // whoistroyeanyway // peace-out-little-munchkins // theyremyotp // troyetopia // troyesbooty // aslayzingtroye // alfpacas // awsugg // ayetroyler // conniefrannie // cutiepiedan // dhpl // dailytroye // fangirlhowell // gladyousaidhi // happylittlezalfie // iadoretyleroakley // infinite-youtubers // kateypops // lookingfortronler // lumierize // planet-troyler // schmalf // shuckmylife // sivandays // suptroyler // thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube // the-troyler-blog // tillyoakley // trickydillon // tronnorvibes // troyeoakleys // trxyes // tsivey // tylertillytroye // unftroye // zalphie // zozeebo i would write a lil comment about how brilliant these people are but that’d take forever so i’ll say i adore all of you guys and you’re beautiful and you mean the world to me. come and talk to me whenever you’d like, i’m always here to talk. oh and of course thank you to the flawless troyesivan, tyleroakley, danisnotonfire and connorfranta for creating these amazing fandoms i love being in. thank you so much you beautiful people. remember, i’m always around to talk if you’d like. see you next thousand x


so yeah christmas is coming along with my birthday and 2k goal so i decided to do this thingy for the first time

i just wanted to say thank you everyone who followed me and can keep up with my weirdness i love you all

and because its christmas i want to wish you, your family and friends a beautiful christmas, with amazing presents and good food because who wouldn’t want food!

if you’re not celebrating christmas then I’m sorry i didn’t know and just know you’re amazing and i appreciate you even when it’s freaking cold outside

special thanks for @soundsphanfeelsphan and @turntywurnpurlurts  for making me these amazing graphics (couldn’t pick one) love you beans

special beans in bold (doesn’t show everyone on mobile)

# - C

@1980hood / @1d-5sos-coffee / @50shadesofhockeyplayers / @5sosmikey / @5sosoverwifi / @5sossavedthem / @aarons-marshmallow / @actualfoxes / @alltimehellalow / @ashtxniirwxn / @aushemmo / @aw-mikey / @awildtylerappeared / @bangmeandy / @baratkat / @beanboys / @bewbies / @blue-eyed-lucas / @bluelectrics / @blurrefaces@blurryjoshua / @bravemichael / @brokenhoem / @broknehome / @cals-lisp / @calumfood / @calumsveins / @candymuke / @castawayirwinx / @castawaymichael / @cliffovans 

D - H

@danhowellsaesthetic / @dank-dun / @danthelester / @deadstump / @dimplelashton / @djspookybean / @donutlester / @dunplease / @elfmike / @fackmgc / @fckenluke / @fictionalfauna / @fluffycalum / @flyzlk / @frickindun / @fuckingmichael / @galactic-mikey / @galaxy-mike / @golden-heart-girl​ / @gonersgospel / @gr3ygh0sts / @groovymikey / @guacamikey / @hauntinghvlsey / @hayitssavannah / @heartdun / @helpoursoulstonight / @hemmocat / @heyirwins / @hoodduh / @hotdamn5sos / @hotel-lester / @huhmalum 

I - P

@i-see-blurry / @infinityonhigherer / @internette-fangirl / @invisibleirwin / @irrwinkiss / @irwinmusic / @jetblack17eart / @jetpackgoose / @jinglebellcalum / @jishwasbeard / @keylimedun / @kindahotmikey / @lane-kid / @laneboyirwin / @lovelionlii / @lucas-is-mine / @lukefrost / @lukesapeach / @lukesos / @lukeysdimplesx / @malumbadlands / @malums-vapor / @malumshearts / @malumsmouth / @maybe-its-troyebelline / @melsalphabetboy / @michaelsbutt / @mistletoedun / @movingflames / @mtvcalum / @mukenope / @my-chemical-fall-out-time-low@nicenightmare13 / @noelthegreat123 / @noodlewriters / @ohemmoh / @ohyeshemmo / @old-broken-scene / @pastel-phan-punk / @pavlust / @peachymalum / @pepeclifford / @peppermintcalum / @phanftroye / @phoenixlash / @plzstopcalum / @punkphan / @pxstelrainbow

R - Z

@rayofashton / @reindeer-irwin / @relatableclifford / @rimfob / @risingtothetop / @rlydun / @rockoutash / @roman-halsey-holiday / @rosehalsey / @rowysocalums / @ruusmess / @saeftypin / @santamike / @satellitehowell / @sendthemallmyway@silentpilots / @skellydun / @slowtowndun / @smashirwin / @smollittlebean / @snowluke / @softpunked / @soundsphanfeelsphan / @spacekid-ty / @spookyvi / @stxrryhalsey / @thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube / @tokyoluke / @toobrokeforbands / @toolucas / @tuentyonepilots / @turntywurnpurlurts / @twentyonevals / @txlerjoseph / @ukulelescreemo / @whiskymalum / @wholelottahalsey / @yayhowell / @youdoyoucalum

if i didn’t tag you and we are mutuals then I’m really sorry its late and I’m tired

