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okay but the pure anger and frustration radiating from Sana rattled me. iman doesn't get enough credit for her acting. i could feel ever inch of Sana's anger just rolling off of her in waves. honestly iman 👏👏👏

VARSHI!!!! Hiiiii!!


Not even ONE DIALOGUE, and Iman acted the FUCK outta that scene. Like. HOLY SHIT I FELT HER RAGE SO HARD. Those long deep breaths? Her jaw tightening? The way she was texting Isak? The way she just VENTED her anger out??


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prompt: Merlin in yoga pants :)

“Did he lose a bet?” Roxy asked.

“Did he lose his mind?” Harry countered.

Eggsy laughed at them. “Nope,” he said happily. They all watched Merlin yelling at the candidates while wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants.

Neon pink swirly yoga pants.

Roxy opened her mouth, and then closed it again. She tilted her head a bit and watched him pace.

All the candidates were trembling either in laughter or fear. And they were all staring at his ass as he turned to get stuff out of an equipment box.

When he bent over there was more than one whimper. And then a scream as a candidate ducked at the last minute as Merlin threw a knife.

“If ye are all done ogling my ass, I think that this has proved my point,” Merlin said. “Ye let my change in clothes, an absurd one, designed to confuse ye, actually work. A Kingsman should nae be distracted by such petty things. Go run laps.”

Harry smiled relieved. “So it was a test,” he nodded to himself.

Merlin had been coming over and heard that. “Aye it was a test.”

“So, we won’t be seeing those again?” Roxy said hopefully. Honestly they were very distracting.

“Oh hell yes, ye will. Do you nae know how comfortable these are? I’ve ordered like 7 pairs,” Merlin said. He did a quick knee bend. “I’m going to live in these.” He walked away.

Harry and Roxy stared at Eggsy in horror. “No” they said in unison.

Eggsy shrugged. “I like ‘em.” He whistled as he walked away, keeping an eye on Merlin’s ass the whole time.

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"#two planets caught up in a dance in their own little corner of the galaxy" this is by far one of the best sentences to describe even and isak ever oh my gosh.

I’m … honestly it seems so perfect for them doesn’t it? Because they just fit so seamlessly together and at the same time they never once violate each other’s boundaries. It’s always the push and pull, like a dance where they are both so in tune with each other’s needs that they know when they need their space to breathe and when they need to be challenged, a gentle tug of encouragement to get them to discover the strength of character that was inside them all along. They seem to create their own world, their own private bubble when they are together and it happens in such a natural and easy way!

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13. stroking hair for Tequila/Eggsy (:

brief tw: discussion of suicide/suicidal thoughts

“What in hell were you thinking?” 

Eggsy turns, nearly spilling the whiskey he’d nicked, but doesn’t hide it behind his back or behind one off the barrels. Tequila’s standing in the doorway, eyes assessing the bandages peeking out from underneath his polo and jacket, the one with the gold stripe down the arm that hadn’t been swallowed up in the flames from Harry’s house. 

“What was I thinking?” Eggsy retorts, tongue steady, despite half the bottle in him. “That’s gratitude for you. Saved your fucking arse from Charlie, didn’t I?”

Tequila takes a deep breath, clenching his fists at his sides tightly before releasing them. “Look. I got to be straight with you.” 

Normally, Eggsy would say something in anticipation for one of Tequila’s thinly veiled innuendos or cocky one-liners, but this time, he finds that he cannot make his lips move. Tequila’s lips are in a tightly-pressed frown, his eyes steady and serious, no trace of laughter in his face. 

“I’ve seen it happen. I’ve felt it myself, especially after V-Day. And…well, Merlin told me a few things. Whiskey, too.” 

“You’re asking me if I’m doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” Eggsy’s temper flares. “Fuck you. No! I have a family—” 

“That doesn’t always stop people,” Tequila interrupts. 

“Well, it fucking stops me,” Eggsy retorts, then immediately snaps his mouth shut, but it’s too late, judging by the expression on Tequila’s face, a flicker of confirmation and guilt, passing quicker than a lighting strike. His chest clenches, stomach dropping because fuck. Fuck. No one knows about it, no one’s hinted anything, no one’s ever confronted him, and maybe someone should have fucking done this earlier, but Eggsy had expected Roxy or Merlin or even his mum to pull it out of him through skilled interrogation or when he just couldn’t take it anymore—not some fucking former rodeo clown turned cowboy secret agent. 

