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this has been a couple of weeks overdue so forgive me for my laziness.

It has been a year that I have had this blog, and as cheesy and gross as it sounds it been amazing. I have made friends with some amazing people and I am so grateful that I got to meet some of you yesterday.

Butt Squad - wishingfortroyler thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube hellamellet. ♥

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So I was tagged to do the 20 beautiful people challange by troylersphanboy. Thank you so much for tagging me. ❤️ I just found this picture on my phone so I’m posting it.
I am tagging:
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I love you guys. Do it if you want to.😘

Sooo i was tagged by youtuberfanboy so now yall can stalk me ^^
1, what is your nickname? Its scrat! And i love it because it doest really have a gender.
2, My eye color? Its really darkish Brown. When i get really sad, angry or happy they get even blacker and i think its kinda cool.
3, my hair color? Right now its blue. I have had alot of colors tho. My Natural hair color is a lightish Brown.
4, a fact About me. I have a really big crush on one of my friends and she is very cute and she is trans and omg i love her.
5, favoriet color? Probably blue or black (dark as my bunny soal xd)
6, favorite place? Probably on the couch watching a horror movie with my crush or in my bed on tumblr or skyping with youtuberfanboy i really like being in amsterdam too btw
7, favorite celeberty? Probably jennifer lawrence or Taylor Swift or demi lovato. They are just amazing..
8, favorite animal? Probably a snake 🐍or a llama. (I really like dinasaurs too.😊)
9, favorite song? I think 2009 by Eden and kathrine. Or lost boy by ruth B.
10, favorite book? Harry potter and the Deathly hallows💕

I Will tag Some of my favorite blogs i-will-make-you-howell bryce-ashley thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube falloutboylovingtrash fall-out-phil