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Louis Tomlinson Imagine/Audioread For Jael

You came home from school and your roommate was waiting for you in the living room. “This was in the mail for you.” She stammered. She held out the letter. You took it from her hand and noticed the writing on the front.

“Oh.” You whispered. “I’m just going to take this to my room to read.” You looked up at her. She nodded. You walked into your room. The letter in your hand was from your ex-boyfriend Louis. It had been six months since you broke up and moved out. You opened the envelope and took a deep breath before reading the page. 

“To My Angel,
I’m just going to start off by saying the only thing that really matters; I miss you. But that’s me being selfish. I saw you today, visiting with your friends. It was the highlight of my week. How pathetic is that? Seeing you across a crowded cafe, not even talking to you, was the best thing I can remember happening in a while. 

You were right, though. We needed this split. I was becoming detached. There just wasn’t enough time in the day for work and you, and you deserve someone who can give you more than 2 hours a day. And with you starting school in a different city, it would be next to impossible to try to catch you between classes. It would also be unfair of me to expect you to be waiting for me whenever I had the time to talk to you. 

I have to tell myself this everyday. Every fucking day, because sometimes I get so mad that I let you go. And you’d think that maybe repeating this mantra would help, but it doesn’t. There’s nothing I can do to make this pain go away. And I have to keep pretending I’m okay because no one understands how it feels like a knife waking up every day alone. Especially after waking up to you every day. 

It’s understandable if you’d rather keep things going the way they are now, but I couldn’t keep going without having you at least know how hopelessly devoted I am to you. 

Yours Always, 

You put the letter down on your desk. It still hurt you to think of Lou and the idea that he was hurting just as much ripped you apart. You pulled your phone out of your purse and dialed his number. The answer was almost immediate. 

“Listen, I know, that letter was inappropriate. But I don’t regret writing it.” He said quickly. 

“What if I told you I missed you too?”

Niall imagine # 23

You are at home waiting for your boyfriend. He wants to go to the mall. He knows that he will probably be recognized but he doesn’t care about that. You normally at stay his house and watch a movie or just cuddle and talk but he just wants to have a normal date with you.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. You assume that it is Niall.

“Niall! You’re late!” You exclaim, opening the door.

But when you look at him, you can’t see his beautiful face, smiling at you and his blue eyes looking at you as usual…

 There’s a giant bouquet of red roses blocking your view, so that you can only see his legs and his feet. 

“Hello!” He moves the bouquet to the side.

“What’s this?” You ask, taking it out of his hands.

“I just wanted to give you, a little gift… Like every man would do at a normal date..” He answers, smiling.

“I don’t think that every man would give their date such a giant present..” You giggle.

“Oh, c'mon! I was just trying to be sweet!” He laughs along with you.

Then you both go to the car and after a few minutes you arrive at the mall. The ride to the mall was rather normal, except that you both sang very loud to your favorite song, that coincidentally played on the radio.

As soon as the car arrives, he gets out of the car and jogs to your side.

“Be careful, honey!” He states, opening the door and helping you out.

“Thank you!” You smile.

“So… Where are we gonna go first?” You intertwine your fingers with his.

“I want to go to the perfumery because I need a new perfume.” He lets go of your hand, then he pulls you closer by your waist and rests his hand there.

You go through the doors of the mall and he is immediately recognized by a bunch of girls. He pushes you in front of him and indicates towards the perfumery that is on your left. You both go into the store and the staff doesn’t let anyone in.

“Well, at least we’re locked into the right store.” You joke.

“Right.. Perfume! I need a perfume!” He says.

He takes the first one that he sees and sprays it on his neck. You move forwards to smell it and it smells amazing. Then you give him a little kiss on his neck and lean backwards again.

“You should buy it!” You suggest.

“No… I think I should try another one..”

And it goes on like this… No matter which perfume he puts on, he’ll say that it’s not good or anything like this. And he will insist that you kiss his neck, after you smell it.

“That’s enough for now!” You announce.

“Just this one!” He tries to convince you.

“Okay..” You lean forwards once again and give him a little kiss on the neck, like he wants you to.

In that exact moment, he lets a quiet moan escape his lips.

You look at him shocked and he starts to blush.

“Is that why you wanted me to smell the perfumes?” You smirk.

“What can I say? I love when you kiss my neck and what could be a better excuse for me than buying a new perfume?!” He explains, laughing a little.

“You’re a liar!” You hit him on the arm, but laugh along with him.

Then he pulls you closer and gives you a little peck on the mouth.

Nightmares (Louis One Shot)

You were running in a dark forest, branches and leaves scratching your face as you desperately tried to get away from the man who was chasing you. Gasping for breath, your foot caught a tree root, sending you sprawling to the ground. “(y/n), (y/n)” you heard someone call. You thrashed about, trying to untangle yourself to start running again. “Wake up!”
You shot up out of bed, gasping for air. “What-What happened?” You stammered, asking the drowsy brown haired boy next to you. “Ssshh. Ssshhhhh. It was only a nightmare sweetie.” You were shaking, heart still racing from the horrible dream you had just woken up from. “Sorry Louis. I’ll.. I’m okay.” You gathered the blankets around you, as if they could protect you from harm. You felt his strong arm reach across your waist and pull you closer into his chest. “How about I sing you to sleep yeah?” He pressed a kiss to your hair before humming your favorite song. You slowly drifted off into a peaceful doze, comforted by his quiet voice.

(A/N) So I wrote the last bit in Jael’s ask box last night and I really liked the idea so I tweaked it and added too it. Hope you liked it :)

Louis imagine # 24

You and your boyfriend Louis are at Liam’s house watching a movie. It’s an action movie, so you’re not really interested but Liam and Louis are staring at the television. A few minutes ago, you took a book out of your bag and started reading.

You are reading the last chapter when you suddenly hear someone call you.

“(Y/N)! The movie’s over!” Louis throws a pillow at you.

“I don’t care! I wanna read the last chapter before we go.” You answer.

“What book are you reading?” Liam asks.

“It’s called ‘Summer And The City’ and I absolutely love it!” You respond, smiling.

“Why do you like it so much? I’m way more interesting..” Louis smirks, pulling you into a hug.

“Not now, Lou!” You mumble, still reading. “I just have to read twelve pages…”

“I don’t care! I want a hug…” He pouts.

“Stop acting like a little child!” Liam jokes, going towards the bathroom.

“He’s right..” You look up, smiling. “You are acting like a little child… And now let me read this!”

But before you could start to read, he jumps on top of you and starts to tickle you.

“Stop!” You demand, laughing.

“I won’t stop, till you put that book away and give me a kiss!” He tickles you even more.

You resist his offer initially, but then agree.

“Okay…” You say, out of breath.

He leans forwards to kiss you but you push him against the couch. You geet on top of him and start to tickle him.

“This is not part of our deal!” He screams.

“This is revenge, baby!” You shrug.

“This is crazy!” Liam shouts from the other side of the room. “You both are crazy!”

You and Louis laugh and he pulls you into a hug.

“You are my crazy girl..” He whispers before he gives you a little peck on the cheek.