As my blog is one year old, I decided to make a little follow forever kinda thing where im basically just gonna put some of my favourite blogs (sorry if I miss anyone but im following 827 blogs so yah that’s a lot)

A ~ F

@a-troyeblemaking-phan / @adrenaline / @ak-whale / @aliggn / @amazinqphil / @arcticlester / @astound / @aurellialester / @averyiscoldpizza / @avocadotroye / @benjpierce / @blossomphan / @c-ollapsingcities / @chocolatechippringle / @cliquesivan / @cloudietroye / @conconsivan / @connorfranta / @crazytronnor / @cringe-attacks / @curlflop / @dan-senpai / @danisnotonfire / @danisnotpastel / @distraction / @do-nutt / @dreamingoftronnor / @eclecticpandas / @eternallyphan / @faerietroye / @fall-out-phil / @fearfulbeginnings / @flowersivan / @frenchtoastphotography /

G ~ M

@greeneyes-personal / @happylittlehowell / @hellamellet / @howltrs / @hugsivan / @hugvvarts / @i-am-groot–groot-i-am / @idktronnor / @imcatchingthedreams / @izelands / @just-shower-thoughts / @keezura / @lastchancetosaveyourself / @leavethisblueneighbourhood / @legit-freak / @lookingfortronler / @lunar-scars / @mandevillesisters / @melodramaticplum / @memedetta / @memelovingnerd / @minityleroakley / @mitten / @mychemicalzebra / @mywonderlandyears /

O ~ S

@ohananne / @ohlesterno / @oi-troye / @okaydan / @perksofbeingoneofthestars / @persephans / @phangraphy / @phannah-montana / @phanout / @phillesteristhephilbester / @pretty-w0rld / @pugsandplants / @rainy-day-haze / @remusmoopin / @robinlovesmavi / @rosegoldtroye / @s-e-h-n-s-u-ch-t / @shespokewithmagic / @shingekihowell / @skylarr-elizabethh / @skylester / @sleep-sarcasm-youtube / @sliceofphan / @smileyphan / @sobforsirius / @somefandomsandabandom / @soulsivan / @suburbia-sivan / @sugarnocream / @sunshine-on-earth / @sweet-as-sugarpie / @szluu /

T ~ Z

@tangentialpancake / @thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube / @thatsthat24 / @theopenrogue / @thepuntasticpan / @thirstyfortroyler / @thiscommonera / @thisllamadoesdrama / @thorlester / @tronnor-sunsets / @troyeboyish / @troyesings / @troyesivan / @troyetroyetroye / @twentyseevenk / @tyleroakley / @ughoakley / @uh-im-cool-i-guess / @urbanhowell / @upstxte / @wants-to-be-a-lot / @wegotthiscrazychemistrybetweenus / @wifi-pizza-unsociable / @wild–foxes / @willdarbyshire / @wolftramp / @youraverageroman /

yaya for birthdays and ly all<3


so, i haven’t actually reached a specific target or anything, I just wanted to do this and thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the new year!
(I’m putting my favorites/closest friends in bold)

a-boy-like-trxye adorable-tilly all-the-youtubers alluneedisgay amythemagiccow annastewartyt applecrxmble adoringfrentus adoringoakley amazimgphil ayetroyler beyonce-mellet bloodsexandrocknroll bryce-ashley buythestars14 cant-escape-the-phandom damndanhowell damngurlslay did-i-mention-troyler dil-howlter 
emejig16 fall-out-phil fall-out-phan georgiaphan ginger-ninjabread-girl greetings-frentus grotesque-romance-girl happylittlebastille hi-there-heart hoesntacos holyshit-troye hoodiehowell howelljpeg 
i3troyler idgafaboutusernames idontfckncare iloveyoupeej infinitetyler innocent-unicorn-republic insomnia-of-youtube ironicallyhomophan its-a-youtuber-fandom jade-loves-youtube kaleidanscope kawaiidan kickthephantastickz kindhowell ladylizzie8 lestericalphan letroyler letlinaloveyou lexicat001213 
mamamelletandmamaoakleyslay mangothatismelancholy miss-danosaur nearly-professional-fangirl nerdlester nutellanoortje oakleyandsivanarelife obsessed-not-possessed oceanphan okaytroyler p-h-4-n peace-out-little-munchkins phan-you-not phanbubble phanscuddles phantastic-wibblywobbly-tilly phil-howlter phillipslion philspenis plaidftluke procrastinatingphan proudoftroyler
rachella55 radlester sarcastichowell sarcasticphan sassyfrentus sassmasterhowell satanic-pixie shippingtrxyler shirtlesstroye six-foot-two-phanchild sluttylittlepill smilingoakley soph-is-grunge sunshinelester sydneyctucker t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a t-r-x-y-e talks-at-4am thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube thirstyfortroyler thisgirlcallednoor troyes-lip-ring troyeswink troylerina troylers-lil-love-child tylerbroakley 
ughoakley waluouijaa what-a-creative-username xamylistonx youre-the-dan-to-my-phil youtubephan youtubersmake-mesmile zoesuggary zohellafine

 and of course:
danisnotonfire tyleroakley troyesivan amazingphil carriehopefletcher connorfranta zoella casparlee pointlessblogtv joeygraceffa
Thank you<3

