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Winn probably fixes all of them

oh my god he probably does, can we get a scene of long-suffering Winn sitting at home with a giant pile of Kara’s shirts, just muttering to himself and occasionally pricking his finger with the needle

“I couldn’t fix Kara’s Kryptonite shield thing because I’ve been too busy SEWING ALL THE BUTTONS BACK ON HER SHIRTS.”

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It’s sooooo forced

It really is, and bringing up James like she did was just so… not on. Because like. I could buy Kara doing the whole “I can’t be Supergirl AND have a relationship” thing with James if they had made that a theme for her this season WITH JAMES. Like. They could’ve still had feelings for each other. Could’ve kept working through it. Could’ve had all of this drama with James being Guardian. It would play into Kara being so worried about him doing all of that if she still had feelings for him, and then this episode could’ve culminated in Kara telling JAMES she’s realizing she really can have it all. Like. WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS IT’S SO FRUSTRATING.

I need to be working on my book, but this begged to be written. Mostly crack, inspired by this post, and dedicated to @thatgirljazz and @thereqinamills (cc: @professorspork)

Winn hissed as the tip of the needle jabbed into his skin, and lifted his thumb to frown at the small dot of blood welling up.

“Another one for the collection,” he muttered, and then looked down. “Oh, and now I’ve lost the –” He huffed an impatient sigh, and yelled out, “Kara Danvers, I swear to god –”

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Do you know what the lingering shot at the end was in reference to?

I think emilydoesthething answered a similar thing recently, and basically I agree - essentially it was that the sun finally came out after the rain. Mindy fell asleep during a thunderstorm, unsure of where Danny was, and completely unsure of her life. When she woke up he was there, and he was ready to do this with her, make her sure.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it could also be a great metaphor for The Mindy Project moving to hulu. We’ve arrived. We’re wanted. This is basically a whole new world.

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So did that monster never exist or something? I didn't get that.

The suggestion is that the monster never existed. It’s Moffat, so, I dunno, maybe we’ll be proven wrong, but that was what the episode suggested. Clara was under the Doctor’s bed, and it really was just air pressure knocking on that door and opening it.

The stuff with the kid in Danny’s room was a bit… badly done. I guess we’ll see if it ever comes up again. If it doesn’t, I think we’re meant to believe it was one of the other kids playing a prank on him (that kid must’ve felt so damn cool having two adults scared out of their minds lmaoooo).

For once in a Moffat episode, the answer to “why do people always have irrational fears?” is just “because people are irrational”. Which I kind of liked, really.

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You know what really grinds my gears about people saying Elizabeth's line was historically accurate so therefore we shouldn't be mad? The Doctor didn't grow up in her time period. He knows women are equal. Why didn't he tell her that?


I’m not so pissed that she said it, because even though it’s taken wildly out of context and generally it’s horrible, she’s still a woman who has had to live in the context of Elizabethan England, you know?


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Yup. True fucking story, man. Four followers lost. I don’t even care. If you’re going to unfollow me because I said it’s okay to be a virgin or not be a virgin or to be whatever the fuck you want to be, just don’t judge people for it, then fine, go right the fuck ahead. High fives to you on your way out, bud. 

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FUCK ALL THE PEOPLE in every sense of the word. … I’m a whore.

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I love hearing your thoughts on the episodes. Best. Also, I really wanna like Danny and Clara, and I do, but that date was so bad. Have normal first date chit chat. stop bringing up his trauma. So what got you into teaching etc.



I think we are meant to believe they were both just really nervous because they like each other so much which is why they were hot messes. And TBF I mostly thought it was Clara blowing it, first by randomly making fun of his PTSD again?!?!? (which is so weird and kinda OOC like why is Clara such an ass about this), and then because she brought up his seekrit real name but couldn’t/wouldn’t explain how she knew it, then admitted she wasn’t telling the truth, etc.