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hello!!! could you possibly give some skam blogs you follow who mostly post about sana and the balloon squad and such ??? my dash is full of solely evak and i do love them but like.... where sana at yk 👀

@josteninski @sanaseva @sanoora @sanabakkoshs @nalle @sanathequeen @tarjeiandhenrik @pessimistichearts @chrisana @adrianeksettt @peach–yoongi @monstermonstre @sanaandthesun @thickskinandelasticheart @sanaknows @sanas4main @davis-viola @bakkoushnaesheim @skamz @wolfwishing-for-super-heroes @evenbnaesheim @sapphic2017 @skampoc @kierensczerny @siwrenate @bakkoush-naesheim @nebulanebula @c-ardamom @eksild @softestisak @stardefiant @koedder-du @kosegruppaa @e-naesheim @romialmi @jewishjonas @bakkacar @thegirlalmighty @thatgirl-intheback @bakksana @ginlay @lumineem @ameliasosasimms @smoothyousef @kaerlighet @valtersns @fulltimehabibti @skamforfaen @cryingoverskam @transisak @mikaelboukhalls

and that’s just … a few, i guess!

Wow, hello everyone!

So I hit 1k followers not too long ago, and honestly I’m pretty floored! 

*Hobi voice* TIME TRAVEL… (back to last summer)

I made this Tumblr in June of last year after my bff Heather finally shared her love of Bangtan and k-pop with me and my other bff Arielle. I didn’t care if a single person followed me; it was literally just a place for me to dump all of my BTS and Hobi finds to go back and look at. I know it’s been almost a year and I’m just now reaching 1k, but I didn’t even intend for this blog to be followed by anyone and, seriously, I’m so so glad that all of you are with me in it now :’) So thank you guys. I’ve met some really cool homies on here, and I’m really grateful for the follows - it feels like I’m in a big warm community of likeminded people and that makes me happee :-)

I’m not gonna waste an opportunity to hype up my lovely mutuals and other awesome blogs I follow, so, without further ado…

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"yeoubi" for Harry

yeoubi ‘fox rain’; a sun shower - the event of having a light rain while the sun is still shining

The sun shone through the trees and cut across the book in Harry’s lap. It was as near perfect an afternoon as he could hope for considering Merlin wasn’t there.

He was just contemplating pinging the man when he felt the first drop hit his cheek. Harry had just enough time to tuck away his book before the rain came down in full.

At the mansion, Merlin’s email beeped and when he opened it he was greeted with the image of Harry, face turned to the blue sky and water dripping from his hair, with the caption Caught in A Fox Rain.

Send me a Word and Character, get 100 word drabble

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#10 for Tequila/Eggsy :)

10. “Teach me how to play?”

One thing about the Statesman HQ that tops Kingsman’s, as much as he misses it, is the fucking game room. From wall to wall, there’s a foosball table, a rack full of board games, a dart board in the corner, a vintage Pac-Man machine, and a Star Wars-themed pinball machine, where Ginger holds the highest score. It’s a nice place to come and relax a little, something that’s hard to do these days. 

But one of the more prominent features is in the middle, with a light dangling from the ceiling above: a pool table, complete with green felt and little dials embedded in the wood that turn numbers to keep track of the score. Right now, Whiskey’s assessing, hand on his chin, with Tequila leaning against his pool cue. 

“Hey, boys,” Eggsy says, strolling towards them. “Teach me how to play?” 

“You’re kidding me,” Tequila says, raising his eyebrows. “You’ve never played a game of pool in your life?” 

Eggsy rolls his eyes, sticking his hands in his trouser pockets. “It’s the same in every country, isn’t it? In Britain, I get ‘dragged,’” he even whips out the air quotes, “for not knowing about loo snorkels and utensils and tie knots, and here, about Kentucky martinis and rodeos and bar games.” 

Tequila raises his hands in mock surrender. “Whoa, there, partner, just surprised. But it’s not too bad to learn.” He nods towards Whiskey. “You can watch us for a bit.”

Whiskey finally takes his shot, neatly sending a striped orange-and-white ball into one of the holes, and then curses when the white ball follows in after it. Winking at Eggsy, Tequila walks around and sits astride on the table, pool cue positioned horizontally behind his back. 

“You’re showing off,” Whiskey comments. 

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okay faiza hear me out: evana and shoulder kisses. it's like evak and bunny kisses/nose nuzzles right? it's a thing of comfort, a sign of "hey i'm here with you". they do it all the time too like while greeting each other eva just drops her head on sana's shoulder but not before kissing it. they're getting ice cream just before sana has to go home and they're sitting on a cold bench and sana's so happy with everything, she kisses eva's shoulder before resting her chin on it slkdkdjs

Varshi, Hiiiiiiiii, my love!!