Soo I pretty recently hit 1,5k and I thought I would do a follow forever

I secretly wanted to do this for when I hit 1k but then I got lazy and ended up never doing it and now I’m already at like 1,6k and have I still not done it shhh

But yeah thankyou all so much to all my lovely amazing followers, thankyou for taking the time to pushing that little follow button. I love you lots and if you ever want someone to talk to or you need some advice or anything you can always message me here or on kik 

So I thought it would be nice to do a little follow forever with basically all the blogs I love to death and make me very happy so yeah here we go :)

(mutuals/generally amazing people will be bolded)


chummyswift ireallylikeyoutube - floridlouis - flannelhowell - arghtroyler - emoxphan - howellxlester - its-currently-a-thing - blackerysbitch - gracefuckinghelbig - icanfeelweregettingcloser flawlesster - famouslester - cheekyzoellaa - danscrotch - imprecisedinosaur - dil-howlters-table - happyslayingphilosaur - dovanflathartbig-is-life - dodiesclarks - dansnads - epitomeofwritinghotlester - alfpacas - danhowcll - gottablogaboutit - helbigandswift - gracesheavenlylegs - fall-out-phil - ihartooakley - catastrophan - eunoiafuhl - hollarbones - dan-senpaifindinghappinessintherandom - holy-fricken-helbig - imtheonewhokickedpj - infinityonlesteraliceefudgee - infinitetylerinfintityonhigh - dil-howlters-hotdog-suit - crab-stickzelodiegk - baendonurie -dangoesupinflames - cleverlester - hxlseys - hufflepuff-lester - howlterjpg - alohachummy - danisontnonfire


mamebig - louiseisnotonfire - like-totally-phan - pentatorix -  johnstontwins - peace-out-little-munchkins - little-casablancas - mysassylittletroye - louisepentland - mysticmajestic - ironicinternet - itmeandyouknowit -lisacatha - just-a-multi-fandom-fangirl - phanasourphancakeluvr - jannaealexander -  natsume1999 - navinnamae - peterpanshowedmetofly - lilyakkuma - pleasedontkickthepj - orfordcommamary - jija7 - punkphan - philswhiskers -  justafinnishgirl - professional-fangirl-since1995 - mynameisbram - lemonsugg - lollyke - maddy4015omgfanfiction - normallymylife - peteyandpatsomila-swifts - misdunderstanding - pastelphanatic - luxurious-latte - nataliadeluckah - ohmygresterr - lizbetthegiraffe - jackhward - londonhowell - hpfan2013 - pewdsdiephan - kokorofranta - phans-book - happy-troyler-pill - littleballofgay - princess-of-sanverzinio


sprinkleofgraceffaa - those-cheeky-youtubers - zozeebo - youknowyoutubers - youtubeisfrantastic - xtroylerfrantax - stillwaitingtomeettroyesivanskyewaitforitwilson - troyelikesboys - troyeismyspiritanimal - youtubers-ughyoutubeella - that-girl-online -  troyeboyforever - tylerstarwalt - vangoghsstarrynight - thepuggerfly - troyey - theantisocialstuff - whiskers-on–kittens - spencejsmith - twenty-one-lions - sprinkleofthatcher - that-ships-hellabig - troyesivanfranta - whatt-the-hell-am-i-doingg - schmalf - youtube-nuggets - troyeboyish -thetunstallionfangirl - six-foot-two-phanchild - whiskersharpies -undergroundghosts - tiameatsix - troylerfrantarenehasalotoffeelings - thnksfrthimmortals - that-ships-hellabig - thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube - thetroyesivanworshiphour

hellooooo i hit 2k earlier this month which is very cool and very surreal but i thought i should maybe like do another follow forever so here i am

also i hit 2.1k bc i procrastinated making this so it’s now a 2.1k ff

this one’s gonna be a lil’ smaller cause like im lazy af

but srsly thank u i love every single one of you so pls don’t hate me if i forget you

→ THE boobae ←

phanoween or troylersnugget or woaghosts (idek what to say but i mean, you’re ok cool i guess)

→ other ppl that grace me with their presence over the internet ←

yaaas-youtubers, youtubersaremylifesorrynotsorry, tylers-thequeen, preciselyem, donttalktome-bye, whatislifethoidek, hannahm3147, cellphans, malteser-ghost, youtuber-club

