*kisses all the faces* I love these people.

I am slowly working backwards on some updates from while I’ve been gone. This is my crew from the Everett SPG show after chowin’ at the Totem Family Restaurant. The place was lovely and the owner, a doll face.

Everything was so wonderful on this trip, city, people and of course the shows. <3 I miss everyone already!


AAnd pose shots! I had put her in a waistcoat corset, Chiffon blouse, Silk rose pin, and a skirt that i had pinned up (with safety pins since i haven’t sewn D-ring strips to it yet OTL) and of COURSE stockings :3 was super cute~. I was just in a sweater, corduroys and a blazer :P Buut it was fun doing poses on my bed, as well as not falling over (its so squishy your feet sink in, so it was super hard not to xD)  Enjoy our random modelness ^^

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If they’re not hurting or annoying anyone else, I really don’t care as long as they’re not being a jerk or obnoxious otherwise, I don’t care

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I didn’t know there was such a thing for games other than minecraft? /noob/

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Having fun? Then they are doing it right. As long as it doesn’t lead to nastiness, let the fun be fun. :)

Yeah for a lot of single player games there is usually a command console you can put in a god mode code and play that way.
I uh ask because in Fallout: New Vegas I play in god mode because I have a lot more fun that way >_>;;


Kidnapped Emilie ( thatgirlwasmeanttofly ) and painted her face and stuck her in corsets and skirts muahAHAHAAHAA~! It was real fun :D she makes such a friggin cute Faun >w< and beforehand my lovely neighbor ladies had decided they were going to give us makeovers (oh dear!) so for once EVER out of character i look like a lady xD so strange for me >///> But sitting down photos yay~ we did some standing up on the bed too to show off teh clothes :3

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You got this.

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I’m basically in the same boat right now. freaking out but also excited and dealing with this overload of multiplying emotions isn’t fun *hugs* you can do it!!!

I’m really hoping I can get approved for social security or something. Because my personal manifestation of Asperger’s means I can’t really work much more than I am already without having a stress/emotional breakdown. And I need money for rent and stuff.

But apartment and moving out of parents’ house maybe so….. yay?

Being an adult is hard and scary. :/

Out of 224 dragons from 5 lairs surveyed, this is what I have found. I would venture to say that, if Flight Rising were an actual ecosystem, the dragons with the highest rate of survival would be male Skydancers with Iridescent in the black range (black-shadow), Shimmer, and no tertiary gene. The dragons who would probably not live to pass on their genes would be female Snappers and Mirrors, with Speckle in the orange range (sunshine-tangerine), Freckle, and Crackle. This study will be revised to include secondary and tertiary ranges, as well as eye color.