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I ship Karolsen but also support Supercorp. I'm a Karolsen bro!

yes anyway 

  • married karolsen would share a car and james restocks caprisun and puts it in the trunk during lunch break and after work kara would climb into the car and halfway through she’d remember the caprisun and freeze breath it bc warm caprisun is gross and also she does crazy bends to reach the back seat and grab the caprisun
  • tv cuddling watching b99 and eating takeout and kara full on ugly laughing into james neck and chest and shoulder and when james says something kara says “cool cool cool cool cool” sometimes and she starts giggling to herself and james laughs too bc kara is a nerd
  • they have a puppy and james gets the pup a dog bed at the base of their bed and leads the pup over when its time to sleep (bc the pup loves the warm cuddly couch where kara spends most of her time on) but when he wakes up the puppy is sprawled over the both of them
  • kara makes the house all flowery hipster kind of shit and they have ceiling to floor windows
  • she frames every single one of james’ photos and when they run out of wall space they spend an entire afternoon scrapbooking pictures he took and articles she wrote and by the end of a year they have an entire bookshelf of lil trinkets and framed family pictures and picture albums and scrapbooks
  • grocery store shopping, james and kara have a shopping list and they cut it in half and they have a race to see who wins and people are just seeing this man shoving shelves of chocolate into a cart and a small blonde lady deadlifting three big bags of dog food
  • people ship supergirl and the guardian, fact
  • every time theres an emergency they try to beat each other out, first one to yell “honey where’s my super suit” gets to be the first on the scene
  • they make out at work but its the breathy teenager kind and cat fuckin calls them out on it but also does her smile thing when everyone turns around bc her fav employees are happy
  • karolsen at the beach
  • winn bans them from being paired together for game night but yall kno its not for real and besides they alternate bc alex and kara are truly Unstoppable and they both rlly like to beat their friends loser asses at board games
  • and then they have a beautiful kiddo with the best fuckin smile in the entire world who grows up with cool aunt alex, im-gonna-teach-you-how-to-hack-club-penguin winn (in this au club penguin still exists bc thats important), and cry baby ceo lena the godmom who teaches the 2 year old how to play chess while on a conference call with 5 other people around the world
  • karolsen & kid game night, they go from letting the kid win to actually having their asses handed to them in the span of 10 years

I need to be working on my book, but this begged to be written. Mostly crack, inspired by this post, and dedicated to @thatgirljazz and @thereqinamills (cc: @professorspork)

Winn hissed as the tip of the needle jabbed into his skin, and lifted his thumb to frown at the small dot of blood welling up.

“Another one for the collection,” he muttered, and then looked down. “Oh, and now I’ve lost the –” He huffed an impatient sigh, and yelled out, “Kara Danvers, I swear to god –”

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(587) we didn't mean to put a petting zoo in the elevator. Les Amis + Eponine +Cosette. Specific couples Eponine and Enjolras and Marius and Cosette.

send me a text from last night and i will write you a fic!

“Oh, it’s Napoleon!” Cosette gushed as the little pot-bellied pig waddled into the elevator and bumped his snout against her leg.

“Oh, it’s Enjolras,” she added a few moments later, with significantly less enthusiasm, when the pig’s owner appeared.

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Top five favorite tumblr people and why GO!


Okay, so this list isn’t gonna be in any order, considering these are the names that pop up in my head first. So, if you’re on the bottom of the list, that doesn’t mean I love you the least, I love you all equally~! ♥

  • Clexkate
  • Hollyfresh
  • Thatgirljazz
  • -Awakening
  • Sharedheaven

Reasons why?

Clexkate: Katey, you were my first friend here and you welcomed me into your life with open arms and you’ve become one of my closest friends outside of my extended family on another website. And I just…I just love you okay? You mean so much to me and I adore you completely and you are the opposite side of my soul when it comes to Clex, just like Holly. I love you so much and I just want to find your house in Ohio one day and just knock on your door and tackle you to the ground. That’s how much I love you girl. :3

Also. You are my Clex Queen. That is all. :’D

Hollyfresh: YOU WERE ALSO ONE OF MY VERY FIRST FRIENDS. You were as amazing as Katey and you were so spirited and lively and amazing and you loved Clex just about as much as I did, just like Katey. And you are the third part of my amazing Clex Trinity and I just love you as much as I love Katey and I never want you to leave me and you are flawless. You are both FLAWLESS. <3

Thatgirljazz: Goodness, what is there to say about another amazing girl in my life, eh? First off, she has a beautiful heart, she is extremely talented in whatever she does, even if it’s just graphics or posts or anything, and she is just DARN BEAUTIFUL OKAY? She is perfection and I’m so happy to have met her and sometimes I just want to reach through my screen and hug her forever and ever. She is just…aaaah. She’s perfect okay? And I always love it whenever she calls me Precious Ponnie. She gives me all the feelings. That is all~

-Awakening: You and I met in such an unusual way, my friend! To think, I only saw you in the Smallville tag talking about if you should get the series or not, considering you needed something new to watch, and one thing led to another and we struck up such an amazing friendship~!