→ a-f ←

alohomora-221b, amahzingphil, another-year-of-troyler, atroylerbootycall, ayeoakley, ayetroyler, ayyytroyler-yall, betweenatroylersandwich, birdsbutt, bluemoon436, bubblelestercanthandletroyler, canyounottroyler, catsgoddammit, classicalizzy, colferscoke, cora-exitcircle, dailytroye, damngurlslay, danlsnotonfire, danstolethetardisdeannaoakley, dj-spangleseditsofyoutubefabuliciousfangirl, fathoming-the-stars, fr3ntus, frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack, fuckyeah-lushlaws

→ g-n ←

gladyousaidhi, glazed–eyes–empty–hearts, graciegraegrace, gurlammacutcho, happy-troyler-pill, hashtagtrxye, hashtagtroyler, hella-zoellai-am-phanlocked, i3troyler, iconictubers, iluvme5ever, itmegracyb, justirrestible, justapunkrockloserkawaiiraggie, kendronamore, kindofleigh, kingofthewinds, klainkyletroylersstalker, letsgoyoutubing, letslalala247, linxtte, losttroylerworld, lovetrxye123, letsslaytroylermaidclaraian, mangothatismelancholy, mastroyebation, myhappylittlepillnaggislay, noodlesvondoodles, noootella, nutella-plus-ranchdressing

→ o-s ←

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→ t ←

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obviously troye and tyler and all the other youtubers but like y'all know that anyway  


but srsly thank you, this means sosososososososososo much to me 

(creds to anna for looking fff on the busride to berlin, providing me with this amazing picture)

okay so i guess this is my 1k follow forever! omg tbh i never thought i’d be writing on of these… i’ve been on this website for 2 years now and love it so so so much and i love you guys even more. thank you so much! <3

Close Friends:

itmeandyouknowit- you are probably the first and longest internet friends i’ve had since i rejoined tumblr in August and i love you so so much. You are v important to me. Thank you for being my friend, i hope you can come to America and we can meet soon!

fuckingn00b- i miss your beautiful face. Hope you’re safe and come back to school soon

phanworship-  u my redheaded nerd ily

snailytoaster- you’re one of the first blogs i’ve followed when i first joined tumblr and i’m so glad we started talking. you’re such an inspiration tbh and i’m so happy to see you recovering from your troubles. i wish you all the good things in the world.

youtubesworld- Lauren, i know you probably won’t be reading this anytime soon but just in case i miss you so much. As weird and chessy as it sounds it’s true when they say that you never know what you have until it’s gone. I hope you come back online soon. ily.

sakuya546- ur a nerd lol

xvaldayalovex- ur a nerd lol

((fav blogs/ppl highlighted))


211baby  2baditsmonday


a-library-of-dreams  a-little-phantasy  a-slick-nothing a-young-volcanoe abiander acciotroyler  acecfangels  actualphandomtrash  adorablysmoshyadoringoakley aesthetishit after-theafterlife agirlfromspace alecstasyalexandergold alexernst alfiedeyesismyqueen alfpacas allinowknowalltimecraziness alohachummy always100coffees alwaysaposibilityforjoyamazing-starlord-isnoton-fire amazingdanteser amazingloren amazingphilamenwen americanphan amy-rose-and-life angelkittehh annalisejeeannieannnie annoyinglycannon anonymoustheawesome apolohgyarcadelester arestless-spirit areweoutofthedamnwoodsyet aslayzingtroyeatomicmarzia auroraperenelledelawari averageobsessedfangirlavocadomurdock awchummy awzoella ayeesivan ayetroyler ayyyysdfghjklbamonnineties bananarels bareillesmichaelson basicallydil beautifulisticbeautyunderneathx becauseofaboynamedtroye becketts-one-and-donebenjpierce beware-phangirl beware-the-fangirls bisexual-steveroger-s blackandwhite-aesthetic blackcatnamedlucky bloggingaboutwhateverbloodypocky blowfob blureface blushingallthewayhomes bobishkabonestrash boneswolf bowleggity boylikelouis breathjpg bri17marie14bri6898 brightlightsncitysoundsbringmethespnfalloutphan britshfanboy brosephgraceffa bubbletealesterbugggle


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zachlilley zalfieisreal zalfiesherlock zeeissorandom zoella zozeebo

wow this took so long! i’m sorry if i left you out and again thank you so much <3


sO i JUST HIT 100 FOLLOWERS WHICH IS A BIG THING FOR ME OKAY ik its not a lot but idk. Heres my follow forever. Sorry if I missed anyone…


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Thankyou all so much for following me. I think you should all go follow each and every one of these people. 

I can’t belive this omg thank you thank you thank you

Hey ok im to lazy to make a picture for this but 
My parents actually allowed me to post another selfie

Thank you all so so so so so much for following me and dealing with my complaints and whatever else has happened.
So in return im gonna do a Follow Forever (which ive been wanting to do for a while!!)