But yeah what a mess of a date.

rosenbaum had a q&a with his fans on reddit yesterday and i participated because i realized it was probably going to be the only chance i would ever have to interact with him ever

so i put on my nerd pants and asked him the most important question in the universe:

i sound like an idiot because i was trying to be ~professional~ and not scream at him or tell him how much i want to lick his jawline

and i signed my name at the end bc i knew there was a chance he would use it in his reply and i’m a manipulative ass like that


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Top five favorite tumblr people and why GO!


Okay, so this list isn’t gonna be in any order, considering these are the names that pop up in my head first. So, if you’re on the bottom of the list, that doesn’t mean I love you the least, I love you all equally~! ♥

  • Clexkate
  • Hollyfresh
  • Thatgirljazz
  • -Awakening
  • Sharedheaven

Reasons why?

Clexkate: Katey, you were my first friend here and you welcomed me into your life with open arms and you’ve become one of my closest friends outside of my extended family on another website. And I just…I just love you okay? You mean so much to me and I adore you completely and you are the opposite side of my soul when it comes to Clex, just like Holly. I love you so much and I just want to find your house in Ohio one day and just knock on your door and tackle you to the ground. That’s how much I love you girl. :3

Also. You are my Clex Queen. That is all. :’D

Hollyfresh: YOU WERE ALSO ONE OF MY VERY FIRST FRIENDS. You were as amazing as Katey and you were so spirited and lively and amazing and you loved Clex just about as much as I did, just like Katey. And you are the third part of my amazing Clex Trinity and I just love you as much as I love Katey and I never want you to leave me and you are flawless. You are both FLAWLESS. <3

Thatgirljazz: Goodness, what is there to say about another amazing girl in my life, eh? First off, she has a beautiful heart, she is extremely talented in whatever she does, even if it’s just graphics or posts or anything, and she is just DARN BEAUTIFUL OKAY? She is perfection and I’m so happy to have met her and sometimes I just want to reach through my screen and hug her forever and ever. She is just…aaaah. She’s perfect okay? And I always love it whenever she calls me Precious Ponnie. She gives me all the feelings. That is all~

-Awakening: You and I met in such an unusual way, my friend! To think, I only saw you in the Smallville tag talking about if you should get the series or not, considering you needed something new to watch, and one thing led to another and we struck up such an amazing friendship~!

You shared the same brain with me on so many things, like Lex and Clark and all the CRAZY feelings towards their friendship and the upcoming tragedy that would befall ‘em and girl. I just wanted to never let you go. You are precious to me and I adore you so much! You are crazy with your posts, you have the most amazing spirit ever, and you are just…you are my crazy friend and I am so glad that we managed to meet and bond so quickly! Also, your long rants you put in my ask box, and all the feelings towards certain scenes and stuff in Smallville. Omg. Girl. Never change. EVER. I love you to DEATH. <3

Sharedheaven: Dani is my crazy girl. She is my crazy Smallville/Supernatural girl and I adore her to death. She has all the feelings about Sam and Dean, and she has all the feelings towards Lex and Clark, and every single time she live blogs either series or makes graphics in regards to either one of the relationships, you know you’re gonna get all the happy tummy feelings because she is just AMAZING BEYOND WORDS.

She has crazy head canon and she is an amazingly talented woman and you will love her if you ever get the chance to strike up a simple conversation with her! Honestly! She is fantastic and I adore her and she is my precious girl and I hope she knows how much she means to me. :3 <333 BBY~!

Seriously. All five of these awesome people are fantastic and amazing and you just have no idea how much I love them. There are a million more people I probably should have mentioned, but these are the first few that came to mind.

However, if you’re talking about favorite people on Tumblr that originally came from ASN. ;)

  • Piedude
  • Helpersea
  • Azanerth
  • Punkypikatronrhodes
  • Lunacatkitty

They’re part of my extended family and I would be lost without them in my life. That is all. :3 <333