Like, ughhhhhh, that’s like, their lil “Hi, babe …”, but without even needing to say it, just a simple kiss on the shoulder will tell them that. 

UGH, it’s SO SO SO SO SOOOOO NICE man, like, their lil thing, that everyone just … KNOWS …. they do?? Whenever they see each other or just … when they’re feeling Extra™ romantic, they just, kiss each other on the shoulder.


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Hey you! Do you think the balloon squad knew Even was bipolar? Because that might change things

I have no clue. They might have not? I mean we all feel like what made them fall out with Even is that they didn’t know he had bipolar and they reacted badly to his episode in Bakka. For all we know, his episode in Bakka could have been the first one. The one that led to his diagnosis.

Or they might know now and still be a bit insensitive about it, feel like it’s too late. They’re all so young still. People don’t react well to mental illnesses, especially “scary ones”.
Also, mental illness doesn’t excuse poor behaviour. It explains it to an extent.

But if Even did something super shitty, they might still resent him for it and for good reason. Bipolar or not. He might have felt too guilty to apologise and that’s how they fell out. He just left instead of confronting his school and his friends. It’s easier to leave than to stay.

I don’t know. I have no set headcanon or theory about this yet.

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for the trope ask: fake dating/relationship

You can never go wrong with the classic “have to pretend that we’re dating/married for this mission” trope, but here are two actual AUs that are sitting forever in Fic Purgatory and may never escape: 

  • Months (or a year or more) after V-Day, Eggsy is sent to extract an agent from a long-term undercover mission that involves the Italian mafia (I know) and finds out that it is Harry. In order to cover their secret meetings and “sudden” familiarity with each other, Eggsy pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend and that he’s shown up to propose to him. The mafia is very pleased and plans a wedding, which Harry and Eggsy plan to be their extraction day when they ride off into a limo for their “honeymoon.” Feelings ensue. Things go wrong. How? Well, that’s a secret. 
  • @futuredescending knows this: Harry and Eggsy are on a mission in order to catch someone blackmailing various politicians and celebrities, so Harry is posing as a potential political candidate and Eggsy as…his son, bratty and willing to sell out his “dad” who’s never around for him. Said mark sees them and blackmails both of them under the suspicion that they are committing incest. Feelings ensue. Things go wrong. How? Well, that’s another secret. 

put a fanfic trope in my inbox, and I will tell you how likely I am to write it 

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9, 12, 20 & 27 for salty asks

Most disliked character(s)? Why?

In Kingsman most disliked character is Charlie, because he feels the most overtly cliched in there (yes even more than King for me). I think that there could have been a little more nuance to him while having him still fill the same role he does.

Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

Yup. Agents of SHIELD, people don’t like season 3 and specifically the Rosalind romance. And you know what I dig it. I think it was an interesting character that they wasted by fridging in general and fridging a little too quickly. I would have liked to see two more episodes with the character.

What is the purest ship in the fandom?   

In Kingsman I actually view Merlahad as the purest ship in the fandom - because it is the one where the characters are the most equal, and perhaps the most realistic relationship.

Least shippable character?

Chester King - that man has no sex or romance ever. ew.

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"sun" for WIP ask

From my Make Me Espresso Many Feelings Sequel WIP:

“Well she’s going to have to look up your bum,” Eggsy mutters from beside him, the younger man flipping through the latest edition of The Sun he’d taken from the waiting room. 

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

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for the trope ask: sugar daddy/sugar baby

  • I might do, but probably as like a B-plot.
  • This is a gimme for Hartwin, isn’t it?  That’s probably why I’d want the fic to also be about something else, because so many people have gone there already in this fandom and done it so well!  I do love the idea of something a little reversed, where Eggsy maybe sets things up in a way that Harry kind of falls into being his sugar daddy, and doesn’t entirely realize it until one of Eggsy’s friends or maybe Merlin says something, and then Harry decides he’s down for it and starts really giving 200% percent, and then Eggsy (who was at least half kidding with that part of their relationship) starts thinking he may have created a monster.     

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hurt/comfort for fanfic trope ask

lol, pretty much guaranteed to write hurt/comfort fics.

in Kingsman you know where I would love to write a hurt comfort? Merlin/Percival. I could absolutely write that where everyone is celebrating saving the world and Percival is the only one who notices how broken Merlin is and helps him get better after the loss of Harry. (and then add in the return of harry and percival assuming he’s out of the picture now that the amazing harry hart is back only of course merlin has fallen in love with percival)