Okay, so, way back when?? My buddy Shane created this character named Noel, and posted him on dA. I was like, ‘oh man, I’ve got to cosplay him one day!’

Fast forward a few years of me not doing that, and I come across a picture of Noel on his art blog. Huzzah! And I have a blonde wig from Nemesis! Ima do this thing!

And then as usual I just started making derpy faces at myself.

Then I took the wig off for a final derpy face.

Hope you like my crash test, Shane!

[ Noel is 913% Shane’s original character and you can find him and a bunch of other awesome here on his art blog ]

Oh no I've been tagged

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 (good luck with that!) people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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Thanks for tagging me ^^


  • Last beverage: water

  • Last phone call: my grandmother

  • Last text message: rainbowyoda :D

  • Last song you listened to: Doctor who OST - I Am The Doctor

  • Last time you cried: UHM


  • Dated someone: sort…of???? I went on one date, does that count?

  • Been cheated on: nope

  • Kissed someone and regretted it: nope

  • Lost someone special: well yeah

  • Been depressed: hmmm I’ve had some bad days

  • Been drunk and threw up: HAHAHAHAHAHA no


  • forest green, like darkish green idk

  • wine red, I love me some wine red

  • some kind of mixture between purple and blue, darkish colour idk man I’m no colours expert


  • Made a new friend: I made a lot of friends when I started uni this year :D

  • Fallen out of love: sort of but I don’t think I was actually in love to begin with so I’m not sure

  • Laughed until you cried: oh yes, usually because of my own stupid jokes

  • Met someone who changed you: yup yup, you betcha

  • Found out who your true friends are: I’m not easy to approach so when I make friends they usually are true because otherwise they wouldn’t want to talk to me again XD

  • Found out someone was talking about you: not really why would anyone want to talk about me and why would I care if they did??


  • Favourite ships: most of them, I’m really liberal in my shipping preferences


  • First Surgery: when my tonsils got removed

  • First piercing: I pierced my ears once, but the holes grew shut again

  • First sport you joined: judo. or maybe horseback riding. or was it kaatsen???? maybe swimming??? I did a lot of things. they kind of make up for my complete lack of exercise now I’m older

  • First vacation: france or germany idk

  • First pair of trainers: uhm


  • Eating: nothing

  • Drinking: water

  • I’m about to: do more of nothing

  • Waiting for: dinner


  • Want kids: oh HELL no

  • Get married: eh

  • Career: maybe editor or translator, hopefully writer :D


  • Lips or eyes: eyes

  • Hugs or kisses: depends on who they’re from

  • Shorter or taller: either, again depends on the person

  • Older or younger: see the answer before

  • Romantic or spontaneous: ehh

  • Nice stomach or nice arms: arms I suppose

  • Sensitive or loud: eh??

  • Hook-up or relationship: relationship maybe

  • Trouble-maker or hesitant: eh


  • Kissed a stranger: fuck no

  • Drank hard liquor: I only tasted it and it tasted like dishwater so no

  • Lost glasses/ contacts: I hate my fucking glasses

  • Broke someone’s heart: possibly, probably, idk

  • Been arrested: nope

  • Turned someone down: yup

  • Cried when someone died: of course

  • Fallen for a friend: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA no


  • Yourself: depends on my mood, but overall, yeah

  • Miracles: nah, but I hope they might be real anyway

  • Love at first sight: nah

  • Heaven: nah

  • Santa Claus: nah

  • Kiss on the first date: NAH

  • Angels: possibly, but not as biblical angels, more like beings that might exist and that we perceive as angels because of our own folklore and beliefs. I mean who knows

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    I know it’s not 25 people, but  fuck it

thatfuckingtableflipper  asked:

I was cruising through your old arts on DA since I randomly started listening to Razia's Shadow again. I just came across those fanarts and Iseii! He was always my ultimate fav of your characters : D How's he doing anyways?

awwman, it’s been so long since i went to DA, haha. 

well, i’ve been drawing him once in a while. it’s so different now since my style has changed a bit. Iseii’s still my favourite tyrant tranny XD i never RP anymore but my other friends still do and they’ve developed the HELL RP so well. sometimes i do develop stuff with some of them but i’m mostly working on my CHAOS plots atm. being so busy with work, it’s a little hard to draw as much as i did back then. my hands can’t catch up with all the ideas in my head but i deal with it as best as i can.

thanks for the message, i’m happy that you enjoy listening to Razia’s Shadow. BEST MUSICAL. EVER.

-iddeadlock replied to your post: So hard interacting with other ask blogs as law…

ubububu. I like your Law better, to be honest. Hahaha. orz ;;

hhbhbhbhbhb and that’s all that matters (◡‿◡✿)

doctor-x replied to your post: So hard interacting with other ask blogs as law…


do you mean take charge? lol

how do!?!!?! 8I

thatfuckingtableflipper replied to your post: So hard interacting with other ask blogs as law…

lol bro, if you want to interact, go ahead : D No one’s stoppin’ you. Besides you’re like the perfect Law.

theres jus too much confusion for the other blogs to be answering to two laws i think

and I’m not on as often as the other one, so i guess its only fair for me to sit out c:

but THANK YOU (◡‿◡✿) ur too sweet

Tumblr I wish you didn't have character limits.


aurgh whatever

Firstly bro I just wanna say I fucking love you. Know that I came to follow you for your art but you as a person are the most interesting and genuine being I’ve come to know on Tumblr and I’m really glad to know you, especially during the time in your life when you’re still defining yourself.

But I basically wanted to say ‘cause it kind of bothered me.. don’t give up on religion, ya know? I basically had my out with Catholicism for kind of the same reasons you’re having trouble, because religion begins to make less sense when people around you keep trying to take it literally or because they say things that just seem hypocritical or downright cold-hearted regarding subjects you care about.

But religion is all about love. It is.

I used to reject religion, all of it. I thought it was a poison and I was really bitter because of the attitude people I knew had about God.

But I’ve kind of come to accept that religion is actually a very loving thing. It brings comfort and security to lots of people for whatever reason.

I know your mom and her church are serious right-wingers but I just really hope you don’t lose any love for your God. I’m, like.. if you wanna label it I’m kind of a deist, so basically I would say that God created the universe and then stepped aside to let it run itself. I think we have free will because he wants us to, because he knows we’re not perfect. To me, religion is about understanding yourself before trying to understand the world. I say I’m “kind of” a deist 'cause I have weird existential conversations with God in my head all the time and even though they’re one-sided I can just sort of tell that he’s listening. I don’t ask for help, I ask him to watch me grow as a person. I think that’s what he wants and I think he’s disappointed by most of his babies half the time because there are some serious sheep out there who don’t stop and think for themselves.

I say just.. idk just don’t worry about what your mom does. Don’t let her ruin religion for you because it’s a beautiful thing and I know the way I’m typing this I think I sound really “born again” and I’m trying not to but just.. like, I have a lot of feelings about what finding a religion on my own has done for my sanity.

I’m done ranting I’m pretty sure this whole thing was really aimless.


Shanes Persona

Ometeotl was thought of as being simultaneously male and female, with the names Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl. Neither were much represented in Aztec art, though, perhaps in part because they could be conceived more as abstract concepts than anthropomorphic beings. They represented the creative energy or essence from which the power of all other gods flowed. They existed above and beyond all the cares of the world, with no interest in what actually happens.

you know what i think i’ll make all my tumblrsonas Aztec or American-y


who need sleep anyways drawings wayy too fun