Supplies : 2 bundles of aliexpress kinky hair


Deluxe wig cap 

Needle,  Thread& Glue


Tacks Comb or pick (to thicken bundle as you sew to be sure tracks are not too close) 

 Start sewing at the nape from ear to ear Use tacks to keep wig and tracks in place .

 Once you reach the top , start to use the glue (Using a blow dryer on high heat speeds up to process of drying the glue so have on handy. its much easier to go in a pattern as if you are making a u part wig , until u have a small rectangular area (sorry I forgot to take a picture of this part but I will do another tutorial next week also u can ask any questions u may have or look on YouTube for the “flip over method” which is what I am describing ) Hope this was inspiring to some of you!