Favorite Blogs (and people):
captain-study for being an amazing friend whos given me advice lots of times idk what I would do without her ♡
internet-homo-howell okay ive said this many many times but ilysm your so nice and beautiful and your just a 10/10 person
pizzarobbery for being a great person and introducing me to this great thing called tumblr
tired-internet-addict bc hes so nice and always makes me laugh even when im sad. He also lets me fangirl about things he sometimes has no idea about!!
whoistroyeanyway for being so nice and letting me anonymously vent in her inbox when I was sad and confused.

Okay so here is everyone that I also love v v v much (alphabetical bc dedication) (favs are bolded):
A-D: a-boy-like-trxye abutterflycollector adorablehowell agentcarolinainthemorning alfalfadeyes allaboutthatbaessist amazingphil-danisnotonfire andmyfriendtherose another-phandom-member anoyinginternetkid ashl-l-leigh athletichowell austroyelian average-canadian-fangirl averageobsessedfangirl awk0troyler ayeesivan ayetroyler ayyee-tyleroakley ayytilly baileebyrns bandgeek2002 bemydan beware-phangirl beyonce blahtroyler bottlesofnerdfightingelephants brendonurie brennenbeckwith bromeo-666 bubbletealester burnt-french-toast caitycat1313 captain-study captainwelikeshortshorts carry-on-my-wayward-pants casparleetho casparsjoe cattutude chefyk cleverlester cocainedollarbillsandmyhlp coffeeandsleeparemylovers colour-me-creative conconsivan connofranta coolaliendad coomphan crazytronnor daanhowell dailyphan dailytroye dailyxyoutube damndanhowell dan-the-danisaur danalingphil danandphilarenotonyoutube danhowcll danhowelll danhowells danielhowelljpeg danielshobbithair danisnotonifre danisnotonnfire danisnotonphil danisontnonfire danizntonfire danllama danlsnotonfire dans-dick dansbody dansdong dansfluffybutt dansnads dansprout danthetrashcan danzillion dear-bunni dearestsivan destroyaband did-i-mention-troyler dil–howlter dil-howlter dils-poltergeist dilsparents disneyphancats donut-call-me-tilly dopeprincess-69 doragirl13 drowninginaesthetic drunktroye

E-H: earthlester editroyler elliemarshall1996 emilyvivian03 everything-troyler excitedsivan fabuliciousfangirl failedscenekidfrom2005 falloutphan fall-out-phil famoustroye fan-boys-are-real fanaticfangirls fathoming-the-stars flannelhowell fluffytroyler food-wifi-and-youtubers forever-troyler foxylester franta-fan frantastictilly frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack frentusisnotonfire fricksivan fringedickhowell fuckyeah-troyesivan fuckyeahtroyler fuckyeszoella fxckinglester fxckinoakley galactic-mikey galaxyphan geektroye gothicphil greyfarrell handcuffedhowell happy-little-quiff happy-little-tilly happylittleblogger happylittleconnor happylittletroye happylittletwink happytroyesivan hashtagtroye hashtagtrxye hcwell hella-tronler hellamellet hellatronnor hobbithairdan hollarbones holy-fricken-helbig holysmokesphan holytroyler homoeyeshowell hopelesshowell hovvells howell-has-heart-eyes howellestersquad howellftlester howellgames howellr howellxlester howellxo howimetyourphan http-tronnor hugsivan

I-L: i-tryxyed iadoretroyler idekoakley ihavetroylertouch imtronnorslovechild infinitetyler internet-homo-howell introyevert itmeslayvan its-a-youtuber-fandom its-just-a-phantasy izzy21fanxx japhancaravan jellytotphan jointheyoutubefamily josh-hutchercousin keeptryxying knok-knok-i-like-cock kristyfergus leahhhhh123 lestermyhowell letsnoth8 likeasweetsweet linxtte literallyhowlter literallymylife lonely–passion lucyoakley22 luigi-delrey

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Last but not least: troyesivan tyleroakley zoella amazingphil danisnotonfire pointlessblogtv connorfranta joeygraceffa casparlee 


I am so genuinely happy how this turned out

I am actually truly Sorry if I forgot you there were some problems and yeah

 I love you all so much <3

8,000 followers. what the even heck, thank you so much, you beautiful people!! you guys honestly make me so happy, and i can’t thank you enough for following me and talking to me and just being so amazing. i love you all so much.

here are a couple people i seriously adore:

troyelikesboys: my other half, my doppelgänger. i honestly can’t explain how much you mean to me and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. thank you for constantly keeping me happy, for playing the ukulele to me, for being the bestest friend in the world. i love you so much.
youtubers-ugh: kimberley, my love! you mean the world and more to me. you’re so kind and talented and beautiful, and one of my best friends. thank you for everything you do for me, you always make me smile up to my ears. i love you so much and i can’t wait to meet you.
whoistroyeanyway: alex, i love you more than words. you’re one of the most perfect and caring people on earth. thank you for all you do for me, you’ve helped me through so much and i’m so honoured to be one of your friends.
schmalf: brianna, i flipping love you so much. i so wish we knew each other in real life because i feel like we’d be the cutest, goofiest friends ever. thank you for always making you smile, i adore you so much.
troyesivan: okay okay hi troye boy. if you do see this, thank you for being my creative role model. you’re such a genuine, kind, selfless and just down right amazing person and words can not explain how much i adore you. you never fail to make me happy and i can’t thank you enough or put my love into words. you’re seriously my sunshine and i know meeting you will be the best day of my life.

