Question Game woosh

Hey guys! I was tagged by the ONE THE ONLY: tyler-tho who has a hella cool blog, so go check it out.

Rule #1: Always post the rules.
Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3: Tag some new people and link them in this post.
Rule #4: Tell them you tagged them.

1. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Logan Lerman, that man is so attractive and is an incredible actor. Plus he’s sweet and quite smart.

2. Who is your “queen”?

Miss Taylor Momsen, my love, the most beautiful woman in existence, not to mention she’s insanely talented.

3. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Okay this might sound strange, but when I can’t have control over a certain situation. For example if I were to have a party and we are trying to play a game and everyone is talking at once and not listening to the rules or playing and stuff I sort of panic.

4. What is the smuttiest fanfic of Troyler have you read?

Just A Bromance. It’s by tilly-oakley on Wattpad and her fics are amazing.

5. Apart from Troyler, who do you ship Troye and Tyler with?

For Tyler, I’d have to ship him with Marcus Butler, don’t ya’ll remember when Myler was a thing? I used to ship that a ton. And then for Troye, Caspar Lee of course because Traspar is literally so adorable and precious.

6. How thirsty are you from a scale from 0 to me?

I’m going to assume that the scale is 1-10, and I’ll say that I’m about an 8, mostly because I want someone to cuddle with and listen to music & watch movies and kiss a little. Is that thirsty? I don’t know.

7. Who is your youtube crush?

Shane Dawson, 100% he is my inspiration and has helped me a lot. I really just want to meet him and give him a hug.

8. How often are you on tumblr per day?

I periodically check it throughout the day, at least for a couple of minutes anytime I have the chance, I suppose it’s a bit sad.

9. How long has it been since you’ve seen the light of day?

I’m writing this at 2:47 am, so I’d have to say yesterday morning, only because it was dark and raining yesterday afternoon. Yeah, I go outside… because I have to get in the car to go to school… ew.

10. Are you just as socially awkward as I am???

I’m very awkward and find myself to not enjoy large parties and stuff where I can’t make sure everything running smoothly and what-not. I like meeting new people though, but I tend to say the strangest things and get very nervous and laugh a lot.

11. How have you been? I hope you’re alright (This is for all my followers btw).

If I’m being honest, I haven’t been the greatest lately, I’ve been having a panic attack nearly every night which is quite scary and unsettling, but I have a couple of really good friends to help support me at the moment, so I think I’ll be okay. Thank you for asking though, and I hope you’re doing lovely (I hope all my followers are doing great) :)

I want to tag some of my followers that I’ve never tagged in anything, wanted to tag some new people woo. Okay so yeah I tag:


My questions:

1. Finish this sentence: My house exploded because I________.

2. If you could live in any fantasy world (books, movies, video games), where would you choose?

3. What’s your favorite animal?

4. Speaking of favorite, do you spell it: favorite or favourite?

5. Tell me a joke :)

6. Do you have any pets? what kinds?

7. Would you rather fly or be able to turn invisible?

8. Do you prefer gaming, beauty, vlog, or sketch Youtubers?

9. Who was the first person you ever subscribed to on Youtube?

10. What is your favorite song right now?

11. Did you know that you are absolutely beautiful inside and out? Because if not, I want you to remember that you are :) Have a lovely day and thanks for answering these questions.

So I saw this on here earlier and really liked the idea so I’m gonna do the same so yeah and hopefully it will help (if you wanna include a cute message (troyler quote) that would be amazing)
Ily all lots and I’m really trying to feel better 😚💞