Who can say they havent felt love,but what I can say is they havnt felt one quite like this. Its been 2 months which is less than 2 now to make 8 months :p Which is less that  2 months to make 8 years and which is less than 2 to eternity and so on.I cant say I've been a perfect boyfriend from the start, because I know im not and ill never be sorry to say. But I just want to let you know, that for once in my life I feel complete and its because of you (my life has changed, thank you for the love and the joy you bring) I know you'd be thinking this but its true. 

We are still in the process of finding what each our likes and dislikes but we’re getting there pretty quick. I know you don't like it when i use K , or “dont man me” or “yea sure if you want” and also I know you get Botox(just kidding) I love everything about you from your smile your eyes, your personality (mean :P) and your preciously small tEET (teeth). I know theres guys better than me out there. I apologize for being that clingy, jealous boyfriend that every girlfriend would hate to have but I’m trying my best to change my flaws. I Apologize that im so broke at the moment and I cant give you anything except these words. Every moment I have with you is worth-it, even our upset times its still precious to me. I wouldn't think id say this but I know your the one that I've been looking for. It may sounds corny but to me your the perfect girl my idial woman. Its so cute when you sneeze you laugh even if your upset and you try not to laugh. I just want to make you smile all the time even tho you dont like to. When I see you happy im happy. When im having a bad day all I wanna do is just talk to you and everythings seems to be okay. Im in my calmest when I hear your voice and specially when im with you. I know I drop them corny lines once in a while trying to make you smile but even if I run out of lines to say, I wont be using them on anyone anyways except for you. Oh and when I say I made them up I mean it (PRAAAAMISEEE) Even when your stressing your still cute. Happy 2 Months My Bluuupplyyn and I love you.