here’s the completely amazing blogs you should follow:

peace-out-little-munchkins // theyremyotp // troyetopia // troyesbooty // aslayzingtroye // alfpacas // awsugg // ayetroyler // conniefrannie // conconsivan // cutiepiedan // danisnotonfire // dhpl // dailytroye //   gladyousaidhi // happylittlezalfie // iadoretyleroakley // infinite-youtubers // lookingfortronler // letsgoyoutubing // lumierize // planet-troyler // pixeltroye // thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube // the-troyler-blog // swiftly-sivan //  troyeoakleys // troyler-ing // trxyes // tsivey // tylerbroakley // tyleroakley // tyleroakleyisthebae // tylertillytroye // troyetrxye // troyetroyetroye // unftroye // ysltroye // zalfieinlove // zalphie // zozeebo

i just want you to know you’re all beautiful and incredible friends to me and i love you guys to the moon and back. thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. remember, i’m always around to talk whenever you’d like. x

soooo, yesterday i hit 1k (*screams*) and i’m still in shock. seriously, thank you sososo much, I never even thought for one second i would reach this when i made this blog and now here i am and it’s all really surreal (that’s more people than go to my school wtf). also, i know that there’s hella many blogs but i really wanted to get as many in it as possible. so yeah, without further ado, i proudly present my favorite blogs:

✼ the boos/baes/bbs/coolios/people who are way too cool to talk to me but still do it for some reason ✼

live–life–weird, youtubersaremylifesorrynotsorry, preciselyem, donttalktome-bye, malteser-ghost, hannahm3147, whatislifethoidek, tylers-thequeen, tipsyturdsday, alex-gaskarth-is-my-therapy, realkristin, theperksofbeingatroylershipper, imgonnagiveyouthehooklaterr and killesejr though she’s my irl friend

✼ #-a ✼

-something-clever-, 500daysoftroyler, a-kingdom-fit-for-troyler, adoreoakley, adoringoakley, adventuretimephan, alittleboutalot, alluringhowell, alohomora-221b, always-troyler, amahzingphil, amazimgphil, amazingtroyler, annaisnotinteresting, another-year-of-troyler, atroylerbootycall, ayeoakley, ayetroyler, ayysivan, ayytroyler, ayyytroyler-yall

✼ b-d ✼

basically-slay, benjpierce, betweenatroylersandwich, birdsbutt, bluepeopleshallunite, bootyoakley, bubblelester, canthandletroyler, captainshaunmellet, catsgoddammit, celestismyname, colferscoke, connnorfranta, cora-exitcircle, dailytroyler, danisnotonfirebecause, danlsnotonfire, danprobablyisonfire, danstolethetardis, darrenandersonandchrishummel, deannaoakley, dj-spangles

✼ e-h ✼

editsofyoutube, elliotfriar, fabuliciousfangirl, fabulush-lushlaws, fangirl-of-a-fangirl, fathoming-the-stars, fangirlman, forever-troyler, fr3ntus, frantasticfanatic, frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack, fuckyeah-lushlaws, fuckyeah-tyleroakley, fuckyeahtroyler, gayjxde, gladyousaidhi, gr4ceffa, graciegraegrace, gurlammacutcho, guy, hashtag-troyler, hashtagtroyler, hashtagtrxye, heartyglobe, hella-zoella, hi, holy-troyler, honestlytroyler

✼ i-k ✼

i-am-phanlocked, i-ship-troyler, i3troyler, iconictubers, iluvme5ever, incaseofemergency-runlikehell, invisibleninja448, ishipoverseas, istroyleracarb, it-troyler, itilly, itmeslayvan, itmetyler, itmetroye, itstroylertime, itus-troyler, just-helbig-tbh, justirrestible, justtroylerthings, katara, kateypops, katelynnisnotonfire, kingofthewinds, kissingtroyler

✼ l-m ✼

lawhley, letsgoyoutubing, letslalala247, letsslaytroyler, leynasaddictions, literallyllester, literallytroyler, literallyyoutube, lostintroylerland, losttroylerworld, lovingoakley, lushlaws, lushlawslove, mastroyebation, mc612h, midnightcityoflights, mightymellet, my-life-is-on-the-internet, myhappylittlepill, myhxppylittlepill, mylifeisyoutubenow, mytroylerheart