You shared the same brain with me on so many things, like Lex and Clark and all the CRAZY feelings towards their friendship and the upcoming tragedy that would befall ‘em and girl. I just wanted to never let you go. You are precious to me and I adore you so much! You are crazy with your posts, you have the most amazing spirit ever, and you are just…you are my crazy friend and I am so glad that we managed to meet and bond so quickly! Also, your long rants you put in my ask box, and all the feelings towards certain scenes and stuff in Smallville. Omg. Girl. Never change. EVER. I love you to DEATH. <3

Sharedheaven: Dani is my crazy girl. She is my crazy Smallville/Supernatural girl and I adore her to death. She has all the feelings about Sam and Dean, and she has all the feelings towards Lex and Clark, and every single time she live blogs either series or makes graphics in regards to either one of the relationships, you know you’re gonna get all the happy tummy feelings because she is just AMAZING BEYOND WORDS.

She has crazy head canon and she is an amazingly talented woman and you will love her if you ever get the chance to strike up a simple conversation with her! Honestly! She is fantastic and I adore her and she is my precious girl and I hope she knows how much she means to me. :3 <333 BBY~!

Seriously. All five of these awesome people are fantastic and amazing and you just have no idea how much I love them. There are a million more people I probably should have mentioned, but these are the first few that came to mind.

However, if you’re talking about favorite people on Tumblr that originally came from ASN. ;)

  • Piedude
  • Helpersea
  • Azanerth
  • Punkypikatronrhodes
  • Lunacatkitty

They’re part of my extended family and I would be lost without them in my life. That is all. :3 <333

rosenbaum had a q&a with his fans on reddit yesterday and i participated because i realized it was probably going to be the only chance i would ever have to interact with him ever

so i put on my nerd pants and asked him the most important question in the universe:

i sound like an idiot because i was trying to be ~professional~ and not scream at him or tell him how much i want to lick his jawline

and i signed my name at the end bc i knew there was a chance he would use it in his reply and i’m a manipulative ass like that



Clara + Rory | Count on Me 
for winterinthetardis and thatgirljazz, inspired by clarabosswins’ au post

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So when Dex told Hallucination!Harry "Before I fell in love" does that mean Hannah and not Rita? Because I feel like he loved Rita. He meant it when he proposed and married her and all that. IDK. As much as I like Hannah and Dexter, I love Dexter and Rita. I was just wondering your thoughts because it seemed like they were trying to make Hannah and Dexter not exactly better than Dexter and Rita, but they're trying to make it mean more. I don't think it's fair because Rita shaped Dexter so much.

He is speaking of Hannah I think. But he did love Rita, he said so himself. It’s just, the love between him and Rita was a lot different than the love between him and Hannah. His love for Rita was slow burning, and it grew over time. I feel that he started to love her probably in the middle of s3/near the end of s3. I don’t think that he was falling in love with her till their scene in the bedroom in the 412 finale. But she was taken away from him right as he was STARTING to fall. He never really had a chance to fall in love with her… but he did love her. 

I don’t think they’re trying to say Dexter and Hannah are BETTER than Dexter and Rita… because your'e right, Rita shaped him so much. And they’ve acknowledged that a lot this season too. It’s just, his relationships with Rita and Hannah are just very, very different. I don’t think he was emotionally capable of doing/feeling what he does now, back then. 

There are a couple lines in this season that bug me (a lof of them are in the episode “Chemistry”) because I don’t feel like they gave him enough credit for how he felt about Rita and Lumen too, but by the end I felt a lot better about the way they were writing it. (For instance, in Argentina when he said that he would do what he did to Trinity a thousand times over, because of what he did to Rita.) So yeah. There are some lines that make me a little upset/angry but I think there’s way more proof/evidence that he did love her. 

Of course it’s all up to the viewers interpretation. But I’ve thought about it a lot and I truly believe he loved Rita, there’s just so much evidence of it :)