✼ n-o ✼

naggislay, nerdfighterongallifrey, nerdyfangirlalert, niomibutler, no-tyleroakleyismyqueen-bitch, noodlesvondoodles, noootella, nugget-troyler, nuggetsfortroyler, oakleyandsivanarelife, oaklxy, obsessed-with-youtube, oh-troyler, ohtyluhyouresodreamy, onehartbig, opidiod, optimistic-lyricist, ourtroylerinfinityy

✼ p-r ✼

peace-out-little-munchkins, perftroyler, phan-in-kilts, phan-you-not, phanfricklefrackle, pikuchus, polina-zh, prettylittlenerds, procrastination-station13, proudoftroyler, punksivan, queeentroye, queenkerstin, random-blueberry, restnoweleven

✼ s ✼

sarcasticphan, sassyfrentus, satanic-cactus, saucysquids, sellingmysoultotroyesivan, sellingmysoultotyleroakley, sesseoakleyy, shirtless-troye, show-me-our-faulted-stars, sivanism, sivanist, sivanprincess, sivoakley, slaylovetroyler, sleep-sarcasm-youtube, sluttytroye, smilefortroyler, smolderingtroyler, snacksandharts, soflovestacos, some-antisocial-girl, sprinkleofzoella, staff, starryeyesandblurredlies, staycloudytroyler, stellamariajasey, suggable, sunshine-and-smiling

✼ i’m gonna split t up bc there’s a lot of you ✼

✼ t (#-o) ✼

t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a, t-t-t-troyler, tbhoakley, tbhtrxyler, thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube, thatonekidnobodyremembers, the-troyler-blog, thecityneversleepsatall, thedrunkjester, thequeentyler, thesetroylerfeels, thetinyvagina, theyoutubefangirl, theyoutubersuniverse, theyoutubeworld, theyoutubewriter, thirsty-for-troye, thirstyforoakley, thirstyfortroyler, thiswillbringuscloser, tidilybidilyoakdizzly, tilly-andtroye, tilly-loves-troyeboy, tilly-needs-troyeboy, tilly-oakley, tillylikestroye, tillyoakley, tillyplustroye, tillysivan18, too-many-fandoms-to-pick-a-name,

✼ t ( r ) ✼

trickydillon, troye-slayvan, troyeesiivan, troyegang, troyeish, troyelicious, troyeoakley-mellet, troyeroye, troyes-glasses, troyes-lip-ring, troyesbeanie, troyesbooty, troyesivan18, troyesivanisjesus, troyesucks, troyesweave, troyethehotboy18, troyeuphoria, troyler-addict, troyler-del-shoey, troyler-gang, troyler-kisses, troyler-oakllet, troyler-ofc,  troyler-time, troyler-yo, troyler147,  troyler18, troyleralert, troylerandfood, troylerdancing, troylered, troylereuphoria, troylerfivever, troylerings, troylerisinyou, troyleristic, troylerkuhl, troylerobsessions, troylerphangirl, troylerrocksmyworld, troylers-bae, troylers-pizza, troylersawesomeworld, troylersbae, troylersheart, troylerslayvan5ever, troylersmellet, troylersombrero, troylersphan, troylerworld, trxyes, trxylermyqueen

✼ t (w-y) ✼

twinkbottomsivan, twinkietilly, twirlingtroye, twixtacos-is-life, tyler-and-troye-5ever, tyler-oakleys-pickle, tyler-oakleys, tyler-thequeen, tylerandtroye, tylerbroakley, tylereakley, tyleroakley-islife, tyleroakleyisjesus, tyleroakleyisthebae, tyleroakleysbooty, tyleroakleysslave, tyleroakliy, tylerselfieface, tylerslittleshit, tylersmintgreenhair, tylerstroyeboy

✼ u-z ✼

ughhlester, ughhowell, ughoakley, um-troyler-please, via-anuvir, wearetylerspeople, welcome-toinsanity, whatstroyler, whoistroyeanyway, whoruntheworldtroyler, willstv, winksandtwinks, whatsagarb, xfreewildflower, youtubeaddict129, youtuber-club, youtubers-passion, yeah-youtubers, zalfieinlove, zcella, zozeebo

✼ youtubers that i love and have made me happy a lot ✼

casparlee, connorfranta, edwardspoonhands, jackhoward, jccaylen, jimstumblings, joesugg, joeygraceffa, koreykuhl, mamrie, marcusbutler, markemillr, matthewlush, mydrunkkitchen, pointlessblogtv, rickydillon, zoella, fishingboatproceeds, danisnotonfire (<3), amazingphil (<3) and of course Troye and Tyler but I can’t tag them, but i’m guessing you already knew i loved them a lot and you’re probably already following them so it doesn’t matter. 

again, thank you SO MUCH. i really really really love all of you so much. i’m sorry if you’re not on there, but i follow 600 amazing blogs so i’m so sorry if i missed you. also, the bolded ones are people i don’t talk to regularly but just sometimes or basically my faves <3

so yeah, thanks for dealing with me everyday and thanks for the support when i’ve been sad and just thank you for everything.

ok bye

So I saw this on here earlier and really liked the idea so I’m gonna do the same so yeah and hopefully it will help (if you wanna include a cute message (troyler quote) that would be amazing)
Ily all lots and I’m really trying to feel better 😚💞

um ok wow my mind is doing a little dance and my heart is doing the smile emoji. how cool is this. two thousand. kajsbsa. anyway i dont want to get all sappy up here cause god knows whats going to happen when i start writing messages to people down there. sorry in advance, im having an emotional day. but thankyou i guess for following me. not quite sure why you do as my blog is an absolute mess but hey thanks for stickin round, putting up with some possibly ok post so here, i guess i owe you another one of these…

troyelikesboys follow forever pt.3

ok, daz, hailqueenoakley *OPENS 9547 PAGE BOOK OF REASONS I LOVE YOU* first of all hey, congrats on 2k, my blog lives off yours so yknow i think you deserve that more than anyone and know you will have a heck ton more to come. ok so i dont know how long ive known you, lets say three weeks ? idonnoidonno, but you are already my bestestest friend on this website and i love you to absolute pieces and i hope youve got that message by now as i seem to write a lot of long paragraphs about why i love you but hey im always up for an excuse to write another one. you are so cool. that is all i can say. i mean man you can sing like an angel, send messages that make me smile from ear to ear, make the freaking best edits ive ever seen ;) and manage to run a pretty rad blog so. you are so super duper nice and now i hope you know that i love you and will never leave you alone so, yeah sorry in advance, you’re stuck with me.

alex, whoistroyeanyway , my one true love. i also seem to write a lot of long paragraphs about you. im always one for recommending your blog, as it is honestly my absolute favourite. i seem to find myself scrolling through your blog a lot, slowly falling in love with your posts, slowly falling in love with you. so thank you for being so incredibly super duper amazing and thank you for putting up with me and all my long dumb messages and i hope to talk to you soon :)

shoto, boredandblah hey buddy. long time no talk. we’ve both been pretty busy and i just wanted to use this oppertunity to say hey. hope you’re good. i miss you and thank you for sticking around with me from the beginning.

now onto the everlasting list of names that will never be completed because i love so many of you ok.

-troylerlicious- -zoemu- a-boy-like-trxye absolutelytroyler absolutely-youtubers adoringoakley alexdoestv alfiessuggery alfpacas all-about-troyler all-we-need-are-smiles alohatroyler alwaysshipping amazingtroyler another-year-of-troyler aslayzingtroyler atroylerbootycall augustuswaterudoing awkward-manatea awkwardsivan awsugg awzoella ayetroyler ayysivan ayytroyler ayyyoakley ben-slays-pierce betweenatroylersandwich blahtroyler blogtard booksmusicandyoutubers boyliketroye bringcolortomyskys canyounottroyler cocaine-dollarbills colour-me-troyler connofranta cora-exitcircle cutesivan dailytroyler daleyoakley danscrotch dhpl did-i-mention-troyler digging-troyler dil-howlter fantasticshipper fawnzoella fetustroyesivan finnskella flawless-youtubers foodthatlookslikeiggyazalea founderofthekoolkatz fricksivan fuckyeahtroyler funsivan gladyousaidhi harriettstella haveyouseentheirbutts heartyoutube hellamellet hipsterdinos hmufranta i-cupcaketroye i-sass-u-not i3troyler im-stalking-youtubers imgladyousaidhi innocent-unicorn-republic itmeslayvan littleconnflakes losttroylerworld lostintroylerland loving-troye mastroyebation noootella nuggetsfortroyler nugget-nation omfgsivan only-slightly-obsessive ourtroylerinfinityy peace-out-little-munchkins perksofbeingaprofessionalfangirl phan-you-not pippinnpercy planet-troyler pointlesszoella pressplayzoella procrastination-station13 procrastinationstationbruh punksivan queenzoesugg schoeedeyes sentaco shirtlesstroye shiveringtroye sippin-life-from-bottles sivanist sleep-eat-youtube-repeat sluttytroye smilingoakley snugglyoakley soflovestacos spudsivan starbucks-sivan starryeyesandblurredlies sunnyswagtroyler tacos-for-troyler thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube thatsacutedesk thesugglets thinkingoutloudbruh thirsty4troyler tilly-slays-troye to-bae tomlinsonunicorns trickydillon trovesivan troyeainttouchnogirl troyeboycon troyeish troyeismyspiritanimal troyeroye troyes-lip-ring troyesbeanie troyesivanvevo troyeslittlenuggett troyesweave trxylerphan troylerslaybies troylerslayever troylerslayvan5ever tylerbroakley tyleroakely ughtroyler ur-a-lil-nugget vanillanigga-troye vomitinmymouthbigdaddy watchfr0my0urwind0w whatsagarb x-troye yaytroyler youtubers-ugh youtube-asdf youtubenugget z-o-e-l-l-a zozeebo